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Is It Acceptable For My Parents To Act This Way Now Im An Adult?

hi im 20 years old with a baby of my own and we both live with my mom. my dad has never been a dad to me and iv hardly seen any of him through my life, but still has a relationship with my mom. this has been going on for 5 years. growing up my mom told me he was a waste of space and an unfit dad and iv never had a reason to think differently. my dad doesn’t see me contact me or even send birthday and christmas cards to either me or my son. my mom and dad speak on the phone go out places and he comes here to visit her. he usually comes when me and my son are out and when we return home hell leave. iv told my mom that this makes me uncomfortable and upset but she just says shes an adult and can see who she likes. i think its so disrespectful for him to come round here for a quick **** and then **** off when me and my son return home. he hasn’t even taken me and my son to meet his parents (iv never had a regular relationship with his family). once my mom watched my son while i was out and when i returned he was here and it was pretty obvious what they had been up to. i was furious!!!!! as this just shows their either leaving my son on his own to get up to whatever or doing it in front of him. my mom said i was out of order as she was baby sitting my son and she can see who she likes. there not at all discreet about what there getting up to. its just so hurtful that she can have a relationship with a man who has never done anything for me and doesn’t want to be a father to me or a grandad to my child.
im sorry for the rant lol,
how can i make her realise what shes doing is wrong or do you think there behaviour is acceptable and am i being over the top?
thank you for any answers.

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Opinions On These Lamps. Does This Have A Zen, Natural Look?

im redecorating, im going for the natural, zen type feeling. i have a lot of plants , natural wood furniture, a zen desktop garden type thing that has all rocks in, zen style pictures on the wall. bamboo plant pots for all my plants, etc, you get the idea.
anyway i need a new lamp and i was wondering if you think the lamp in the link below has that type of image and would fit with everything….considering its a wooden basehttp://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/pa…http://direct.asda.com/ASDA-Pyramid-Wood…http://direct.asda.com/ASDA-Light-Wood-S…http://direct.asda.com/ASDA-Light-Wood-C…http://direct.asda.com/ASDA-Large-Square…

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Will This Be Safe To Give To My Horse (apple Cider Vinegar?)?


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Any Theories You Think Apply To This Marketing Case Study Article?

I have an exam tomorrow based on this article and I’m struggling to think up any more theories that apply! I have a few but I could do with some more. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
Keeping pace with the ever changing face of the consumer; 
Companies must swiftly reshape their attitude to sales, take advantage of rapidly-evolving technology and recognise that the rules of engagement are changing, says Claire Mackay
Commuters who crowd the Seonreung subway in downtown Seoul no longer have to fret about evening forays to the shops for the family dinner, last-minute snacks for the children’s packed lunches the following day – or even a packet of fish food.
A virtual Tesco Homeplus store flashes images of more than 500 popular products on to the South Korean capital’s subway’s walls and screen doors, with barcodes that customers can scan using a special app on their smartphones as they race past on their way to work in the morning – and the items are then delivered to their home that same evening.
Sci-fi shopping is now a reality. This store, having gained a British Design of the Year nomination for Tesco Homeplus, offers a neat snapshot of just how profoundly, and quickly, the business landscape is changing.
For many in the retail and service industries who are still reeling from an austere Christmas and lacklustre January sales, the prospect of this future-is-heretoday type technology must seem like a double whammy.
While others may already have embraced the fact the days of a ‘pile them high and sell them cheap’ approach are numbered, forging new relationships with customers might not turn out to be as straightforward as the social media hype appeared to promise.
Les Bayne, UK customer relationship management partner at global management consultants Accenture, believes the balance of retail power is shifting, and that it is the consumer who will increasingly be pulling the strings.
This shift is already under way, driven by technology, data availability and consumers’ carefully considered spending in the continuing tough economic climate. Bayne argues that businesses are going to have to change their attitude to sales – and fast.
“The consumer is changing the rules of engagement,” he says. “They are defining how we do business, what we sell, when, where and for how much – not the other way round – and it is something we are all going to have to get used to.
“I think we would all agree that it’s better for the customer to be at the table when dealing with issues. But how many of us would know quite who to have at the table, how to get them there, or even what to serve should they show up? “By next Christmas the consumerbusiness relationship will be radically different. Consumers will have less money, but higher expectations. They will know more about a business through social media and digital technology, and be more willing to use that information to switch suppliers. Above all this, they will want to be treated as individuals, and feel their voice is being heard, and have this reflected in the design and provision of their product or service.
“This new consumer will transform business on an unprecedented scale over the next months and years.”
Bayne points to four “tipping points” that are fuelling this consumer revolution. The first is technology, which is clearly enabling and empowering people on a massive scale. It is easier to shop from your living room than venturing out on to the high street, and as that has changed the speed of interaction between business and consumer, it has also created a proliferation of data and information. This data has a two-way effect, providing companies with a picture of their customers’ shopping and lifestyle habits, but it is also driving new levels of corporate and commercial transparency, giving consumers the power to act together. Even, says Bayne, “to make, break or reinvent industries”.
Convergence is another example of this type of change. In order to keep pace and to stay relevant, some businesses are offering more to provide consumers with a greater choice. Banks might give film club subscriptions with their current accounts and supermarkets are selling car insurance. However, this produces greater pressure on price, product development and accessibility.
All this is against a backdrop of shifting demographics, the third “tipping point”, which makes it harder for organisations to identify and target core customers. At one end of the scale affluent – and not so affluent – retirees are making their money go further as life expectancy continues to grow, while at the other end, a younger and more digitally-savvy generation are carrying student debt but have fewer job opportunities.
Finally, of course, these are tough times. Bayne’s point is that consumers will be forced into making ev

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Did I Miss My Chance With This Woman?

in college at the cafeteria there was this woman who flirted with me before the christmas break i wanted to ask her out but she never came in like most people.
though when we returned she still did not come in. recently i left to do a 2 week job but today when i returned she was still not there. at first i thought she was out sick or something but that does not seem to be the case now that it has been around 2 months.
she was in the college last year i know this because i seen pictures of her on a few posters from the year before. did i really miss my chance at asking her out.

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This Dude Wants To Buy Me Ebay Account For His Business, How Do I Check The Dollar Amount?

I never have sold on Ebay I have just bought and he wants an account with a feedback score of 20 which I have he’s asking what is the dollar amount how do I check?

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What Type Of John Hardy Necklace Is This ?!!?

I have this John Hardy Necklace from my aunt to sale and she gave me specific information about it but I can’t find any results at all of it or on eBay of its price value!
Here are some pictures of it:
And heres the specific information my aunt left about it:
John Hardy 18k Yellow Gold & Silver Black Saph and white saph
Batu Laura Collection
I can’t find the certain specific name for it and tried searching it on eBay but I couldn’t.
Whats the exact name of it? And how much $$ is it?

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Should I Buy This Phone? Quick Question!?

I have an iPhone 5 but I really like the galaxy s3 to use as a secondary phone a wallet (NFC technology) and I want to root it possibly and play around with it. I have my own money to go on ebay. My mom might let me buy it but idk. I had a galaxy nexus as a second phone but I sold it a while ago so this isn’t new.

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Would I Lose Friends Over This?

Alright, I am up in my 20s, and have had social anxiety a huge part of my life, and never had friends until around late 2011. Late 2011, I began attending a new church and met a very nice couple in their early 40s that were the only ones in the church that would give me the time of day and be nice to me. The rest of the people more or less ignored me as it wasnt a healthy church, which was comprised of cliques, etc. In May of the last year, the really nice couple went to another church but called me that they would still be my friend. I left the church shortly after as well and found a new one which I enjoy. For the past 2 christmas’s Ive given them cards and gift cards, and gifts too on their birthday, and brought them meals once when they were sick. So in spite of my social anxiety, I feel I have been a decent friend. They invited me over to dinner last Fall, and I went and had a great time, and wrote them a thank you card. Recently, they have invited me over for dinner twice again. A few weeks ago I had to cancel because I had to go to a family affair, and they said that was ok and they understood and how they would work it around my schedule. Then the last two weeks have been stressful because we suspected my dad might have a lump that was malignant, but yesterday found out it was benign thankfully. I canceled last Saturday, and left them a message and emailed them that I was sorry but I just didnt think I would be very good company because I was worried sick about my dad. They never called me yet in regards to the message. Remember all the nice things I have done for them (meals, gifts on their birthday, cards and giftcards the last 2 Christmas’s, put a relative of theirs on several prayer chains when he was sick, etc)….because I was going through duress about my dad and canceling, and not getting to speak to them since it was on an answering machine and sending an email. Do you think that now they will be done with me? Am I an awful friend?

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Having Dreams On Dead Relatives What Does This Mean?

Well for two days in a row now ive been dreaming about my 2 dead relatives one is my grandpa on my dads side and one is my grandma on my moms side my 2 other grandparents are alive. So in my grandfather dream it was wierd it was like we were just going to visit him like he never died so i walk in the house and i see him sitting in there chair. He said to me whats up champ, Like he always said to me. Now it was wierd becuase in the dream i knew he was dead so i immediately started crying. it was sutch a shock and about 2 seconds later i cant remember anything else and i woke up. And also i told my dad about this and coincidently his birthday is coming up. Anyway on to my grandmother dream. Alot of our family were sitting at a big table somewhere and i walked over and my grandmother was just sitting there like usual it kindof reminded me of when we would have christmas or thanksgiving dinner at my cousins house. All of us sitting at the table. Once again i knew she was dead in the dream i started crying but it didnt end as quick this time. Now i asked her grandma? How are you alive i thought you died? i cannot remember fully but she said i never died or something like that. I was still shocked but i accepted it wierdly fast. Anyway i knew that once my mom saw her she would break down crying becuase she though she was dead but the dream ended before she got there. Alright someone please tell me what this means thankyou.

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