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What are the charges I can make against an Ebay seller who does not reply nor post goods?

13 November Buy now item, relative paid by PayPal as my account is being verified. Vendor did not want to give me his phone number, got it from Ebay – called and asked him to post to arrive at week end. To date no word and no delivery.

Ebay UK is becoming the worst site to buy on

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8 Responses to “What are the charges I can make against an Ebay seller who does not reply nor post goods?”

  1. louloubelle says:

    make a complaint to both paypal and ebay, copying the vendor in on them. ebay and paypal should start follow up.

  2. try my luck says:

    One bad apple……. Have you tried telling ebay & paypal, they will resolve it for you. Occasionally there are idiots who screw up a good thing, you havnt been stupid and bought a porche 911 for £3.50 have you? I have had a smile on my face all morning, having recieved my latest ebay purchase, and long live ebay.

  3. ukstocks5 says:

    ebay do not care one bit about customers as long as they get their fees, this is why they allow counterfit goods to be sold on their site so the site is policed by customers and ebay can say we did not know that 3000 pairs of nike air being sold for 19.99 each were counterfit no one told us, they themselves are crooks who get paid fees by crooks

  4. Sue P says:

    Hi, I buy a huge amount on Ebay and for the most time, find it a fantastic site. Did you check this guy’s feedback comments etc to see what other purchaser’s previous experiences have been? Unfortunately, if an item doesn’t turn up, there isn’t much you can do but contact them. His lack of contact in response to you does seem to indicate that he may not be totally above board but it could simply be a postal delay too. The most you can do really is open up a dispute on Ebay about it and try to sort it that way – communication from this guy is imperitive though to sorting the problem. I am currently awaiting delivery of an item from the UK which was posted during the postal strike and no sign of it about 7 weeks later! I don’t blame seller though, its the first thing not to arrive in 2 years of purchasing!! Don’t let this put you off ebay please, it is a fantastic shopping tool, just be careful who you purchase from, always check feedback comments. Best of luck. Sue

  5. rallybabe74 says:

    I had the same problem.What I did was this…I opened up an item paid for but not received dispute with Paypal.All the information Paypal need regarding this transaction they already have.When you log into eBay,you will find the dispute section on the left hand side.Fill out the online form,send it to Paypal & they will do the rest.You can keep an eye on what’s happening with your dispute by clicking on the relevant Paypal site.I got all my money back very quickly & I did not have to have any contact with the seller at all.This is the only problem I have ever had with eBay & I have been using it for over 3 years now.Hope this helps.Good Luck,Sarah.

  6. Leanne196 says:

    You have a right to pursue your out of pocket expenses from the seller if they fail to supply the goods as well as a refund of your purchase price if you cannot get this back from Paypal or your credit card company if you used one. However, to recover this you would need to go through the small claims procedure in your local county court and do that you will need the address of the supplier. Neither Ebay or Paypal can supply you with these details under the Data protection act so unless you can track the supplier down through the phone number somehow you don’t stand much of a chance. Out of pocket expenses are things you can quantify such as telephone/postage costs. You are only permitted to recover up to £9.31 per hour for your own time and inconvenience in the small claims procedure. If you are ever buying anything over £100 always use a credit card as the credit card comapny are jointly liable and you would be able to take a claim against them for your out of pocket expenses instead of an unknown supplier!

  7. buggerlugs says:

    have to agree with uk stocks-been using ebay for years but hes right they do not give a flying fig about customer care-report him (for what its worth) then put it down to one of those days-give him bad feedback-but hell then do the same to u-

  8. nosdda says:

    Obtaining money by fraudulent means, also known as a Pecuniary Advantage.