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My Dog Keep Going To The Bathroom In The House.?

I have two dogs I have a Bloxer (Bull dog/Boxer mix) and an american Pit bull. We adopted the pit just about two weeks ago and our Bloxer we adopted for my kids on christmas day from my best friend. Abby(the bloxer) will poop in the house if we don’t take her out before we go to bed or if she is made at us, and about one week ago one or maybe both of them started pooping AND peeing in the house. I don’t know what to do. I have tried kennel time out I have tried spanking I have even tried chaining them up outside my apartment till I clean it up. I have two small children I can’t have dogs pooping and peeing in my house. Does anyone have advice on what I can do, or how to clean it up?

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Doll House For A 4 & 3 Yr Old?

I’m debating on getting my girls a doll house for christmas. I’m talking bout those big ones with rooms, kitchens, stairs and all. I just dont know how I would keep track of all the little pieces. Will they even get the idea? They dont really pretend play with kitchens or dolls much, but I think thats mostly because their play time is spent outside. That being said I think they’ll enjoy it but I dont know if its worth it. Whats your experience with doll houses been like? Will they just have a bunch of tiny toys thrown about the house?

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How To Buying A House And Start My Life?

so im in university studying music production and radio,iv’e always been poor even when i get my student loans im already in my 1400 overdraft,which im planning on getting rid of before finish uni.
Im 21,and my dream is to just own my own house and to live a nice comfortable life,ideally i would become a singer and be worth millions but being realistic,how do i go about getting a house,obviously i would need a job but say i was working in asda or walmart after university,is it possible to get a mortgage?
I dont know much about this stuff,how much do i need to save and how do i save that much,im just trying to think of my life and future,i want to know when i die that my family will be ok,iv’e always thought i would die young before my mum anyway who’s 44 now shes always lived in a council house but has always worked her hardest to give me and my sisters and brother a nice life,considering she’s a single parent but i don’t want that life i want something more so when i die at least i will know that someone in my family will get the house,i would love to live in liverpool city center its a beautiful place and there’s lots to do,i would love to move to america but iv’e read about that and it seems too out of reach,please help!
thanks im advance!

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What’s Your Dream House?

Every christmas, my family and relatives from my moms side rent this model home in murrieta, california (near san diego) and its a nice house generally. But what makes it so great is all the memories from many many years with my cousins. Thats the house i would want to live in 🙂

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What Do I Need For My First House Shopping List ?

I need some help with what to buy for my first shopping list (food) as in sauces and sugar all the things you will need. I more less have my appliances sorted what I need for kitchen bedrooms bathrooms etc its just what sort of things in general is needed when I go to asda or tesco for first shop.
I’m 20 and getting my first house Thanks for any help in advice folks 🙂

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Atheists And Christians, When Are You Going To Come By And Decorate My House With Pagan Christmas Icons?

I am ready to get my pagan on damn it!

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Do You Know Any Wholesale Korean Beauty Sites That Sell Etude House If So Please Tell Me ( No Ebay Or Gmarket?

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