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Does Anyone Know What This Christmas Poem Is Called?

I know it’s way too early for Christmas stuff but this was in a book and my parents used to read it to me. I only just made my Yahoo account so that’s why I’m asking now. I really want to know what it’s called and even if someone else has heard of it…
See the winter moon shine bright
Upon a festive christmas night
Every tired and hungry beast
Have a special midnight feast
Hay for the reindeer piled so high
It helps them fly into the sky
Little lambs have grass for dinner
Anything else makes them thinner
carrots for rabbits out in the snow
look there’s Santa see him go
home to the pole at mornings break
where Santa eats his Christmas cake
…It might not be completely right because it’s from memory but that’s the gist of it.

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This Poem For Valentines Day?

Hi, I have always been into writing poetry and I have enjoyed it since I was younger. I wrote one for my girlfriend at christmas and she loved it (she actually cried from happiness, which at first scared the hell out of me, I thought I had done something wrong haha) Anyway I have written another one for valentines day and I always have lack of faith in my writing and would like a bit of feedback into it. Furthermore do you think it is a little much to give her two so close together? The one I gave her at christmas was simply hand written on paper but I was thinking this time around I would get it professionally done at http://www.photoloveletter.co.uk/Love-Le… and personalise it. do you think this is a good idea? I just want it to be as perfect as it can be, this will be my first valentines day in a relationship so I want it to be special, I care about her greatly and like I said feedback would be great, anyway the poem goes like this:
I will be there next to you
we are only just beginning
and i just want you to know
That I will never leave your side
and that I will never let you go
From the spark of our first kiss
To the life we’ll lead together
I will always hold you close
and be next to you forever
I’ll be there through it all
To love and care for you
it doesnt matter if its tough
we will always make it through
I intend to stay with you
for my lifetime and beyond
this promise I give to you
this is our eternal bond
whatever happens in our life
my love for you holds true
through thick and thin, easy and hard
I will be there next to you
Constructive criticism is more than welcome and I won’t take offence at all, any feedback is useful. Thanks in advance!

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Is it compulsory for poet laureates in Britain to write a christmas poem during each year of their tenure?

I think Carol Ann Duffy has written each poem every christmas, but I am not sure if its her own decision or compulsory. Secondly, if you have read the poems, can you please tell if they are for children or for adults?
Thank you John, it is very kind of you indeed to explain. Can you please tell me if Wenceles and Christmas Truce are for kids or adults.

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Looking For A “to My Mom” Framed Poem From The Dee Dee Barbour Collection?

A month ago I tried to purchase this item from christianbook.com but after I did I got an email saying they no longer carried it so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find it elsewhere? I already tried on ebay & amazon. It looks like this only it says “Mom” at the top https://twitpic.com/bp45ht

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A Little Poem That I Call “heat” …what Do You Think Please?

It was valentine’s day
Nothing was what he told
She always knew he loves her
But started feeling cold
They used to go mad together
Age made them less bold
Friendship was still there
But started feeling cold
It was christmas lights time
Family holds was warming heat
January was never cold but now
That they’re too busy to meet
How often do you show your love
Heat is the indicator
Ignorance is threatening breeze
Freezing feelings later
Our hearts are Suns
Shine more or less, they still beat
But they only dance when
We turn up the heat

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Is This A Good Poem………?

Please don’t tick that white
British box
Unless you want to be like me
I say again
Please don’t tick that white
British box
You want rain and pain
On your face
For the life of me
Tick the afro caribbean
Black African
For a job in tesco the east asian
Or better
The white female for a through on easy
Is it not anothers life
Stained in what was yours
Bath and weep sympathy
The say that doesn’t kill you
Makes you stronger
But my back is gone

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