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What should I get my rabbit for christmas?

I would like to give my rabbit a christmas stocking, any suggestions as to what she might like?

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41 Responses to “What should I get my rabbit for christmas?”

  1. Ally H says:

    One of those rabbit tubes – like a toilet roll but big enough for a rabbit to get inside. A hay rack for her hutch Her favourite treats A new mineral stone A presonalise food bowl A new water bottle A lead so you can take her for walks in the garden Some rabbit shampoo so you can give her a bath New toenail clippers A giant hamster ball or wheel Wooden nibble sticks Toy Loofahs A nest/tent for his cage

  2. fake_bullets says:

    lol…give her a boy friend.

  3. PsychoTony says:

    A BULLET IN THE HEAD. No, joke, a carrot?

  4. Billythedog says:

    a male rabbit………………

  5. setter505 says:

    Obvious carrots

  6. RyRy100 w says:

    a nice bed food a comfy place

  7. answ3r3r says:

    what about an ipod nano so that she can hear her favorite tunes

  8. dee says:

    carrots would be best.

  9. happyteague says:

    plenty of bugs bunny cartoons, carrots, and a soft fluffy blanket to snuggle on.

  10. Craig F says:


  11. !Sarah! says:

    a nice new hutch you can get rabbit treats at the pet shop. loads of dandelion leaves (ive never seen a rabbit that doesnt like them) some fresh grass to eat

  12. mydogsfarted says:

    A pie tin

  13. carla s says:

    Get it a salad from M&S.

  14. sweetcherry6125 says:

    Give her some carrots and lettuce. If you can handle it, you could possibly give her a friend rabbit. Decorate her cage. Maybe put small stockings on it, and decorate with red and green. This is just an idea, I’ve never had a rabbit before.

  15. rosie says:

    get her a guinee pig to play with

  16. nitpicker says:


  17. rachelrag says:

    New chew toys…. or maybe her own computer speakers so she doesn’t chew the cord through yours again. or her own high heels? again, so she doesn’t ruin yours….or maybe a new hay mat, my bunnies loves those, and little straw tunnels, some new balls with little bells inside. seriously, anything new should hold her interest for at least a minute, then she’ll go back to investigating and rubbing her chin all over your stuff!!

  18. chocolatelover says:

    again….. a dog

  19. boppinmad says:

    a white wabbit to play with

  20. no one says:

    Love and Affection, Combined with food as a bonus.

  21. trishna_pg says:

    Pet Shops will probably have stockings for Rabbits also places like Tescos Superstores.

  22. Philly. says:

    carrots of cause.

  23. buffy walnuts says:

    a toothbrush

  24. wolfiebull06 says:

    nuffin it ay gonna get you anyfin yo could always eat it for christmas if yo be a loner.

  25. Bob Sacamano says:

    Well it shouldn’t be something more expensive than what you’ll get your cat, otherwise she could become jealous.

  26. Gerard M says:

    "A Hare Piece"?

  27. Exehthar says:

    Wrapping Paper- I gave my rabbit a present once, loosely twisted in some paper. She sat there, ignored the present, and chewed the paper.

  28. dale says:

    a babies arm holding an apple and a swizzle stick,i’ll take a lambourghinni

  29. Clare Mary says:

    You could buy him a rabbit harness and lead and take him for walks… 🙂 or im sure a carrot would do… x

  30. Lisa P says:

    Awe..I have a bunny, too. He loves these treats called yogurt dips, they are yogurt-covered nuts or seeds or something. He also likes the treats that you hang on the side of the cage that are sesame seeds and stuff all "glued" to a stick with honey. And he has some lttle toys that he plays with. They are beanie babies, the little ones that McDonalds used to give away, but he carries them around like they are his babies. He also loves carrots, celery, and apples, but not too many at once.

  31. Mental Mickey says:

    I always settled for big bunch of carrots and a lettuce. I’m a bit of a sucker for treating the pets at Christmas. I always make sure the birds get a new piece of cuttlefish and some kind of extra treat. Why just Christmas though? I always make sure they receive a little something at Easter as well.

  32. sarah_zieg says:

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  33. JD says:

    A male friend!

  34. call_me_digitalbob says:

    A diamond-encrusted carrot holder.

  35. lizzard says:

    try a greyhound

  36. forest4eva2006 says:


  37. pixiestellmeto says:

    A big pot!

  38. steven.mullineaux says:

    7 pints of lager and a kebab

  39. indichick says:

    Definately a husband. What better way to spend Christmas all snuggled up with a new hubby! Find one who needs a loving home and understanding wife at a rescue, not breeder or pet shop.

  40. Lynn S says:

    Chew toys, things that make noise when nosed around or flung, and cardboard boxes – always a big hit with my lot!

  41. jazzib133 says:

    A rabbit tunnel im sure he will love it, my rabbit never leaves it alone.