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How do you pay when you order online from Tesco?

I just ordered groceries from Tesco to be delivered tomorrow and I just wanted to know will they take the money from my account or do I pay the delivery man when he arrives? If so can I pay by card since I don’t have enough cash? Thanks 🙂

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Can I Get My Money Back On Ebay?

I sold a laptop on ebay yesterday for £280.00 and the seller emailed that they would pay for it. The next day I received an email from ebay saying that the seller paid for it, but that they wanted me to ship the laptop to Nigeria to their son. I phoned up PayPal about this and they said it is a scam and the seller is trying to scam me. I checked my spam messages and they are from ebay confirming the payment has been sent when it hasn’t and I tried to call the seler, but their number is barred. I haven’t lost any money, but I can’t understand why the seller would go through all that trouble? Is there anyway I can be compensated for this?

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What's the best way to deal with dishonest person selling on ebay ?

I need suggestions that go further than simply leaving feedback. How do you also get money back from seller of mis-described item ? Don’t simply quote ebay or paypal policies on this question as I think thier policies aint worth the paper they are written on.

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I Have To Refund People On Ebay Via Paypal But Have No Money?

I did a drop shipping thing with what I thought was a reputable company. I sold 100 items for about $20k. In the past the company has been great but they just vanished and now I’m holding the bag as I have sent them their take. I have 1500 in the bank. If I refund people and the money isn’t in my checking account will paypal refund my buyers any way? Or will the refunds be denied? I spoke to friends, they don’t know what I should do and suggested here. I guess my other question is if i issue a refund and cant cover it then payola will likely issue it and seek to gain those funds back from me via collections? I understand the buyers have buyer protection, I feel terrible, my account was in good standing for 9 years and now it’s finished. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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Why does the christmas spirit die when you know father christmas isnt real?

Its been 6 years now since i found out that he wasnt real, and each year it gets harder and harder to get into the festive spirit. Its 3 days before christmas and it dosent seem like it at all. It just dosent feel like christmas, i have to think about it for a couple of seconds ‘oh yeah its 3 days before christmas’. Why does santa contribute so much to the christmas spirit? Its not as if anything changes when you find out, you still have everything you had before, you still have presents and money. For me christmas just hasnt been the same since i found out 6 years ago. Why dosent christmas feel the same after you find out?

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I Ordered Some Jordan’s On Ebay. The Seller Issued Me A Refund. How Do I Get My Money Back?

I received an email from PayPal informing me about the refund. I checked my debit card, and PayPal account and still nothing. Do I have to wait a certain amount of days? Please help me PLEASE!!!! This was my very first purchase on ebay. I wasn’t expecting a refund from the seller. Much appreciated

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How Long Does It Take Ebay To Put Money On Your Debit Card?

How long does it take after it says payment received on ebay does it take before you can spend the money?

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How does ebay work like the paying and stuff?

I never bought a product from ebay. What if I pay the person for the product then he doesn’t send it me and I paid for the delivery too. Or does he get the money after I received the product. Please answer.

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How good are Currys with refunds?

Bought a camera a week ago from Currys and have opened it, and there policy says that if it’s open then you have one week to get a refund. However I am only one day outside of the 7 day money back guarantee. So I know they don’t have to refund me simply because I have changed my mind but do you think they will out of goodwill?

Any experiences, or suggestions instead of just saying ‘I’ve changed my mind’?

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How to save money in Asda?


I do a lot of shopping nearly everything in Asda. Anyone tells me how to save some money ? Except those discounted food, products etc. I know there is a Asda Credit card that can save petrol.

Is there any vouchers or club card that can use in Asda?


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