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Gaming Laptop Where To Buy? What Laptop To Get?

hi, Im looking for a decent enough Gaming Laptop that will run Games Like League of legends steady for Around the £300-£350 Mark the laptop must have an Okay amount of RAM 4GB+, A decent Hard drive Capacity and a good enough Graphics card to do the job. Problem is all the ones on ebay have On board Graphics or are way to dear like in the 500+ Range does anyone know of any sites or dirct link me to a Laptop that could fit my purpose, Thanks

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Where Can I Buy Hergic Slimming Pills?

Does anyone knows where i can buy Hergic slimming pills?
I have tried ebay , amazon i googled it and i couldnt find them anywhere
They are very good for losing weight .

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Where Wally? I Can’t Find Him On Any Of My Christmas Cards?

A snapshot poll by the Daily Mail showed that of 6,576 cards sold individually by Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, only 36 – just over 0.5% – featured scenes such as Jesus in a manger or angels.
The survey found one store, a Tesco in Manchester did not have a single religious card on sale while many others had just one or two, the Mail reported.
Asda had just four Christian cards out of 2,638 – 0.15% – sold individually across all the stores visited.

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Where Is The Best Place To Get Cheap Donuts For The Simpsons Tapped Out?

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Where Is My Ex Boyfriend Going With This? Sorry It’s A Bit Lengthy.?

Here’s a background story on our break up; him and I were together for almost two years and we had gotten together middle school, I was his first girlfriend, his first everything. Just a month before our 1 year anniversary I dropped a bomb on him, I had been raped and sexually abused since I was 9. To my surprise he stayed. He stayed through everything. Around the time I told him is also when I told my mother and that side of the family, she wanted me to tell my father right away but I refused because I didn’t want to leave my mother nor my boyfriend at the time. My father found out this past Christmas Break and didn’t let me come back home (he lives in VA and I lived in NC which is about 7 hours away). I told Dakota (my ex) and he was understanding and said “Well there’s nothing I can say to convince your father to let you come back home). We stayed together and tried to make it work. I came back in mid January to see him and everything was good. I started to become frustrated because he didn’t make the same effort to see me on skype although he still called me every night. Of course I took that as him not being happy with me and him wanting to leave so I left him two days after Valentine’s Day. When in reality our problem was mis-communication. Him and I tried to be friends but it’s always ended in us arguing and trying to hurt each other. But since a few month’s have passed within that time he then started to bring up that he didn’t want us to end and that he was happy with me so, now I’m left confused. Him and I’s last falling out resulted in him deleting me off of Facebook and Steam (we play games). About a week ago he messaged me on Facebook asking me how I was doing and asking me something that really wasn’t important. He then told me he used his sister’s facebook to check up on me (We’re friends). I also checked his facebook with my father’s account. Whenever him and I talk he brings up how well he knows me, he puts it as this “After 2 years blah blah blah..”. He also brought up how he hasn’t thrown any of the things I gave him except the box his christmas gift came in because he destroyed it after I ended us. He knows I still have feelings for him. I asked him if he could mail me this game I had let him borrow so I could give it to a friend of mine and he said “well why don’t you come get it since you’ll be here?”. I don’t know if he’s using that as an excuse to see me or what but I found it kind of flattering. The other night he asked me why I was hesitant in seeing him and I told him that I was scared, because I know I’m going to want to hug and kiss him because I do still love him and regret leaving him and he said he wouldn’t stop me to a certain extent. He tells me all these things and how he’s forever alone and I can’t help but think if he wants me to fix that. He has an ego and I like to think that he’s scared to admit he may still have feelings for me. Then again that could be me bing hopeful. But despite him being like this he always gets into some nasty moods especially after he brings up something from our relationship. When he’s in a bad mood he doesn’t like talking to me and tends to shut himself out of everything and then the next day he’s fine. Could that be something about me? He sends me all these mixed signals and I was wondering if any of you guys (who actually took the time to read this) could help me decipher this. Thanks a bunch c:

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Where Can I Go For My 18th Birthday ?

im turning 18 in december 1st to be precise and want to maybe celebrate with a couple of drinks on a weekend or 4-5 day trip with my girlfriend and just wont it to be romantic and want to be back before christmas so any ideas

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Where Can I Watch Canal+ Les Revenants With English Subtitles?

I’m from Australia and have watched the first 3 episodes with subtitles online, but can’t find any of the other episodes with subtitles. can someone please post me a website with links or even a better a website to buy season 1 from….I’ve already checked ebay, amazon and gumtree with no luck 🙁

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Where Can I Buy An Astro Mixamp Pro?

I want to setup a siberia v2 with an astro mixamp pro. I would like to get a used one but I would settle for new if it came with all the needed cables. I couldn’t find one on the astro website or on amazon (its out of stock on amazon). I found one on ebay but it didn’t come with any of the needed cables (like optical cable, usb power cable…etc) it was in new condition and costed 99 dollars. If you guys wanna sell one or know where I can get one (preferably used) please tell me.

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Where Should I Visit?

I am 17 and have traveled to Bahamas and Canada and the countries above are the top places in the world i want to visit no one really supports me going to Cuba even though they have organized tours that are legal from the U.s and no one really supports me going to Israel except my mom and Australia sounds like an amazing but that would probably be the most expensive i just want to know where would you visit personally? and what do you think would be the biggest accomplishment at my age now with travel and these destinations ? i already have a good amount of money saved up from christmas and birthdays and will be getting a job soon i know i asked this questions a few times but i need as many answers as i can get.

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Where To Sell Ps1 Controllers?

I have 84 PS1 Controllers all third party. I sell them $1.00 each. I cannot sell on eBay and have already tried asking GameStop (they said no). I have suspended accounts on eBay, so I am unable to sell on there. Where can I sell these controllers?

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