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Does Anyone Know If I Can Just Work A Month At Any Kinda Store For Christmas?

Hii, so christmas is coming up and I was just wondering if I can just get a job at some retail store at the mall or something just during december break? Since I am a college student I was just wondering if any stores allow that or if there’s a certain amount of time you have to work. Thanks!

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Can I Upgrade My Tesco Mobile Sim Only 12 Month Contract Now?

Can i upgrade my sim only contract with tesco now? I have been with them for one month and wish I had taken out a phone instead of just a sim only because my mobile has just broken. I have paid mu first bill and i have credited the account with the next two months payments allready. So my question is will they upgrade me to a full contract now? or will i have to wait 12 months?

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Anniversary Weekend…. Should I Take My 16 Month Baby?

I am 7 months pregnant and have a 16 month baby… me and my husbands anniversary is coming up in a month and its going to be the first time we get to.do.something nice. We couldnt have a honeymoon… So we rented a 2 bd suite in orlando with his best friend and girlfriend for the weekend. And we want to have a relaxing weekend and enjoy it and mostly have alone time just us two it will be like a couples weekend we could say so… We havent decided what theme park or water park were gonna go will see how ill be feeling and if im up to going to a theme park but i think a water park will be better for me… Now heres my deal will i be a bad mother if i dont take my 16 month baby with us so he could have fun wether we go to a water park kr disney i know he will love it… We do want to be able to eat a relaxing fomantic dinner basicly have no stress and i kinda want to enjoy without having to worry about my son and i think we could use this before being with 2 kids under 2… But i kinda feel bad living him behind, its only going to be 2 nights and he will stay with my mother… We dont know if its the right thing to leave him and have a time just us for a weekend or if wd should take him. We do have plan to take him for surs to disney for christmas so he will get to go and have the disney experience but at this moment should i take him to our mini anniversary vacation or leave him with my mom…this will be the first time ever i leave him anywhere

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I Havnt Seen My Gf In A Month And Her Christmas Present Might Go Bad Soon. Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

So i havnt seen her in a month and i got her chocolates for christmas like a month ago and if it goes bad im going to be heart broken. im trying everything i can do to see her but her mom is a, to be honest, a b**** and always changes her mind AT THE LAST SECOND. I need help, its hurting me not seeing her for this long. i need help!

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Best Month And Season And Why? 10pnts?

im just wondering. mine is December/winter. as my birthday and christmas. i lover cold weather, dark nights, hot chocolate and movies, eating with out feeling guilty etc!
please say why!

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Would This Phone Be Cheaper Per Month?

I am desperate to get a new phone. My phone broke in March, and it wasnt my fault, its a long story how it broke but im really wanting a new phone. Its almost impossible to make plans with friends, i can text on my tablet, but the app always crashes, and i need wifi and im not really allowed to take it anywhere because i have no where to put it because i would normally put my phone in my pocket. Im eligable for upgrade in August and i have a few questions. My phone that broke, was a Samsung Replenish, which is an android smartphone. I only got it because it was on sale that my parents didnt have to pay the extra 10 dollars a month to have a smartphone. I was on Sprint’s website, looking for phones that i would want when i get an upgrade and i really liked the lg Mach and Sprint Force, that were under the category of smartphone sale. They said they were 0 dollars, so is that the deal? Or would it be the deal i got on my samsung replenish? Or since im upgrading from an android device, wouldnt it be considered a downgrade to get a simpler phone so wouldnt i be able to get another smartphone? Or would it be possible just to get the same phone i have now? Also just an opinion question here, what doyou think would be a better phone, the lg mach or sprint force? I really like the camera on the force but the mach has the sliding keyboard and im in love with sliding keyboards and since im on my tablet, ive had this tablet for almost half a year, i got it for christmas, and i still make typos really often on the touchscreen keyboard. So what would be a better phone?

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Next Month I Will Start Selling On Ebay Again And Want To Be Successful At It.?

is there a website that i can use to see what’s trending and selling well online?i come to you guys because i always get good advice online.thanks to all who are kind enough to help.

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Pregnant??? Had Unprotected Sex Twice This Month No Period Yet And Due On Round About Now Had Itchy Sore Boobs?

Bloating , headaches every now and again took pregnancy test early and came out as negative could I still be pregnant? Not on any birth control

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Girl I Like Is Leaving For A Month?

So im 18 and the girl i like will be 16 in a few days. (Thats another question, is that 2 big of an age gap? Or is that ok 2 date?)
Anyways, i work with her and have liked her for a while. She does havea boyfriend buti feel she likes me. We talk and laugh and stuff all the time. Theres another guy i work with that she always laugh with 2 but im confident its cuz shes tryna make me jealous cuz she always asks me randomly rite after she talks with him in fromt of me, if im mad..
Its hard to explain it all but it seems like that. She does have a boyfriend but they rarely see each other, i see her mor than him. I want for coffee with her once and she asked me 2 a movie but it never happened because somethn came up that day.
Anyways. I really like her, but she leaves for a month long vacation in 2 days and its gonna suck not seeing her that long. Thankfully its over christmas so its a happy time kinda deal and theres a lot goin on, but im really gonna miss her and dono wut 2 do…
She wont have her phone either, but occassionally will be on facebook and twitter…
I dono wut 2 do.

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Will I Get Paid This Month? (tesco)?

I had my induction on the 6th for 9 hours (got standard 9 hours pay for that) and started on the 7th (6 hours). I do 10 hours in total over the weekend and have now been there for 3 weeks. The tesco payday is on the 26th October but I have a fear that although I handed in my bank details on the 8th, I won’t get paid!
I like desperately need the money haha, I jumped for joy when I got the job knowing I’d have some for my necessities, now being slumped back down knowing that I might not get paid till the 23rd November -.-
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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