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Question About Working In Asda..?

i have a medical condition in which has caused a bald patch on my head which i find embarrassing, now if i was going to work for asda would they allow me to wear a hat.

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How Could I Meet A Girl Either Travelling To Work Or Whilst I’m Working?

I’m currently on a apprenticeship at Asda on the George clothing department, and I was wondering is there anyway I can meet a girl my age (17) whilst I’m either travelling to work (I get the bus) or whilst I am working. I’m also signing up for the British Army so if I do meet a girl and get on the Army, I wouldn’t see her as much so that would be one thing I would be worried about. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Ps3 Help. Headset Not Working?

I’m having a bit of trouble with my headset on the ps3.
I have the sony wireless stereo headset for online gaming and it seems that i can chat to my friends fine but i cant hear the sound or music off the actual game i’m playing which can be really annoying sometimes.
Does anyone know a solution to the problem?
I don’t think i can trade it in as i got it for christmas but it only stopped working a month ago.
Thanks guys.

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Got A New Blackberry 9320 And Its Not Working With The Bb Network, Any Suggestions?

Hi people,
I took out a contract with “3” in June 2011, with my contract coming to an end this June the phone I got with it (blackberry 9300) is a bit worn out. So I decided to get a new blackberry and put my sim in the new phone, I got a blackberry 9320 locked to the 3 network off of ebay and it is in perfect condition, however when I put my sim inside it wouldn’t connect to bb services, telling me I didnt have bb services in my price plan when I obviously do as I have been using it in my old blackberry for the past year and a half!. I have tried everything, have even contacted 3 about it with no reply from them I’m at my wits end!…does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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My New Sd Card Isn’t Working?

I just recently bought a new 4gb card from eBay, I backed up my old card to the PC and put the new card in, mounted it with ums to the pc, and trasfered files, as soon as I disconnected it all the files got removed, sometimes some of them partially saved. I didn’t have that problem with my old 2gb card so I’m not sure if the trouble is related with my phone or rom or the SD card. There are no errors in the transfer and all the time it’s still open for transfer the files are still there.

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Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox Is Not Working, But Internet Explorer Is?

I need help, on my new dell inspiron with windows 8 I got for christmas, just a 1 day ago google chrome was working and not it is not, but internet explorer is. My internet is fine. Help?

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Wireless Mouse Not Working?

I bought a new ASDA M250R wireless mouse, and yesterday it was working fine, but then this morning, i tried using it, but it didn’t work. i can still left/right click and scroll up and down, but when i move the mouse, the cursor doesn’t move. tried:
taking the USB out
uninstalling and reinstallung the device
changing the batteries,
please help. don’t know what to do !

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Does Anybody Enjoy Working For Asda?

i worked for them on a night shift and was overworked and all the so called bosses talked to me like a bit of ****.in the end i had to pack it in.

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Where Does This Assumption That You Can Make More On Benefits Than Working Come From?

I’m a care leaver and a full-time A-level student. I’m 18 now, soon to go to uni and my only income is through benefits. I claim the maximum of 7605£ per year including housing benefit. I get so fed-up of people assuming I’m comfortably off because I get 100s of pounds a week – I don’t. I barely have enough to survive and I can’t afford heating and I spend £14 a week on food
I’m rambling. My point is if you work the minimum hours for a full-time job (35 per week) and get mimimum wage (£4.98 for my age group) you’ll get £9063 per year. And even Tesco pays better than mimimum wage. In fact, my friend who works at KFC gets 15k a year and he works part-time! So where does this assumption come from? I’d rather work atm, but if I give up Sixth Form now I’ll never get to university. I can’t believe anyone would want to live like this when a part-time job at KFC can earn you twice as much!

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Working at Tesco or Asda?????

As/Does anyone work for Tesco,Asda or another supermarket? I am looking to do a couple of nights a week stacking shelves.How do i go about it and do you know what the pay is like?

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