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How do asda send games?

I ordered black ops and i want to know if it will come with royal mail or courier?

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Do i have to re-post a returned ebay item by the sorting office?

I have sold a pair of boots on ebay, I posted them First class recoreded delivery. They were delivered but no one was in so royal mail have left a card and taken them to the sorting office. The buyer never collected them and they have now been returned to me. The buyer is refussing to pay for me to re-post them as they say they never recived a card from royal mail. Does anybody know ebay policy on this and where i will stand with paypal?

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How long for a parcel from the UK to arrive in the US?

I ordered some books from amazon.co.uk which were sent through Royal Mail. I ordered it on July 29. its now august 3 and its still not here. also on amazon there’s no tracking info on my package. When will it arrive?

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How do i send a christmas card within kenya?

I want to send a christmas card to relatives in Kenya. Previously i have done this using Royal Mail and invariably they arrive torn and opened, obviously mail officials looking for money etc, if they arrive at all. Recorded signed for get the same treatment and then are returned as "uncollected". I would like to use an online service to design a card, write a message and then post it inside Kenya. THey don’t normally intercept internal mail, but i can’t find a service to do this.

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What are my rights as an Ebay buyer for an item damaged and not as described from a business seller?

Basically I bought a blu-ray box set on Ebay. The set I paid for on buy it now came in a collectors hard box, I already had the same set on dvd so I know exactly what I was buying.

When it arrived it was the 3 blu-rays in a flimsy cardboard sleeve with a different design on. The contents of the box were the same, but not the outer box. It is also damaged, the inner boxes are smashed.

The seller is a business seller and he is taking no responsibility at all. He is telling me that ebay removed his photo and replaced it with a wrong stock photo (yeah right) and that royal mail damaged the box. Well the outer packaging is undamaged so it was definitely posted that way by the seller.

Anyway, he is telling me that I can have a refund but I have to pay for the return postage. In my opinion that is completely unreasonable, he sent me the wrong item and it arrived damaged yet I have to lose money for it? I have opened a case with ebay but it is a stage telling me to pay for postage. Does anybody know what my rights are in the distance selling regulations, and if I am covered how do I cancel the transaction? I am more than happy to return it but I refuse to lose money paying for postage so does anybody know if ebay can make him pay for it ?
tmorris – If I had bought something in a shop I would have SEEN it and taken home what I had SEEN. On ebay you rely on somebody else to give you the item you paid for, obviously he gave me the wrong item and this is no fault of my own. If you have nothing helpful to say then don’t say anything at all.

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What do you do if an item you bought off eBay doesn’t turn up?

I bought a book off of eBay – it was paid for on the 8th October and the woman said she sent it out on the 9th by 2nd class post, but it still hasn’t arrived.

She said that she has proof of posting – does that mean it’s a recorded delivery? I’ve been told that there will be a reference number and that I can track it on the Royal Mail website, but if I can’t, what shall I do?


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amazon.co.uk seller problems?

Just joined to let the world know about selling on Amazon.co.uk

1) I sold a humax freesat box, legitimately as new. Posted out standard parcels, royal mail.

2) Buyer says it’s not as described, wants a refund (suspect he’s seen it cheaper)

3) I refuse refund as I don’t know how it will arrive back, if at all

4) Buyer makes an Amazon ‘A-Z Guarantee claim’ for not as described item

5) Buyer Immediately refunded based on his description by email, then told by Amazon to keep Freesat box as well.

6) I complain

7) I am told that as I had transferred the buyer’s payment from my seller/loser account it will be taken from my credit card (warmest regards, Amazon.co.uk, seriously).

8) I have no Freesat box and no money, ‘buyer’ has as new Freesat box, gratis.

9) This is the email I then received

Greetings from Amazon.co.uk.

We have reviewed the buyer’s claim and the information you provided. As mentioned previously, the item you sold was listed in the wrong condition. As such, the buyer is not required to return the item to you and is entitled to a refund.

Please note that, as a seller, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your items are listed in the correct condition as per our condition guidelines.

We understand that you may not agree with this decision, but we have determined that this A-to-z Guarantee claim will remain unchanged.

We thank you for your understanding and for participating in Amazon.co.uk.

Account Specialist
A-to-z Guarantee Program

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Who does Ebay use to deliver mail in the UK for USPS? Is it Parcel Force or Royal Mail?

I bought a CD on ebay from a seller who is in the US and do not know who is handling the delivery in the UK. Is it Parcel Force or Royal Mail? I purchased it as USPS First Class Mail International. Also if it comes by Parcel Force do I have to pay additional costs?
Thanks for any help.

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When would my amazon parcel come at the earliest?

I ordered a game from amazon.co.uk and it was dispatched earlier at about 12pm. However I know due to bank holidays that the royal mail is closed yesterday and today (morning) but reopens at 10pm tonight. What would be the earliest I would get it, would it be tomorrow or Wednesday.

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