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Retail Assistant Questions For Those Who Have Worked As One…?

What is your main job just get stuff from the back and restock shelves, clean the floor, work the tills and help customers?
What pay did you get and how many ours?
How much did you earn before tax and NI and after tax and stuff?
Do you have to buy your own jacket? For example Asda t-shirt if so were did you buy it?
What questions do they ask you in an interview?
What are they looking for in you to help you get the job?
Anything i missed out on that you could answer?

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Stock Market Questions?

I am 16 and I just wanna learn about the stock market.
1. Lets say i buy a shares from tesco and then a lot of customers buy products from tesco, does my share go up?
2. Can I sell a share instantly or does someone have to buy it?
3. Can I invest in my self if i do not have a company?
4. Who owns the stock market and do they earn money?

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Weight Watchers Questions?

Hey all… ok so ive been trying to diet for the last 2 weeks and somehow i havent budged a lot of weight like i would have thought i would of so im joining weight watchers.
Ive been on it before but never lasted and i think that is because i wasnt in the right zone but i am now and ready to get sexy 😉
So my questions are…
can you eat all day long as long as you stay in your points? i ask this because i usually eat like onces or twice a day and slowly speeding up my metabolism so im scared if i speed it up to much i will get hungry and munch so can i eat all day long if i stay in my points?
Does it all have to be healthy food?
This is asked because i dont know about you but buying fresh food is more expensive for me and i finish work late so sometimes i dont want to cook a freshly made meal at 8pm and eat at 9 ;/ i enjoy smash once in awhile.. this also doesnt mean that im gunna sit there and eat low point crisps coz im not.. thats a big off the list thing for me, not even going to touch them 😀 (love hate relationship)
Do you have to make sure you meet your points everyday in order to lose weight?
i have 26 points to use and ive set out my day to day meal plans and im struggling to reach 26 points.. im getting to about 17 and 20 at a push…
Any great low point meals or snacks you suggest?
Ive worked out that 2 laughing cow triangles is 1 point and 5 cheddars are 2 points so a snack thats filling is worth 3 points.
I also found that asda flavoured fizzy water, a whole bottle is zero points, for when you fancy something fizzy 😀
so yeah if you could help answer these that would be great 😀 x
and good lunch losing weight to those who are 😀
P.s.. in case anyone is wondering, im not that overweight just a few extra pounds that would be nice to shift and im also exercising every day ( i work in a gym)

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Girls Please Answer These Questions!?

Hi! Please when you can, reply with your answers to these question! Thanks!
The Product; Ready to use, false nail kit. (You may have seen these in tesco,superdrug,boots etc)
1) Do you use, or have you ever used these nails? If so, how much did you pay?
2)Did the nail set come with Glue,File and Cuticle stick?
3)Would you be more inclined to buy this product for a night out/event or general use if you could choose a nail art design of your choice to be on the nails in the kit?
4)What are your views (if any) on these nail kits?
5)What is the Maximum you would pay for this product;
-Ready to use false nail kit,
-Nail file,
-Nail glue,
-Hand painted nail art on each nail.
(Designs such as; ombre,geometric,glitters,themed and lotsS more!)
Thanks for taking time to do this! Really appreciated!

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Questions about curry!?

Sorry if this seems stupid but i am not a curry eater. I assumed curry stemmed from India? And they varied in terms of "hotness" depending how much curry was used and the other spices added?

Well what about Thai Green and Red curry ? Is one much hotter than the other? And how do they taste compared to Indian curries?
I didn’t know you could get curry in Japan i (stupidly) thought they ate a lot of fish and tofu, all very bland!

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Some Questions about Tesco Mobile.?

Ok, so I was considering using Tesco Mobile but I live in the USA. I need to find out their roaming rates. Is Tesco Ireland the same thing as Tesco UK? I ordered an Ireland SIM. On the Irish site it doesn’t give any roaming rates and on the UK site it only gives the charge for calls back to the UK, not a local call. Will a Tesco Ireland SIM work with the UK? Finally does Tesco Ireland’s credit expire? Thank you!
Please don’t say it’s weird that I want to roam in the USA- there’s personal reasons involved.

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Few First Time Ebay Seller Questions?

Im using paypal, will I be able to tell if the buyer paid pretty quickly? Do I have to confirm the payment somehow?
Do I get the buyers address in my messages section on ebay?
Lastly how do I upload a tracking code so the buyer can see it when I get one from the post office?
Thanks for your help, want everything to go smooth 🙂

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A Few Questions About The Ps3?

Recently I’ve been considering getting a PS3 and just had a few questions about the console.
Also before someone says it; I don’t want a PS4, I’m a Nintendo fan and the only reason I want a PS3 is so I can play those 8-12 gen 7 games I’ve been interested in that weren’t on the Wii and the PS3 will probably be relatively cheap when the PS4 launches.
Now that that’s out of the way on to the questions:
1) Does the PS3 have a store where I can download PS1 and PS2 games, abit like the Wii’s Virtual console?
2) Once the PS4 launches how long will it take for the PS3’s servers to be shut down or people don’t come online anymore -Which ever one comes first?
3) How much GB will I need? I want to play games like Skyrim: legends edition (or whatever it’s called) and GTA V and if the answer to question 1 is yes and there are some good games on there I’ll download get quite a few.
4) I’ve heard of some type of loyalty program (I think it’s called Playstation Plus or something) can someone please tell me more about how it works -From what heard I pay a subscription and get a free game a month, keep in mind I’ll probably get a PS3 around december so will this still be there -and worth it? Also this should affect the answer to question 3
5) How long do you think that limited edition blue PS3 will be on sale for (In the UK) Asda are selling for £215 with the last of us and wouldn’t mind buying it but can’t untill september.
6) Finaly, back when I got a PSP I remember having to be atleast 18 to get a PSN (or what ever account it was) Is that stupid rule still there, I don’t really like lying about my age, especially when I’ll be using my debit card details with it.
Thanks in advance 🙂

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Asda Interview. What Kind Of Questions Could I Expect?

I had a group interview last week for Asda and well, I just got a phone call asking me to come for another interview with one of the managers.
I’m just wondering what kind of questions I could be asked? I’m a little nervous as this will be my first proper interview D:

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Writing A Series Of Romantic Short Stories With Moral Questions To Them Read/rate/help Pleas Xx?

There where times when I thought I would never see luke again. When I had one of those thoughts it made me sad all day. So I kept the relationship alive in my head; I fantasized about ways we might meet again, we would run in to eachother, like fate had just brought us together, we would fall into bed together and make love and hold eachother, and in these fantasies neither of us had changed.
Reality came like a swift kick in the **** though. when he moved to Manchester, only a few minutes walk from my student house in Fallowfields, I thought I was living in one of my self indulgent day dreams, I had to contain my excitement by silently screaming into a pillow. I could call him or go and find him; the illusion would be ruined, I wanted fate to do all the work. So I just went on with everything, I went to lectures and I drew and I got blind drunk playing “never have i ever” with my housemates and i waited.
Then on a humid and windy day (one of those days where the clouds are oppressive and close and you dream about a simple life in France or Greece, where the sun gives you energy) about 3 weeks later, I saw him. I was walking home from Asda with plastic bags full of instant noodles and reduced to clear ham, he was going in the opposite direction; looking dapper and older than his 24 years; I thought about hiding (I needed a haircut and I felt sticky and tired from the humid air) but I needed this, I had been wanting it for so long so slowed down and got my composure and thought about a witty and nonchalant greeting. Before anything had popped into my head I saw him striding over to me with his arms out saying “Clem, how the bloody hell are you? I hardly recognised you!”
There where tears in my eyes and “I have missed you” came out of my mouth without me meaning for it to at all.
“It must be 5 years since I have seen you”
It had been 6. The last time I saw him was my thirtieth birthday, the day we lost our virginities to eachother and the day..
Keep reading ? Rate?

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