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Ipod Nano Help! Urgent, Please Click!?

I got the new IPod nano 7th generation but I put it in the washing machine a week ago. I put it in a tub of rice straight away to dry and placed it in a warm place. A couple of days ago I plugged it into the computer but the screen did nothing however the IPod synced and it showed up in ITunes. Earlier today I plugged it in once again and the screen became white. Does this show that the IPod is drying out and fixing or is it truly dead?
Has anyone else had the same problem and does the tube of rice work?
Please help, the IPod was a christmas present off my brother and I need it fixed before he see’s me in a couple of weeks.

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How Much Should I Sell My White Ipod Touch 4th Generation 8gb For On Ebay?

My father said that if I was going to get a Nexus 7 for Christmas I would have to sell my iPod.

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I Tried Updating A Jailbroken Ipod?

I tried updating a jailbroken iPod?
I jailbroke my ipod with cydia or whatever its called, and i tried updating it. The screen is just the connect image thing where its telling you to connect your ipod to your computer. I did and i tried restoring it. When i restored it it asked if i wanted to update it too. It was the only option so i had to click yes. Now it just “updates” then does nothing. Every so often a window pops up saying about how my ipod is in recovery mode or something. I really just want it back to normal. I don’t care if everything gets erased. I just got my iPod for christmas and i’m freaking. Please help!!

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Anyone know a good place to buy an apple Ipod (30GB)?

Hi, Im after a new 30GB ipod for my girlfriend, i live in the UK and it needs to be brand new and not refurbed etc. Has anyone bought one recently from a respectable website/shop if so how much did you pay….

So far Dixons has been the cheapest at £170 including delivery, but how can a highstreet retailer be the cheapest….

Any advice gratefully received!

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Who is responsible to repair / replace my faulty IPOD 3 months after purchase ?

bought it from amazon.co.uk and they say I have to contact Apple as 30 days has passed and it is their policy to only replace / repair within 30 days of purchase. I was under the impression that under UK consumer Law within the guarantee of 1 year my contract is with Amazon and not apple and it should therefore be Amazon who deal with the problem, I have pointed this out to Amazon who said that their policy still stands ? Who is correct here ? I don’t have an issue contacting Apple but I believe Amazon are doing something wrong here . . . .

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What are some good speakers that give off good bass?

i listen to lots of edm and bassy music. so i need some speakers or even a speaker set made of several different brands. i need to be able to be fairly transportable (fit in a car) in case i need to bring them somewhere like a mates house. i am currently looking into these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Harman-Kardon-Wireless-Soundsticks-Satellite/dp/B008UR1LPS/ref=dp_ob_title_ce . ill keep them in my room and that is where they will be mostly used. they need to max an aux cable connection or a bluetooth setup as well as the standard issue stuff so i can connect my computer as well as an iPod.
also if anyone can give me a link thatd be great

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Is it safe to put studio these headphones in my computer?

are they designed like that? will it be safe to put them in my ipod too?

would the headphones get damaged?

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How can I convince Argos to refund a faulty iPod?

I bought an iPod just over a week ago from Argos and it broke two days later. Haven’t dropped it or damaged it in any way so it’s clearly a faulty product. According to my receipt it’s excluded from their 30 day money back thing but I’m sure that if I’ve been sold a faulty item it’s illegal for them not to do anything. How can I convince them to refund me?

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Is This A Good Deal? Apple Ipod 5th Generation?

I’m trying to figure out the catch here…

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What Store Has The Cheapest Ipod Touch Prices? Not Online Place Like Ebay Or Amazon, I’m Looking T?

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