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Ipod Nano Help! Urgent, Please Click!?

I got the new IPod nano 7th generation but I put it in the washing machine a week ago. I put it in a tub of rice straight away to dry and placed it in a warm place. A couple of days ago I plugged it into the computer but the screen did nothing however the IPod synced and it showed up in ITunes. Earlier today I plugged it in once again and the screen became white. Does this show that the IPod is drying out and fixing or is it truly dead?
Has anyone else had the same problem and does the tube of rice work?
Please help, the IPod was a christmas present off my brother and I need it fixed before he see’s me in a couple of weeks.

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Why Is It So Hard To Loose My Weigt? Need To Be Put In The Right Direction, On The Verge Of Binging, Urgent!?

Im 13 n all i want to do is tone up for an event, but while im doing excercsies all i see is my mega fat belly and it puts me off, its depressing, i got six weeks left. im very fat right now and need some good excercises,also i eat a cereal called cheerios a sandwich for lunch, all carbs, shud i swap it with mattersons chicken bits? You can buy them from asda, if not what should i buy from asda thts redy to eat? Also i need some good excercises

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Help Got A Bad Brow Pencil Just Please Read Urgent?

Well to start off with I hated having bad brows so I shaved them but I did it real bad and couldn’t tell my mum but she found out she’s like”what happened to your eyebrows” so I lie and go like my friends tried to shape them but it failed and I’m still growing them out but I bought a eye pencil cause they are so unshaped it’s embarrassing and being in middle school just sucks to have horrible eye brows but just my luck the brow pencil turned up looking grey on my eyebrows!!!! Help I got it from asda and had to hide it from my mum and I can’t go back cause I only have a tenner and I need to pay for school lunches soo and yeah what do I do???? Should I steal a 20from my dad and next time we go buy a better one when she ain’t looking and the one I got is 01 blondes but its brown :s and I’m black by the way so I have black brows xo

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Two Kitten Questions, Need Urgent Quick Replies?

Thank in advance. I don’t even know how to explain this, yesterday I got two kitten’s.
https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/922772_154474908067470_64103742_n.jpg <–
One of them (Blu) pee'd near the window last night, told him off and weirdly he's used the cat litter since. On the other hand his brother (Craig) hasn't. He pee'd near it.. TWICE. Even though I've showed him where it is a number of times. How can I litter train him?
Another question is, I have wet food (Asda Tiger) and dry food Wiskers. The person who gave me the kitten's, said they're on dry food.. but still on milk and gave me a carton of kitten milk. I noticed that Blu is eating.. but Craig isn't. Then when I put a small amount of milk down, he gobbled it up?! He hasn't pooped once yet and I'm cornerned on what to do? Any advice?

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I Need Help With My Iphone Pls Urgent!?

Hello. I have an iPhone 4 locked to the carrier O2 in United Kingdom and the problem is that I live in U.S.A. If I request an unlock from the O2 Tesco company for my iPhone will I be able to then change or put my iPhone a new carrier such as Tmobile or AT&T here in U.S?
Pls explain me everything clear so i can understand.

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Gaming Pc Advice Urgent?

Ok so, I’m looking to buy a Gaming PC but it will be used for Media Work, Office work mainly Word and Databases, also streaming films at 1080p, and Gaming with Battlefield 3, Gta IV, Crysis 3, MMPORG’s such as Flyff, Gunz. – All the games will be run on High settings if not Ultra although I am not bothered if i must play on medium.
My budget unfortunately is £500….
This is the two desktops I am looking into….
– This one I’m not too fond of, but I can upgrade the graphics card as I have a HD7770 Sitting here at home that way I save some money.
The second which I am very happy with is this one –
So what do you think, usually people that OWN a Vibox LOVE IT but ones that dont always comment wrong and hatefull things lol.
If any of you wondering what specs im looking into –
8-16GB RAM
4.0ghz Processor if not an i5 or i7 running at minimum 3.5Ghz
HD graphics Card that can handle ultra settings of not high.
OS not needed.
Well have fun 🙂 I am at the await for your advice.
Many many many thanks
PS…. I can consider a laptop too, In my preference i Love laptops.

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Need Some Urgent Motivation!! Can Anyone Help?

Okay, so I have a massive essay to write in about 3 days – when I say massive I mean 3000+ words, it’s an extended project, if anyone has heard of that. The deadline is the end of this week and I’m just really struggling to get going with it. I’ve done about 2500 words but I’ve used up all the research I’ve already done so I need to go find a load more, then write it up. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but it really is.
I’m looking to go to uni soon, applying this autumn, and top of my list is Cambridge – I went to an open day on Tuesday and asked about the EP, and they said it’s not necessary but it’s helpful and good and etc. – basically, to me that translates as ‘I have to do one of these and it has to be totally perfect’ (If you’re going to answer this saying, ‘no, that’s not what that means, you don’t have to do one’, don’t bother; I’m doing one, and it has to be perfect.) It’s just that I’m struggling so much.
It is my absolute DREAM to go to Cambridge uni, it always has been. Thing is, as much as I say I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen, what I actually do is sit here and procrastinate for HOURS, and DAYS. I actually do bugger all to achieve my dream. Like this essay – I’ve let myself get behind and now I’m stuck. I don’t get why I can’t actually get myself to work when I know if I don’t, there’s no chance I’ll get in – 1. Because I won’t have the grades, and 2. Because I won’t have the right attitude.
So what I’m hoping someone on here can do for me is give me some sort of motivational speech. Or a method of working which has worked for you or someone you know when you/they’ve been struggling like me. I just NEED something to get me going. Seriously. It’s not exactly a mega hard essay, it’s just so big I don’t feel like I can start to tackle it. Once I get going I’ll probably be ok. It’s just that it’s SO important, it could be the difference between getting into Cambridge or not – it could not be the difference just as much, but I don’t want to take any risks, as Tesco’s says, ‘every little helps’.
This isn’t just for my essay either; I struggle to get on with any work. I do get round to doing it and when I do, I do very well – got 9A*s and 2 As at GCSE, but through sheer solid hard work, staying up to ungodly hours and last minute revision-timetable-ing. It’s unhealthy, I need to plan, and not procrastinate. For lent, I said I’d give up procrastination, and I still haven’t got round to it -_-
So, can anyone help? I need a work-ethic makeover, and quick. Go ahead and tell me off for being stupid for not doing it sooner, maybe I just need a lecture. (That was not sarcastic by the way, I’m quite desperate, anything goes.) So, anyone who’s read all of this, thank you!!

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*urgent* What To Do If You Can’t Finish Your Projects On Time?

Okay, so I got assigned my final school projects of term before christmas break started. I’ve been working really hard on them and they are due on Friday. I’ve calculated the time between now and then that I’d have to work on them and it is absolutely impossible to finish both by then. They are both essays for the same teacher, which I am in two of his classes. Ive been on and off being super sick since the holidays and have not had much time to work on the projects before now. In addition, some pretty heavy problems have been going on at home and ive had to take time to leave where i was recently staying and find a new place to stay.Worst of all, I may have misunderstood what I was doing for one of the projects. I’m scared to confront my teacher about this. I can’t really ask for a extension because we are only given the weekend following the due date till we have to take exams. Anyways, I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m out of my anti-anxiety medication, so I’m even less focused too. I’m also really dependent on my grades as my confidence. What should I do? Please help?

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Is He Going Off Me? (urgent Help)?

I’m 14 my boyfriend means the world to me. He is so kind and funny and makes me feel like a princess. I speak to him over text but haven’t seen him over the whole christmas holiday, and this is the reason me and my ex broke up and I am just really hoping he hasn’t gone off me. What do you reckon? Do you think he has gone off me?<3

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Cheap Diet Pills That I Can Buy? Urgent?

What cheap diet pills can I buy? I need the following things:
1. They have to be cheap
2. They have to work quick
3. Preferably from tesco, can’t be off the internet.
4. Can a 16 year old buy these pills?

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