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When Did You Last Cry And Why?

taking my Asda pizza out out the oven last night after a few beers and burned my arm on the glass door, it really f**king hurt but i was to p*ssed to realise at first

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If 7.8 Is A Result Of Christmas Hiring, Why Is It Lower Than The Last 3 Christmases?

should I have said “xmas” just to make cons angry? lol
shouldn’t we reach that point EVERY Christmas if it’s “just Christmas”…

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The Last Of Us Joel Edition On Amazon?

when will the Joel Ed of The Last Of Us be available on Amazon? really wanto preorder ut doesnt give me the option. i know this happened with the deluxe version to hitman absolution too. so, will and when will the Joel Ed be available on amazon UK or should i just preo-order it from tesco?

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I Made Error Of Judgement Last December A Day After I Was Sacked From My Job Of 4yrs, My Wife Had Earlier Ran?

I made error of judgement last december a day after I was sacked from my job of 4yrs, my wife had earlier ran away with my two children for over 10months. within the same period, I was diagonised of diabetes. the day after I was suspended, I went to tesco and took some food stuff worth £45 and they caught me. The police man tried to help but Tesco staff refused. I paid the fixed penalty of £80 and over £180 charges from Tesco. Now since then, I have been trying all I can to show that that is not part of me. I have been donating to charities and have paid aback all the jobseekers allowances I received from government because I am ok now. Can this actions I have taken so far help me to exponge this record?

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What Was The Last Thing You Bought?

The last thing I bought was..a pack of frozen chicken for £1 from Tesco and yes, I’m broken haha

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Usa X-factor…… Last Years Contestants.?

I was just wondering what happened to last years winner? And did any of the other contestants secure a recording contract and release any music?
in the UK the winner always releases a “winners song” and it tends to be the christmas number one… a year later they release an album…. then they usually get dropped by the record label and are unsuccessful.
the runners up tend to be more successful and have better longevity. Believe it or not one direction didn’t win! they were runners up. So where JLS.
I don’t live in america so i don’t “follow” the american billboard chart.

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I Been In Asda Shoping Last Monday.when I Came Out From Asda I Got A Car Parking Tecket It Cost £40?

That’s nice for you.

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How Long Does The Tesco Direct Ps3 Offer Last?

umm it doesn’t say how long the offer for £135 12gb ps3 lasts 🙁
and i’ve never used tesco before so does that mean i’m eligible for the £10 discount too? (note: dno how the last bit works) and if i am, can i get it myself to save the £3 on shipping?

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Last christmas…….?

I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year
To save me from tears
I’ll give it to someone special

So i was wondering what did you do with my heart ?

Oh its christmas tomorrow are you excited *giggles like a school girl* < no offense to school girls


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Why was my christmas cake crumbly in the middle?

Last year I made a christmas cake and it was crumbly in the middle. What might I have done wrong so it doesn’t happen this year?

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