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Will This Be Safe To Give To My Horse (apple Cider Vinegar?)?


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Will This Increase The Speed Of My White Macbook?


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Will A Brake Proportioning Valve From A 98′ Caravan Fit On A 97′ Caravan?

I’ve been looking all over the internet for a brake proportioning valve for my 1997 Dodge Caravan LE 3.3.
The number on my part says P4683517. I find a lot on Ebay for P4683519 and one guy says they are interchangeable. All the others I’ve looked at say they fit 98-00, but not 97.
I don’t want to buy Mopar, just want a cheap Dorman part since it’s an old van anyway. Just getting confused. Any help?

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Do You Think They Will Put The Star Wars Xbox On Sale For Christmas?

I know a lot of stores start their sales in like november, but i have noticed there has been a cut on the star wars xbox price. (399.99 down to 349.99) which is perfect for me, becuse i just got the refund from my broken xbox and i have Just enough savings to make the difference (yes, including tax and protection plan). yet i dont want to purchase it only to see it a month later on for like 300$ should i wait, or is it unlikely that it will be priced any lower?
thanks gaming community for the helpful insight into this matter.

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Will I Get Done For Breaking Into A Car To Save A Dog?

I was at tescos earlier and saw a dog (a little spaniel) in a car when I went in, I came out 15 minutes later and the dog was still there, its 30 degrees Celsius outside so god knows how hot it was in the car and he had not water, the window was open 10-15cm (4-6inch) and the dog was panting heavily, slightly shaky and had a very red tongue.
After checking that he was friendly by giving him some water in my hand through the window i put my arm through the window and rolled it down and lifted the dog out, I the went with him to the shade and another passer by came me a plastic tub to put water in.
When the owner came back about 10 mins later i explained what happened and suggested her not to leave the dog in the car she phoned the police to tell them I had broken into her car they came and took my details and let me go saying they would contact me.
I’m wondering if the owner wants to pursue it can I get charged? I didn’t damage her car, or steal anything, if it goes to court do you think they will understand the whole dog situation, I know i should have phoned the police or the RSPCA before getting the dog out, but i didn’t think of that at the time.

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Will Mixing Micronized Creatine Powder With Carbonated Flavoured Water Reduce/negate It’s Effects?

I just got some Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Power and I was just wondering if it is ok to mix it with my flavoured “fizzy” water.
The water in question is Asda chosen by you brand “sparkling” water. It is basically all I drink.
Any insight would be much appreciated. Best answer awaits!

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Will I Get Charged Any Fees For Cancelling A Transaction On Ebay Or Ending An Auction?

Hi, I sold an expensive item on eBay but me and the buyer want to cancel the transaction. Will I get charged anything? And if I end an item, will I get charged?

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Will The Product Prices Go Down If They Make Portions Smaller?

Or will they stay the same as the supermarkets claim repackaging expenses we never asked them to make?
One recent example : Muller Amore yoghurt – single pots 140g were 67p at Asda or five for £3.00. The shelves were empty for a week and then the product came back – now twin packs 2 x 120 at £1.68 making them 84p each and each are 20g lighter!
Am I being cynical believing that when the supermarkets think things are better for us they increase their prices?http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/tesco-b…
Yes, I did query the price – still waiting for a satisfactory answer as have rejected two!

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Will My Mom Be Mad If I Buy A Hair Straightener Without Asking Her First?

Im 13, i dont wear makeup, i get really good grades, and im homeschooled. I really like my hair straightened, and i think i look older and more sophisticated. My mom is all natural and doesn’t like this kind of stuff. Do you think she would be mad if i bought a hair straightener without asking her? I would be using my own money that i got for my birthday/christmas or i earned it. (I dont have allowance either) Thanks(:

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What Transmissions Will Bolt To A 2.9l?

I have a 2.9L automatic A4LD transmission 2wd in my garage torn apart awaiting rebuild in my garage. It is from my 1988 ford ranger 2wd 2.9l. Just incase this rebuild fails, what transmissions will bolt to this motor without massive modification ( just a bell housing swap prefered.) I would enjoy being able to buy a used transmission off ebay that is relatively common and inexpensive or simply getting one from a scrap. The cheapest A4LD i have seen is around $500. Any help is appreciated!

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