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Did I Miss My Chance With This Woman?

in college at the cafeteria there was this woman who flirted with me before the christmas break i wanted to ask her out but she never came in like most people.
though when we returned she still did not come in. recently i left to do a 2 week job but today when i returned she was still not there. at first i thought she was out sick or something but that does not seem to be the case now that it has been around 2 months.
she was in the college last year i know this because i seen pictures of her on a few posters from the year before. did i really miss my chance at asking her out.

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Found A Woman I Had A Little Crush On A While Ago On Facebook?

so nearly half a year ago i went to a college but dropped out now while i was there was a woman from a different course but i believed she had a thing for me but i did not for her but after a while i decided to ask her out but since i missed her on christmas i had to wait a few weeks and i waited a few more weeks at the college but never saw her so i moved on and nearly half a year as gone.
now for a while i have been looking for her online i only had her old name but i never found her and i just gave up.
until now however when on facebook i decided to go look up my old college and type in a name of another person when i came across someone else from my course i decided to see who else i could find so i typed in the woman’s name expecting nothing to happen but then i came across a picture of her and i was shocked and kinda annoyed at never thinking of looking for her this way before and as it seems she is friends with an old childhood friend of mine somehow we have not talked for a while but i thought it was strange so now i am thinking it might be too late to send her a message and if i do it would look kinda freaky she probably forgot about me like i did her i only looked her up because i was bored and did not expect results.
but what do you guys think

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Earlier Today At Work A Woman Licked My Coffee Mug But Why Did She Do It?

I was in the coffee break room at work and not long after I had entered the room a new woman came in and without saying anything she licked my coffee mug. She just licked around the whole mug and smiled at me. Then she just walked out without saying a single word to anyone. What the hell is going on here? I’m supposed to be the one who licks the coffee mugs. Why do you think she did this to me? It was kind of hot and I’m thinking she may just be the one. I’m already seeing a girl who works at the fish counter at the local Asda but I may just blow her off for this mysterious new licker at my work place. Now if she asks me what she has that she does not have, I will be like “Gina, the woman licked my coffee mug! It has to be”

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Will A Bible Virtuous Woman Celebrate Christmas In Prov. 12;4,1tim.2;15?

What is a virtuous woman? Prov. 14.18,16;21,18.15,19.14,31chp..1tim.2;15… She is a crown because of her knowledge and wisdom of Ishi word,faith in Elohim truth,childbearing,charity,holiness with sobriety.
1.She will not celebrate a man made traditional holiday that can,t be affirm by Elohim word. Isa. 8;20.
2. She will not be a member of catholic ,church of christ or any protestant church.Phil.1;7;17
3.She will not use her love or copulation as her authority to control a man. With the propensity,
she has the vulva, so she makes the rules . 1tim.2;14.
4.Holiness with sobriety is her propensity and dress attire. 1tim.2;15.
a.No jezebel makeup,and propensity of superimpose.1tim2;15,re.2;20
1.No seducing subtle of heart and attire of a harlot and calling it Elohim holy manner and attire.prov. 7;10
2. Jezebel propensity used her seducing subtle of heart and attire of harlot to commit fornication .Rev.2;20
3.Women teaching men in Emmanuel church is not authorited. Evil women are preacher 1tim.2;12,
4.Christmas, easter,thanksgiving,are the love of her existency.tradition of men, sacrificed into idols.

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