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Which Companies Other Than Ebay Use Oracle?

Which companies other than Ebay use the software: Oracle?

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If 7.8 Is A Result Of Christmas Hiring, Why Is It Lower Than The Last 3 Christmases?

should I have said “xmas” just to make cons angry? lol
shouldn’t we reach that point EVERY Christmas if it’s “just Christmas”…

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Why Are Honda Cb/cl 360’s Less Desirable Than The 350’s?

I know they only made the 360’s from like 74-76.. Were these bikes known to have problems? They seem like sweet little bikes and are selling for a hell of a lot cheaper than the 350’s on craigslist and ebay. Been wanting a 350 for a long time but this seems like a better deal considering im poor.

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Are Sainsbury’s Food And Products Better Quality Than Tesco Or Asda’s?

Their stuff is generally more pricey, but does the quality justify the price?

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Why Do Ebay Buyers Prefer Bidding Higher Than The Buy It Now Price Instead Of Just Buying?

I’ve been selling stuff on Ebay for a long time. One thing that frustrates and puzzles me is when people won’t touch any of my very reasonably and competitively priced Buy It Now items. I can leave something up for days and it won’t sell as a Buy It Now, even when lower than my competition. I am a Power Seller, I have over 100 feedback ratings with 100% feedback and five star ratings on everything.
I can take the exact same item that I had up for say…$24.99 for Buy It Now, for days…and put it on a 1-Day auction with no reserve and starting at 99 cents. It will end up either AT or ABOVE my original Buy It Now price. I’m almost convinced that if I put a $24.99 Buy It Now price right next to the auction beginning at 99 cents…at the end, someone will bid more than the amount instead of clicking the Buy It Now.
Can someone explain to me this reasoning? WHY don’t people want things more instantly? I know that a lot of people like to bid in general as opposed to Buy It Now because they might have a chance at getting it for a much lower price. But WHY do they bid up to the same Buy It Now amount and sometimes far above it?

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Why Does Silver Or Gold Cost More To Buy Than Its Really Worth?

silver closed today at $19.03 USD. i can go on to ETrade and buy silver shares for $19.03 but if i go to amazon they sell 1 oz silver bars and coins for over $30 and on ebay they are all selling for the mid $20…. why would i per $30 for something that is only worth $19.03?
the same thing with gold… it closed at $1,324.80 USD today. but people are buying gold for as much as $7 to $8 USD per .1 gram ($8 X 10= $80 per gram) ($80 X 30.1= $2,408 per Troy Ounce)
or you can buy a 1 oz gold bar for 1,400+ but that’s still $100 more then what the gold bar is really worth and your starting off over $100 in the hole for your investment.
i dont get it! why are people over paying for bars and coins? is it so they dont have to pay taxes on the intrest gained if gold and silver go back up?

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Where Does This Assumption That You Can Make More On Benefits Than Working Come From?

I’m a care leaver and a full-time A-level student. I’m 18 now, soon to go to uni and my only income is through benefits. I claim the maximum of 7605£ per year including housing benefit. I get so fed-up of people assuming I’m comfortably off because I get 100s of pounds a week – I don’t. I barely have enough to survive and I can’t afford heating and I spend £14 a week on food
I’m rambling. My point is if you work the minimum hours for a full-time job (35 per week) and get mimimum wage (£4.98 for my age group) you’ll get £9063 per year. And even Tesco pays better than mimimum wage. In fact, my friend who works at KFC gets 15k a year and he works part-time! So where does this assumption come from? I’d rather work atm, but if I give up Sixth Form now I’ll never get to university. I can’t believe anyone would want to live like this when a part-time job at KFC can earn you twice as much!

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I Bought Some Cocaine Of Ebay And This Guy Is Charging Me More Than In The Alley?

Should I call da police for fraud

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15.6″ Gaming Laptop – Less Than £1000?

I live in the UK, and I won’t order from the US, customs and all that just makes it such a hassle.
I will spend up to £1000 maximum (like the title says) but I would LIKE to spend £850 or less. It’s worth adding, I am really into my computers, I already have already built a desktop with a I5-2500k and a 560ti, so I don’t need anyone suggesting a just get a desktop.
What interests me in a laptop:
15.6″ or smaller
Intel i7 (I need the quad core for solid works and ARMA games)
8gb Ram
At least a GT 740m or a GTX 650m
An SSD (Yeah I know a bit optimistic at this price range)
Windows 7 is preferred but I will happily buy W8 too.
I have looked at many different laptops, but I feel like I haven’t seen anything perfect for me yet. So I am really just looking for suggestions. So far the Laptop that interests me most is the Lenovo Y500, it’s really cheap on Amazon.co.uk at £740 and pretty much has everything, but I hear Lenovo are going to bring an updated version to the UK (it’s already out in the US) in September, featuring an Intel Haswell CPU and a GT 750m, which is pretty snazzy, but I don’t know what kind of price it will be, and I freakin’ hate waiting for things XD.
So yeah, any suggestions are welcome, unless they are for Apple Laptops…

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Are Some Jordan Shoe Colors Rarer Than Others?

I never EVER had Jordans in my life, so… being a fifteen year old guy, I had to take advantage of my trip to a Nike outlet store. I didn’t care if they were last year’s models,etc., I just wanted ones that looked good. I ended up getting the Melo M8s advanced. http://osneaker.com/jordan-carmelo-antho… I went on Jumpman23.com to check out all the M8 advances created and their release dates on the page that has all the jordans in recent years, but I could not seem to find the ones I have with the silver body, green laces, and red tongue. I wanted to know if it is an exclusive or something like that,etc and if Melo actually used these or are they like a special edition or for christmas,etc. etc. etc.

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