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I Need Help On Paypal As Soon As Possible?

I sold a product on ebay and how long does it take for the money to go through to paypal. online it says comming through next week but on moblie says sent by buyer meaning completed and money sent back to buyer .I don’t get it?
help me

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Is It Possible To Buy Aat Level3 Books And Study By Myself?

I am planning to study by myself aat level 3, I bought aat level3 used books from eBay published by Kaplan in 2011-2012? Can I still study with this books? Does the syllabus changed this year?
Can you please give me your opinion about my plan and I will be very happy if you answer my questions
Thank you very much

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Could This Be Possible?

Can i go to the pool on the 4th of july and christmas at the same time if i live in florida

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Is It Possible To Work In Tesco One Day A Week 9-5pm? Uk.?

My husband is a lawyer and I’m a stay at home mum and just for a bit more money wanted to work at tesco in glasgow one day a week I want a sunday is this possible and how much would I get?

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Medication – Possible Overdose Help?!?!?

Hi, I’ve just taken another hayfever tablet (asda 10mg one a day) i use them for my ezcema but just remembered i took one this morning. Im a super hydrochondriac and a germophobe but now i am having a mega panic attack and am not sure if i should try and make myself sick to get the tablet back up – HELP!

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My Girlfriend Is Moving Away Is It Possible For Us To Keep Going?

Ill give you a little back story so you can understand my situation.
Im 14 soon to be 15 and my girlfriend is 13, we met each other through her cousin and fell for her right away but she was dating at the time so I couldn’t`t do anything but i talked to her and always texted her and were always talking and one day about 1 month and 2 weeks ago she told me she liked me and we started dating (at the time she had broken up with her boyfriend) and she told something that made my heart tear to pieces “im moving away in the beginning of the summer” when I heard that I was heart broken I was sure i would be with her for a long long time and then she told me that I was so sad but nonetheless I kept on being with her every second i could and then one day I asked her she was moving and she told that her mom can`t find work anymore that its getting hard and they have to move to find a better life, I understood and asked her where she was going to and when she answered I found a tiny bit of hope she was moving to the city where my grandmother and uncles live and it just so happens to have a lot of good university options so I came up with this idea that is:
Im almost finishing 9th grade if I study hard in 10th, 11st and 12nd grade and get the grades I want to get into the university that i want I would go live with my uncles and grandmother and could be with her, the problem is that would take 3 years of long distance with her only coming to town on christmas vacation, her cousins birthday and some other occasions, its not that i don`t trust her its that just that she fears I will find someone better then her and stop loving her and that I will break her heart but I know I won´t find someone better because there is no one better then her she is the only girl I want out of all the ones in the world and I can`t bare to lose her, and i know what you are going to say “Your 15, your too young to be stuck with one girl”, “your 15 life goes on you will find someone” and all those generic answers of people who aren`t in my shoes to know how much I love her and how much Im in pain with fear of losing her so people all i want to know is:
If its possible for our relationship to last the 3 three of long distance with our trust and love in each other intact.

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Is It Possible To Freeze These Foods?

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if you can freeze Asda value ham? And can you also freeze potatoes? I have been told that you can, and some people have told me that you can’t. I was also wondering, when I buy ham after a few days of it being opened it goes off, and there is still quite a bit, has any one got any ideas on how to make sure it doesn’t go off and how it can last me for the whole week?
Thank you everyone.

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Eating Disorder On And Off, Even Possible?

I’ve never classed myself as having an eating disorder. Not a proper one.
Im a 22 year old female. When i was 15/16/17/18, i made myself sick a lot after a few traumatic experiences. Several times a day i did it. I lost so much weight during this time but i was always happy. I moved away when i was 18 and stopped this. I even looked back and thought, wow girl you had a problem then! But every nown and again if id gained a few pounds id go back to starving and making myself sick if i ate. Getting back to my normal weight.
Now being 22 and having a recent break up, gained a few pounds over christmas. I’ve resorted to stopping eating completely just until those few pounds have gone again! Im thinking of what im going to eat tomorrow as im proper hungry, that will easily come up again. Rank i know. Im quite sure this isn’t normal or healthy, but if i can stop before letting my weight get too low, it cant be classed as a problem can it? Bad way of dealing with things maybe but other than that..

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Is It Possible To Redeem Nectar Points From Previous Ebay Purchases?

Hi there,
I just linked my Ebay account with my Nectar card. I was wondering if i would be able to redeem points from purchases made before I linked the accounts?
I hope this makes sense…

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Is It Possible To Retrieve An Older Version Of An App?

I used to have a version of the eBay mobile app on my phone which I loved, it was so easy and concise. I had to delete it from my HTC to make more space. When I reinstalled it, it was the newest version which I HATE. I have to go through a million settings to get what I need from my search and I find it very unclear at times. I’m not a fan of the desktop version either. Is there any way I can get the old style app back?

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