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Can I Cook Things Like Chicken And Sausage Straight From Frozen And Is It Safe?

I want to know if I can cook things like this:

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Why Are The Red Chillies On My Chilli Plant Not Hot? When I Pick Them And Eat It Raw It Tastes Like Nothing?

I bought the plant in tescos

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I’m 18 And Get Treated Like A Child?

My parents and brother treat me like i’m a baby. I’m a shy person and have been all my life, but my parents talk to me like i’m 12 or something. They say things like, ‘are you too frightened to go and ask for a drink?’ and ‘you’re afraid of everything’ and ‘are you going to be staying with us until you’re 40?’ They also favour my brother since he is going to uni and has all these amazing plans whilst I have no idea what i’m doing and they joke how i’m going to be working in Asda and get employee of the year. To them it’s a joke but it’s not to me.
I literally feel like a failure and I know they love me but some of the stuff they say to me makes me feel rubbish.
I just want to get out of the house and prove to them I can be independant but I feel trapped and i’m starting to believe what they say to me about working in Asda and stuff. What do I do?

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Is Bear A Decent Bow Brand? Do People Generally Not Like Them? I Don’t Hear The Brand Come Up A Lot.?

Well, im just curious. It was a christmas gift and im not trying to make myself not enjoy it because it isnt a ridiculously well known brand like hoyt, matthews, pse, etc. The bear encounter i got cost more than the pse rally that was at Sportsmans Warehouse, the store just didnt have any more in right handed version. Im not even sure i will enjoy the sport so its nothing much of a concerne, but i do hope i will. I wasnt planning on getting a bow until my mom suddenly withdrew her support from me getting a new handgun on the day before Christmas eve.
No one is gonna laugh when i go to the outdoor range, will they? This is a partly humorous and partly serious question haha.

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Looking For A Coat Like This…?

Camel Double Breasted Peplum Coat
But in Black.
Does not need to be an exact, but similar.
I’ve searched on Ebay and many other sites.

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Im Almost 31 Weeks Pregnant. And Gain Like 5-6 Pounds A Week. Jm Concerned.?

Iv tried asking my doctor about it he just says “dont eorry” but to me thats mot normal it been happening since like 26 weeks and i didn’t start eating more. Everything id the same and i even didnt let me self go all out for christmas treats and i STIL gained… Someone said it could be water weight vause my lefs and feet have been swollen. But does that makeyou wegh more id your swollen?? And what are ways to help lose it healthy im just wiorried it will be a

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Im Being Made Fun Of Just Because I Like The Beatles?

Ok, so Im in 8th grade (13 y/o) and Im a girl, and Im madly in LOVE with The Beatles, they’re like family to me. Last christmas (2011) I got an iPod touch, so I put every single album on it, which took really long to do so. And since I walk home from school everyday, I take my ipod to listen to some music, because it takes 15-20 mins to get to my house. And every time I get my ipod out, these chavs from my school run up and snatch it out of my hand, and they just laugh right in my face, saying how ridiculous The Beatles are, and that I should wake up and join the real world. I only have 3 friends who are really really close, they like The Beatles aswell, although they listen to other music most of the time, and theres nothing wrong with that. But theres these 2 girls who I use to be friends with but never hang out. When they found out I like The Beatles, they copied me. 1 of them even got a John Lennon book. I am seriously p***ed off by them. They dont even know their names. And they said they have The Beatles on their ipods and when they showed me them, there where only like 5 songs on it. They where really well known song like Hey Jude, Drive My Car etc. And Im tired of being called a “hippie or “flower girl” in a disrespective way. And right now my hairstyle is like John Lennons hair in the ‘Imagine’ video. I dont mind it, infact I like it, but someone just has to look at me ar at a creepy way and just say the word “hippie”. This 1 girls came up to one day and whispered in my ear “I hope you and your beatles will die”
“Oh but wait, your stupid hippie idol Lennon is already dead”. And just asked the teacher if I could go to the restroom, and I stayed there for a good 10 minutes and sobed in there.
I know its long and boring but is there anyone else being bullied for liking the beatles or any other band/group or solo artist.

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Do You Like This Spotted Christmas Costume?

my BF send this http://www.costumecase.com/christmas-costume-lovely-spotted-santa-costume-p-3604.html to me as a Christmas gift, and I really like it. Do you like it?

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If I Were To Trade In Or Sell Assassins Creed 3 To A Shop Like Game Or Asda How Much Will I Get For It?

On ps3 mint condition

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Anyone Else Started Shoplifting From Tax Avoiding Companies Like Tesco?

Dropped my weekly shopping bill by £50, although i am having to get used to the crap quality of their stuff!

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