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Why Do People That Eat Meat Take Supplements?

Vegetarians and vegans are told their diet lacks nutrients because they dont eat meat. But i know many people that eat meat take handfuls of supplements.

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13 Responses to “Why Do People That Eat Meat Take Supplements?”

  1. RafC says:

    People (veg and non-veg) take supplements basically because of the pressure of the all-powerful pharma industry. Supplements are everywhere, and they generate infinite profit for the pharmas. In certain cases, supplements might be beneficial, but in 99% of cases they are just useless, and perhaps even harmful. Take a common Tesco B complex, B-Active: the daily pill delivers 594% of the RDA for Vitamin C, 964% of Vit. B1, 964% of B2, 529% of B6, 340% of B12… how can this be good for anybody? All big money, Mermaid, big money. ☼

  2. S.M.Z. says:

    Many people, including some vegetarians/vegans sadly enough, actually don’t eat any vegetables daily (or not nearly enough). If you don’t eat a properly balanced diet, meat products or not, it will cause some sort of chronic health problem down the road, sooner or later. These people tend to mostly consume some mixture of meats, grain/starch foods, and high-sugar foods as their main daily dietary staples, more than anything else. Some also seriously under consume healthy, vital unrefined fats of all types, as they foolishly buy into the myth of the healthy low/no-fat diet.

  3. Daisy says:

    I know many people who eat a balanced diet (including meat) and take no supplements. The supplement industry is big business. They are constantly being fined by the FDA for misrepresenting their products. Most of them are unnecessary for normal, healthy people who eat well.

  4. Jay says:

    Perhaps you are referring to dietary supplements that help people digest meat. Many people, especially older people need enzyme support to help them break down the fiberous meat. Similar to people who are lactose intolerant who can’t digest dairy products. The body as it ages requires less of these types of foods, and produces less of the enzymes to break down the proteins, so they can be fully digested.

  5. JanetM says:

    You can eat meat and still not be getting all the nutrients your body needs. Dietary supplements, especially a daily multivitamin, assures we get what we need in safe and recommended amounts. And our bodies are all different. Sometimes we need extra C, or are lacking in some other vitamin. I’m not a big believer in the handfuls of supplements, but we do need some, regardless of whether we eat meat or not. Meat doesn’t not supply all the nutrients our bodies need. It’s not just vegetarians and vegans who are told their diet lacks certain nutrients. From what I’ve seen, or at least on here, is that people who will argue that people should eat meat, or just aren’t supportive of people’s choice to not eat meat, think they are making some sort of point when they say non-meat eaters are lacking nutrients. Interesting that people who make that assumption don’t tell us what’s in their own diets. For all we know… they don’t eat enough vegetables. Or fruit and other foods that supply the nutrients we need that we don’t get from meat. Don’t they need to take supplements to compensate for that? So those of you who are vegetarians (I’m not), keep that in mind when someone tries to tell you how bad it is you don’t eat meat because you’re not getting the nutrients meat provides.

  6. ckngbbbl says:

    I will tell you why: 1. I take B12 because I have stomach issues and do not absorb it well enough which causes a deficiency. I use the sublingual that dissolves under my tongue. 2. I take Omega 3 fish oils because I have severe arthritis and it helps. Its also good for the mild depression and is just plain good for my heart too. I would eat more fish but I really hate mercury poisoning…Flax gives me heartburn and the burps and walnuts give me the trots. AND both are too much fiber as I have digestive issues. 3. I take Vitamin D supplement because I live in Minnesota where the sun isn’t high enough in the sky 8 months out of the year to cause my body to produce it on its own and in any case, I fry like a lobster in the sun so I wear sunscreen and protective clothing in the summer anyway. 4. I take glocosamine and chondroitin for that arthritis I mentioned earlier. 5. I take Vitamin C supplements when I don’t eat enough citrus or other other “C” fruits because most of them bother my stomach at times. Any other questions?

  7. chumchum says:

    It has lots of protein and nutrients. It doesn’t matter if your a vegan or not, you still need them in your body. I’m not saying that people who eat meat should go and eat up a lot of supplements. Just enough that his/her body needs. I am not a vegan but that doesn’t mean that I just go and eat up all the meat in the world!

  8. Feivel says:

    Nearly everyone is missing some nutrients. I eat a pretty well rounded diet but I often lack vitamin D. Some people might lack vitamin C if they don’t eat a lot of fruit or maybe they are missing vitamin A, E or K if they don’t eat the right foods. Vegetarians have to get B vitamins from other sources especially B12 but it can be done without a problem.

  9. yoUR mOm BRoKE mY GUitaR String says:

    I’m vegan and the only supplement I need is B12….you get everything you need on a plant-based diet EXCEPT B12

  10. Steve says:

    a lot of hormones have been taken out of meat so people need to get these as supplements!

  11. -Usernam says:

    Not enough room for salad with “all that meaty protein” on their plate. Hahaha

  12. winning says:

    i guess because there diet is lacking

  13. Cool says:

    They wanna gain muscle.