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Why does the christmas spirit die when you know father christmas isnt real?

Its been 6 years now since i found out that he wasnt real, and each year it gets harder and harder to get into the festive spirit. Its 3 days before christmas and it dosent seem like it at all. It just dosent feel like christmas, i have to think about it for a couple of seconds ‘oh yeah its 3 days before christmas’. Why does santa contribute so much to the christmas spirit? Its not as if anything changes when you find out, you still have everything you had before, you still have presents and money. For me christmas just hasnt been the same since i found out 6 years ago. Why dosent christmas feel the same after you find out?

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I Ordered Some Jordan’s On Ebay. The Seller Issued Me A Refund. How Do I Get My Money Back?

I received an email from PayPal informing me about the refund. I checked my debit card, and PayPal account and still nothing. Do I have to wait a certain amount of days? Please help me PLEASE!!!! This was my very first purchase on ebay. I wasn’t expecting a refund from the seller. Much appreciated

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How Long Does It Take Ebay To Put Money On Your Debit Card?

How long does it take after it says payment received on ebay does it take before you can spend the money?

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How does ebay work like the paying and stuff?

I never bought a product from ebay. What if I pay the person for the product then he doesn’t send it me and I paid for the delivery too. Or does he get the money after I received the product. Please answer.

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How good are Currys with refunds?

Bought a camera a week ago from Currys and have opened it, and there policy says that if it’s open then you have one week to get a refund. However I am only one day outside of the 7 day money back guarantee. So I know they don’t have to refund me simply because I have changed my mind but do you think they will out of goodwill?

Any experiences, or suggestions instead of just saying ‘I’ve changed my mind’?

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How to save money in Asda?


I do a lot of shopping nearly everything in Asda. Anyone tells me how to save some money ? Except those discounted food, products etc. I know there is a Asda Credit card that can save petrol.

Is there any vouchers or club card that can use in Asda?


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How do i send a christmas card within kenya?

I want to send a christmas card to relatives in Kenya. Previously i have done this using Royal Mail and invariably they arrive torn and opened, obviously mail officials looking for money etc, if they arrive at all. Recorded signed for get the same treatment and then are returned as "uncollected". I would like to use an online service to design a card, write a message and then post it inside Kenya. THey don’t normally intercept internal mail, but i can’t find a service to do this.

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What are my rights as an Ebay buyer for an item damaged and not as described from a business seller?

Basically I bought a blu-ray box set on Ebay. The set I paid for on buy it now came in a collectors hard box, I already had the same set on dvd so I know exactly what I was buying.

When it arrived it was the 3 blu-rays in a flimsy cardboard sleeve with a different design on. The contents of the box were the same, but not the outer box. It is also damaged, the inner boxes are smashed.

The seller is a business seller and he is taking no responsibility at all. He is telling me that ebay removed his photo and replaced it with a wrong stock photo (yeah right) and that royal mail damaged the box. Well the outer packaging is undamaged so it was definitely posted that way by the seller.

Anyway, he is telling me that I can have a refund but I have to pay for the return postage. In my opinion that is completely unreasonable, he sent me the wrong item and it arrived damaged yet I have to lose money for it? I have opened a case with ebay but it is a stage telling me to pay for postage. Does anybody know what my rights are in the distance selling regulations, and if I am covered how do I cancel the transaction? I am more than happy to return it but I refuse to lose money paying for postage so does anybody know if ebay can make him pay for it ?
tmorris – If I had bought something in a shop I would have SEEN it and taken home what I had SEEN. On ebay you rely on somebody else to give you the item you paid for, obviously he gave me the wrong item and this is no fault of my own. If you have nothing helpful to say then don’t say anything at all.

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How Do Buisinesses Make Money?

My parents are making a buisiness by buying things from companies and selling it on a website (legally like ebay and amazon) for a cheaper price. I think thats how stores sell and make money but if you buy something and sell it for a cheaper price, wouldn’t you lose money?

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What should I get my boyfriend for christmas?

Hi, Im sixteen and I want to get my boyfriend something really nice for christmas especially since it is our anniversary! He asked me out on christmas day two years ago! I know he’s got me something nice because he took my friend to the jewellers to pick out a necklace for me- because he is awful at picking jewellery- and she said it was lovely and cost quite a lot of money (she cant keep a secret), so I am really stuck for what to buy him!! I cant get him jewellery because boys dont really wear that sort of stuff and I dont have a lot of money! I am grateful for any ideas! Thanks 🙂

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