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Who She Wants To Be With And Why Is She Doing This?

I’m in love with this girl from school and a couple of months ago i decided to tell her how i feel.She told me that she was in love with an ex of her and they would be again together but despite that, even when she said we wont talk again she was talking to me(at school and via the internet) without letting her bf know about it and she knew that we could never be friends because of what i feel for her…despite that she kept talking to me.Day after day we were talking more and more, i was writing songs for her(and she was waiting for them like crazy haha).And she knew that i love her very much because i left the university just to be with her and other “crazy” things.We hung out a couple of times after school together and i did not try to do anything such as kiss her, hold her hand, hug her because i was afraid she would not like it ( in the end it would be proved a mistake).But despite that we were getting closer.She gave me her number without even asking for it, she was the one that always started the conversation, she was coming at me to talk, she was sending messages during the lessons, one time she came out of my class and she was shouting my name…lol.Also she was literally fighting with her boyfriend because he found out she was talking with me.After that we found a way to talk again without letting him know it.Later she said me she was chatting with me more than her bf, we were talking with diminutives but she never said me “i love you” or anything as “clear” as this.From what she said their relationship was not going well and they would probably break up for the 3rd time.Which happend a few days later(during the christmas break).Before the break i told her that i’ll miss her and she told me that i could come to her village and get out for the christmas day.It was tough to go to her village because i had not a car but i wanted to see her so i managed to get there for the night with a friend of mine.She was surprised and she said she did not even thought that we would hang out together for the christmas night.We stayed there for 3 hours because we had to leave.That’s when the bad things started.She broke up during the holidays but i did not knew it and from the other day she wouldnt answer to her phone, messages or anything else.A couple of days after she showed no sign of life she sent me “i don’t want us to talk anymore.Sorry and thanks for everything” .She would not tell me the reason why…some days later i found out alone the reason.She had a relationship during the christmas holidays(and they still have) with another ex of her who is from her village.I was kinda mad with her because she acted so fast after her break up and did not cared about how i felt.After that she told me that she was talking with me because she did not want me to feel sad and i was only a friend for her and that there is no hope for us to be together…it confused me a bit because when we were talking it was like something more than a friendship.Despite that i said in my mind theres no chance for me and i just have to get over her.But something confused me very much and it wont let me get over her.
You know she seems to be good with her current bf, she is uploading pics with them together, and talk to him like all the other couples.But from when she said me we wont talk anymore i had some calls from a hidden number.Those calls are usually from 22:00 to 2:30.And as the days pass this “someone” is calling me more and more often.i don’t think there is a friend of mine that doesnt sleep in order to call me with his number hidden, and dont say anything…just to hear me talking.Guess who this someone is…it’s her.That confuses me much…she said she doesnt feel anything for me, that she loves her current bf.If that’s true why she is calling me?
It’s very hard for me…it drives me crazy because i get my hopes up and after that for example a pic of them kills all my hopes.And this happens over and over again.I don’t know what to do!!
I forgot to say that all this time we were talking was one month
Well her best friend told me it was her but she still denies it and says she hasn’t got feeling for me and she loves very much her boyfriend…why is she acting like this? i had never made her sad or anything like this! I can accept that she is in love with her ex (and now current bf) but if she is in love with him why to care for me like this? it doesn’t make sense

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3 Responses to “Who She Wants To Be With And Why Is She Doing This?”

  1. Brandon says:

    She’s acting like this because you wont listen. You ever watch 500 days of summer? Check it out. She told you waaay in the beginning it wouldn’t work and look where your at. You left school for this chick, and all she does is yell your name… C’mon bro. Your not gonna get over her until u delete her from Facebook and u can’t look at anymore pics of her. There all gona b party n kiss pics, you really wanna c that? You were happy when you guys had a good way if communicating without her bf knowing… that’s homewrecker stuff. If she really wanted you, she would of left that dude, she wouldn’t of ****** old boy on Christmas break, and she would of told you that she loved you. Try to put yourself in your best friends shoes, what would you say to someone in your position? Just remember, you don’t wanna be with someone that doesn’t wanna be with you.

  2. Sofie says:

    She obviously doesn’t know what she wants and I don’t think it would be a good idea to go on a relationship with her even if she wanted to. She’s a confused girl and doesn’t take things seriously with her current boyfriend so why would she with you. I’m not trying to have a go at you, I’m just saying if you want to follow your heart you can but be prepared for her doing the same things to you as she does to her current boyfriend. I think why she’s calling you is cause she needs a friend to talk to and she might not be allowed to hang out with you cause of her boyfriend. I think maybe try forget about her and move on would be better for you.

  3. Tony says:

    My friend, what you are dealing with is a kind of girl that is a stubborn piece of ****. And those girls are a complete waste of time. But I have an idea, well 2. You can either stop talking to her and never see her again OR the next time she calls you, you must be the one to tell her that you guys cannot see each other anymore. She will then feel devastated and be afraid to lose you and hopefully, not guaranteed but still, she will break up with her bf and try to get you back. She does like you but is scared because she doesn’t wanna lose you since in relationships when couples break up, they just stop talking to each other. But I can see that being friend zoned is no fun at all. So do a push pull technique which is first acting like you don’t need her push her away, then show attention but not in a desperate way and then push her away, then give her attention and you repeat Hopefully this helps