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Having Dreams On Dead Relatives What Does This Mean?

Well for two days in a row now ive been dreaming about my 2 dead relatives one is my grandpa on my dads side and one is my grandma on my moms side my 2 other grandparents are alive. So in my grandfather dream it was wierd it was like we were just going to visit him like he never died so i walk in the house and i see him sitting in there chair. He said to me whats up champ, Like he always said to me. Now it was wierd becuase in the dream i knew he was dead so i immediately started crying. it was sutch a shock and about 2 seconds later i cant remember anything else and i woke up. And also i told my dad about this and coincidently his birthday is coming up. Anyway on to my grandmother dream. Alot of our family were sitting at a big table somewhere and i walked over and my grandmother was just sitting there like usual it kindof reminded me of when we would have christmas or thanksgiving dinner at my cousins house. All of us sitting at the table. Once again i knew she was dead in the dream i started crying but it didnt end as quick this time. Now i asked her grandma? How are you alive i thought you died? i cannot remember fully but she said i never died or something like that. I was still shocked but i accepted it wierdly fast. Anyway i knew that once my mom saw her she would break down crying becuase she though she was dead but the dream ended before she got there. Alright someone please tell me what this means thankyou.

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What Does The ‘bank Holiday Information’ Part Of My Payslip Mean?

I started working for Tesco at the beginning of this year, and I have been constantly intrigued as to what the ‘Bank Holiday Information’ part of my payslip means?
I tried asking my Manager a few days ago but he just said it was confusing, that he didn’t fully understand it and that I should just ignore it.
I am contracted to work Bank Holidays and I was told I would receive a days holiday for every Bank holiday I worked (as long as it didn’t fall on a normally contracted working day) In lieu of working said days.
At the moment it says beneath the Holiday information part of my payslip:
Bank Holiday Information
Entitlement 5
Earned 4
Remaining 5
I’ve tried looking on the Internet however I couldnt find anything that helped, could someone in the know please explain how this is meant to work and what it means, after all I don’t want to miss out on time off I’m owed!
Thank you 🙂

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What Does ‘capped’ Mean When Buying A Contract Sim Card?

I just bought a 1 month sim card with Tesco’s for my BlackBerry and it’s Capped, does this mean when I reach my limit of internet or allowance it will not go over and take extra money out of the bank? Just want to put my mind at rest.

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Weird Dream, Like Someone On Acid What Does It Mean?

So had a strange dream last night, pretty much along the same lines as any other dream ive had but was just wondering why are my dreams so weird? And is there any meaning to it? I’m not on any type of drugs or medication btw.
I was walking with a heap of people in the snow then someone sledged into a freezing cold lake and started swimming having a race with a huge fish then she got out and was bright blue with white eyes so I took off my clothes and put them on her but I had like infinite layers of clothes which was handy. Then I started to be able to walk through furniture and swim through the air. then i was at my grandmas house but no one was home apart from a woman who looked exactly like my grandma but had a white afro and really long curly fingernails then suddenly I was in tescos and this girl was spinning my trolley about making me see fireworks which was really annoying so I threw a tin of beans at her head and she fell to the ground and bled to death from her eyes

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Does Standard Int’l Shipping Mean I Go To The Post Office?

..I am selling something on eBay and need to know what method of shipping i need to select if I just want to go and mail my product at my post office….

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What Does It Mean If Im Conntantly Dreaming About My Ex?

Around christmas time I’ve started having dreams about my ex. The first dream I had about him was that he had come t visit and we ended up cuddling and kissing. The funny thing is after I had that dream, a few days later he did come over to visit, he spent the night, and we did end up cuddling and kissing. Ever since the first dream I’ve been having smilar dreams to it with my ex in it. We broke up over a year ago due to him being in the military and me in high school. I’m not in a relationshio with anybody at the moment and neither is he.
The only reason why I’m asking this is because I know dreams aren’t logical and I can’t up with a reason as to why all of a sudden I’m dreaming about him.

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What Does It Mean On Ebay When A Buyer Requests A Total Payment?

I sold an item on ebay, and it says :”Payment Total Requested”….That does that mean. ?? im really confused

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What Does Non Transferable Mean?

My friend’s mom is a Tesco member and she printed out two voucher for my friend and I for Thorpe park. They both have her name on it an say “non-transferable” on them. Will we be able to get in with the vouchers?

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Playstation 4 Pre Orders Are Going Out Of Stock Does That Mean I Wont Be Able To Get My Hands On One For Xmas?

Pre orders for the PS4 are going out of stock and I don’t have the money since I’m out of a job does that mean I won’t be able to get one my hands on one for xmas from my parent
P.S. before you say it my parents won’t spend the money on a pre order now cause bills come first they said it will have to wait till around christmas to start christmas shopping.

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What Does This Mean???

So a couple of months ago I started to take an interest in the script/Danny o’donoghue <3
And it's funny because he's on the voice, I herd the song in asda, my friend keeps singing his songs, it's playing on tv and radio and because bo Bruce (he mentored her on the voice UK and she almost won) has her new album out that keeps playing on corrie:L
Does this mean that something bass gonna happen to do with them or good??
Please help, thanks xxx

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