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what are your christmas traditions?

what do you do leading up to Christmas, what do you do on christmas eve, and what do you do on christmas day. and if you watch anything in particular on T.V? and anything else that you would like to add

these is my traditions:

well 2 weeks leading up to christmas we put up our christmas tree we always listen to classic christmas music while we do it (im only 15 so classic christmas music is like fairytale of new york and band aid) then when we have the tree up we turn all the lights out and just have the christmas tree ones on, the we watch a christmas film like santa clause 1, 2 and 3 ect. and we watch 1 christmas film a night until christmas day. the night before christmas eve i don’t go to sleep because i can never get to sleep on christmas eve night so i watch top gear on dave (well i only started that last year and i have no idea if there showing top gear again this year, it was fun though) and on christmas eve we watch films the are on the T.V while my mum and dad are out buying presents. on christmas eve night we watch all the specials on T.V and at about 11-12 we all go to bed except my mum and my dad. on christmas morning we are not allowed downstairs until all the kids are up (im the youngest so i don’t know why i said kids) and we have to wait for my mum and day to come and get us (i always get up at about 5, i have no idea why) so i watch whatever is on the T.V which is kids stuff (i personally like ‘bear in the big blue house’) while i am waiting for them. we normally go down at about 7-8 and we all start opening our presents and after we have all opened them we help tidy up and throw out all the wrapping paper. after that we all play with the new stuff that we have just got until about 11 when my sister comes round, she has christmas dinner with us and she has 3 children, so when she is here her children start opening the presents they have got from my parents, they gradually nearly all my mums side of the family (her mum her brother) come round, they all have dinner at ours to. so we all sit in the living room talking until the tea is ready at about 4-5. then after tea we all start talking again until one by one my sister and my mums mum and my mums brother go. then we all start playing again with the stuff we have just got until about 9 then we all gather around the fire in the living room and watch a classic christmas film (like its a wonderful life or the holiday inn) then after the film we all go up to bed and go to sleep with a smile on our faces.

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3 Responses to “what are your christmas traditions?”

  1. Little Ma says:

    For christmas it all starts the day after thanks giving. It’s called black Friday. Where they have all the Sales EVERYWHERE and everyone goes nuts trying to buy the best for the best deal. So The friday after thanks giving i get up at 5 am. I drink a bunch of coffee. Bundle up in warm clothes. Start my car and head to the mall. After hours and hours of shopping i come home and wrap all the presents and hide them before my kids and husband gets home! The saturday after that we put up our christmas tree, all of our decorations and make christmas cookies. Along with listening to christmas music. Then as days go by we watch movies like Rudolf the red nose reindeer and a christmas carol, and of coarse a christmas story. then a few days before christmas we make cookies again. And then on the day before christmas eve we go to my grandparents house to celebrate christmas there. Then christmas eve we go to my mom’s house. Then christmas we open presents christmas at my house and then we go to my husbands grandparents to have breakfast and open presants and then we go to my husbands parents house. And open presents there and eat dinner!

  2. Niamh R says:

    Don’t have any christmas traditions

  3. Cody says:

    Day after thanksgiving we set up our Christmas tree. Then we decorate the house with all our Christmas decorations and as Christmas comes up we try to watch every Christmas movie as a family like A Christmas Story (lol), Charlie Brown Christmas, Santa Claus 1,2,3, Home Alone 1-4, Elf, Polar Express, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus Is comin to Town, etc. We bake a ton of sugar cookies for our family and the neighbors!! And every year our family picks a church member who is struggling and we buy gifts for the poor children and set it on their porch Christmas Eve. We ring the door bell and run to the car. We LOVE to see their faces! My church also has us volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House to make meals. We send gifts to our cousins and we receive their gifts through the mail. I participate in this thing called the Messiah a music program singing religious Christmas songs. On Christmas I wake at 3 am and sit by the Christmas tree until I get everyone up at 6 to open presents