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Got A New Blackberry 9320 And Its Not Working With The Bb Network, Any Suggestions?

Hi people,
I took out a contract with “3” in June 2011, with my contract coming to an end this June the phone I got with it (blackberry 9300) is a bit worn out. So I decided to get a new blackberry and put my sim in the new phone, I got a blackberry 9320 locked to the 3 network off of ebay and it is in perfect condition, however when I put my sim inside it wouldn’t connect to bb services, telling me I didnt have bb services in my price plan when I obviously do as I have been using it in my old blackberry for the past year and a half!. I have tried everything, have even contacted 3 about it with no reply from them I’m at my wits end!…does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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Can I Use My Iphone 5 In England On Their Network?

I didn’t know how to word the question but besically this is what I’m trying to say. My cousin visited over Christmas break and brought a blackberry to use. I took him to tmobile and he got a SIM card on their unlimited talk, text, and web plan for $60. It wasn’t a contract and pretty much after the month if he wanted more he would of bad to pay another $60 for the next month. Now my question is if I can do the same but in England and with an iPhone 5? Ill be taking loads of pictures and videos and I want to upload then into my social networks. However, if I do it on Verizins international data plan, I’ll only get 50gb or mb before they charge me another $25 for going over my data. Is there a wireless provider in England that will sell me a sim car that’ll work on my iPhone so I would only have to pay one monthly rate for unlimited talk, text, and web. It doesn’t have to be all three. Just as long as I have Internet?

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What Network Is My Phone Locked Onto?

it is a htc desire c and i bought it second hand of amazon. but i dont know what the network is so my tesco sim card doesnt work.
when i put the sim card in it says ‘ SIM network unlocked PIN’

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Can Any One Tell Me Uf Tesco Network Is Working Ok?

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Has The Tesco Network Been Down A Week?


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Is There Problem With Tesco Network Today?

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How Do I Transfer My Mobile Number And Network To A New Phone ?

I’ve seen a new phone I like, it’s on Orange. I’m currently on PAYG with Asda Mobile. Can I just put the Asda SIM in the new phone ?

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Help Does Anyone Have Tesco Network?

If anyone has tesco network can you tell me if its really low because my mobile is on tesco network and its really low and keeps crashing. And if you do have it can you tell me how to fix it thanks. All answers will be appreciated.

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Who Is Responsible For Your Network Coverage When Using A Mobile Phone Abroad?

o2 are a network provider when you go abroad they manage what networks you connect with abroad i think? correct me if i am wrong.
I was wondering if i was with say: giff gaff or Tesco mobile who also use o2 as their network provider.
is o2 still responsible for providing other network providers/coverage and cost abroad or is this then handed over to tesco/giffgaff so it is their responsibility once you have left the country??

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Is O2 Network Still Down?????

My phone is on TESCO and no kessages r cuming through?

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