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Where do you shop – Tesco's or Asda?

And why??

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45 Responses to “Where do you shop – Tesco's or Asda?”

  1. marie32711 says:

    asda..but i do like tescos doughnuts lol

  2. rewster says:

    ASDA’s closer

  3. jed slade says:


  4. LOTR Fan says:

    Asda, it is closer.

  5. $*Marie*$ says:

    i never heard of either of them

  6. peroxide.pixie says:

    Asda-cheaper and closer.

  7. Roxy Girl says:

    none, because i have never seen them!!!

  8. McHaggis says:

    A bit of both, I prefer Asda they are cheaper and nearer.

  9. Keith says:

    Walmart It is closer

  10. phedro says:

    i sop in asda cos it’s cheap and dead close, but i’ve just discovered Tesco on-line and it’s awesome!!! think i’m switching

  11. angie says:

    asda its the nearest

  12. Lil Cat says:

    Either they both deliver. More usually Tesco tho, because of the club card points. I actually prefer morrisons but I can’t drive and morrisons don’t deliver.

  13. age_of_brains says:

    what are these two strange words

  14. Bogwoppit says:

    Sainsbury’s cause it’s the nearest supermarket to me.

  15. Martha says:

    Asda cos it’s 2 mins from my house and they are always happy to help

  16. hello world says:

    I usually use Sainsbury’s – because I can walk there.

  17. Bruce P says:


  18. caroline1409f1 says:

    Local farm shop (to keep the local ecomony going), local butchers (same as with the farm shop). All things I can’t get from there (like cleaning products, rice, pasta, tins) I get from Tesco.

  19. Tish P says:

    Asda. It’s further away, but Tescos never seem to have everything I want. they’re a bit crap to be honest. And Asda is cheaper :o)

  20. black_dahlia says:

    Tesco, it’s near me, there are 2 actually a Tesco Express and Tesco Metro I wouldn’t mind Asda, it’s bigger, but the quality is not as in Tesco. Sainsbury’s is good too and lately have been shopping in Morrison’s

  21. skullian says:

    Tesco’s because it’s closer, but sometimes Asda if I’m passing.

  22. grassmonkeys says:

    Asda as its cheaper and you dont get stuck behind hundreds of batty old people who walk around the store at about 1mph. No wonder there so old they spend half there life shopping in Tesco’s.

  23. Sparki2005 says:

    Asda because the Tesco car park in our area is dangerous and always packed – I can’t stand it.

  24. UK Action Man says:

    I think the general rule of thumb is…….. Whatever one you live closest too, cos were all a little bit lazy. But I do think,…… Tescos seem to be takin over the whole country and I think they should be restricted. They probably wont though cos they probably donate to the Labour Party…….

  25. Gem Gem says:

    Tesco – better range of organic foods and better quality fresh produce (i.e fruit and veg), clubcard points, higher quality non-food items (T.V’s etc) better cafe however, it is slightly more expensive with some items.

  26. parker says:

    small independent retailers they need the money more.

  27. mamgu....... says:

    tescos better set up for me to shop. more room for my wheelchair.

  28. bumumble says:

    sainsburys- it has class

  29. summer chick says:

    i like 2 shop in tescos but my posh friend ben don`t like that common muck and shops in marks and spencer or waitrose!!!!!!!!=)♥

  30. ***natstarr*** says:

    tesco cos its closer but i prefer asda

  31. jd says:

    both!! because what one doesn’t have, the other one does (wether it’s cheaper on something or better quality etc etc)

  32. Paws 'n' Claws says:

    Sainsburys because it is closer to my home.

  33. chrissy says:

    I am German,and i shop in Aldi,Lidl and Kaufland.Very cheap,and good quality

  34. ********** says:

    Both Asda on a Sunday or Saturday because it isn’t as busy as Tescos, plus it is a bit smaller so it is easier to find my way about and it is better stocked. But I go to Tescos in a rush because it is closer.

  35. SHARON S says:

    asda it’s closest

  36. Annie_B says:

    i used to shop in Asda as its cheap, now i shop in Sainsburys, the quality of fresh food is SOOOO much better and you dont get all the young mouthy chavvy mums in there either! i tried tescos but i didnt like it, it seemed to be more expensive and harder to find things, but i gott say they do have more variety. Waitrose is probably the most easiest shop to shop in, and have nice fresh food too. basically the answer to your question is neither! i love food.

  37. irishladyni says:

    tesco asda is too far

  38. fidgetyfingers says:

    Asda – cheaper!

  39. afrowoman says:

    Asda….I think it’s cheaper.

  40. dels replies says:

    Both but Tesco mainly…. Biggest reason is locally parking at Tesco is much easier. Tesco have their own car park,,Asda is part of a combined shopping centre park. As regards goods and prices it is swings and roundabouts..I buy what I want, not dictated by price alone. Quality is the prime factor… Very .rarely buy the very cheapest variety of a food product. Also very cheap cleaning products tend to not be very good. Try to be sensible and get value for money.. Buying very cheap and throwing half of it away does not seem sensible. Some of the BOGOF offers are quite good .

  41. Buddy says:

    Morrison`s closer

  42. Haggis's hubby says:


  43. Gemma W says:

    Tesco. Asda may be cheaper but there own brand of food is horrible. Love tesco.

  44. v1bbes says:

    Used to live close to a Tesco so shopped there a lot. Now I’ve moved, Asda is more convenient.

  45. Boopsie says:

    Not only have I never heard of either one before, I’ve never seen either word before,,I tried to make something out of them be spelling them backwards..and nothing… Are they like a Super Walmart?