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What Is On Your Christmas Gift List?

World peace.

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Is It Legal To Relinquish Your Inheritance While On Social Benefits & Housing?

My two daughters have been made executor’s of there late grandparents will & will inherited the property. The legal procedures are coming to a close Inheritance tax etc, they are at the point of receiving a few £’s from the bank accounts & changing the deeds on the property Daughter 1 lives at home & is working, Daughter 2 lives in a council flat & is on benefits at the moment, which she hates & is very embarrassed about “but needs must”. Her/our worry is that if she inherits half of the property she will lose her council flat and benefits. The house is in a terrible state of disrepair which they don’t have the money to repair it,or they can sell it but that would take months in the current climate & the state of the property. As my daughter is so worried that she will be made homeless she wants to relinquish any rights to the property. What I’m asking is would she lose her home/ council flat with this inheritance & would relinquishing it solve the problem.The inheritance is a blessing which they are both very thankful, but unfortunately Tesco & Eon don’t except Bricks & Mortar as payment & the Council can be very difficult at the best of times, If she losses her council flat she will not have a home.She will have 50% of a property that no one can live in or sell. PS They haven’t asked the solicitor because they are worried it would become another issue for him to deal with and the Bill is already roughly £7.500. which I am picking the tab up for them.Some friendly advice would be great. Many thanks

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What Is Your Favorite Christmas Carol?

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If You Buy A Verizon Phone Online On Ebay Can You Keep Your Current Plan?

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How Long Does It Take Ebay To Put Money On Your Debit Card?

How long does it take after it says payment received on ebay does it take before you can spend the money?

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What Are Your Thoughts On Tescos ‘beef’ Products?

Personally, It’s not a problem for me – we’ve all been fooled for years and we couldn’t tell, and other countries eat horse meat. I understand its the deception that’s upset people, with false advertising which I guess is wrong but it all seems like a massive fuss over nothing, it never killed anyone?
I would have a problem if the animals were mistreated,I always try to get the best quality meat and farm produce.
Just wondered what other people’s thoughts and opinions were on the matter?

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Your Bfn Before Bfp Experiences?

The first week of May I saw my first(faint) BFP-the day af was due (only had sex once that month!) It got fainter and fainter on the next two days. The third day I experienced a devastating chemical pregnancy.
So we tried four times during my fertile period this month. Now im around 10dpo and tried to keep away from my test but failed. So using second morning urine I tested. (its an asda brand. Use up to 4 days early) After a minute or so I swear there was something some darker line where it should be.
Now half hour later I can definitely see this darker line but its faint- possibly some hint of colour. I know its still early and it is 99% an evap line- but i did see something there quite quickly.
Am i crazy? or has anyone else had this and gone on to get stronger BFP’s?
Thanks 🙂

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Is It Okay To Wash Your Hair Everyday?

I’m 14 and have medium-long length hair. My hair is quite thin and sometimes frizzy but I wouldn’t say it’s dry, I’m not too sure. I have a full fringe and if I don’t wash my hair everyday it just looks horrible and greasy! The rest of my hair isn’t too bad if I use a dry shampoo but if I use dry shampoo on my fringe it makes it look worse! I don’t use any other products on it other than shampoo when I wash it. I’m really thinking about growing my fringe out because even though it suits me it’s so much hassle and I want to grow my hair long anyway. So does anyone else wash their hair everyday? I’m currently using the Tesco Anti Dandruff shampoo. I know washing everyday gets rid of the natural oils or whatever but I look horrible without!

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Is It Normal For Your Truss Rod On A Guitar To Slide Up When Adjusting It?

I have an Epiphone SG G400 and ive had it since christmas. Today i decided to adjust the truss rod as the neck was slightly bowed. I opened it up and put in the alan key and turned it towards me and as i went to pull the key out the actually rod began to come out with it? I the looked down the neck and
realised there was a good 1,5mm gap between the neck and the rod, is this normal for a gibson style guitar? If not what shall i do because i dont think i can adjust the neck properly. If anyone has any advice that would be great

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When Does Tesco Charge Your Card?

I ordered a game from tesco yesterday with discounted c coupons due for delivery tomorrow but nothing has been taken out of my bank yet?

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