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Having Dreams On Dead Relatives What Does This Mean?

Well for two days in a row now ive been dreaming about my 2 dead relatives one is my grandpa on my dads side and one is my grandma on my moms side my 2 other grandparents are alive. So in my grandfather dream it was wierd it was like we were just going to visit him like he never died so i walk in the house and i see him sitting in there chair. He said to me whats up champ, Like he always said to me. Now it was wierd becuase in the dream i knew he was dead so i immediately started crying. it was sutch a shock and about 2 seconds later i cant remember anything else and i woke up. And also i told my dad about this and coincidently his birthday is coming up. Anyway on to my grandmother dream. Alot of our family were sitting at a big table somewhere and i walked over and my grandmother was just sitting there like usual it kindof reminded me of when we would have christmas or thanksgiving dinner at my cousins house. All of us sitting at the table. Once again i knew she was dead in the dream i started crying but it didnt end as quick this time. Now i asked her grandma? How are you alive i thought you died? i cannot remember fully but she said i never died or something like that. I was still shocked but i accepted it wierdly fast. Anyway i knew that once my mom saw her she would break down crying becuase she though she was dead but the dream ended before she got there. Alright someone please tell me what this means thankyou.

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Im Having Paypal Issues?

I just recently sold in item on ebay and on my paypal account it said i have a balance of 29.50 and i have 0.00 avalable. Plz tell me why???

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Im Having Problems With My Galaxy S3 ?

ive had my phone since christmas .
my phone was acting weird saying ” error code 97 ”
i turned it on and off , it sometimes worked but now it just doesnt send.
ive takent he bettery out to , and left it out for about 5 minutes .
ugh , how can i fix it ?

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I’m Having Friendship Problems?

Okay, so a few days ago i got into an argument with one of my best friends about something so stupid and petty. We’re at boarding school and share a room, and i wouldn’t turn off the light because i was still reading and every single other night she makes me go to the bathroom to read in there. So i said i would go to the bathroom at 10:30 (the usual time she likes to go to sleep). She got really angry and threw off my duvet and my alarm clock, and threw my book too. She called me selfish as well. She then went to my other friends and one of them came down to my room and ranted at me and called me a selfish, jealous b**ch with no life and no friends. i didn’t say anything and she left the room. my other two friends were there too, hiding behind the door. From then, they all hated me. One of them (the one who called me a jealous *****) stepped on my lace and made be trip then just shoved past me not saying anything. i never even did anything to her. I thought me and my friend who i originally got into an argument with had made up, because we watched a movie together on friday night. Apparently not. Tonight i sent her friend a snapchat asking if she was going to a party. she didn’t reply so i sent it again and she replied with a very grumpy ‘yes you know i am’ i said i didn’t know, and she didnt reply again. i asked why she was not replying and she said ‘cos youre annoying’. Its just annoying because i gave her a birthday present (while we were arguing) and i spent £20 on it, which is expensive for me!! I also bought her a christmas present. She didn’t get me either. She’s just really selfish and doesn’t think of other people. After watching a movie, she said ‘would you consider us friends?’. I mean, i know were in an argument but that doesn’t make us enemies. About 5 weeks ago, there was this thing when i took 14 pro plus to get hyper for a party, and my teaher found out. My friends thought I was backstabbing them, which i wasn’t. I was trying to get them OUT of trouble. They didn’t think so though. So for that week, nobody spoke to me. Those are my only friends, so i was always alone (apart from when i saw my sister), She was the only person I could talk to about it. She always tells me about how hard her life is, and never listens to my problems. She cries because she thinks shes not popular, even though shes within the top 5 most popular girls. She thinks shes not pretty because all the other pretty girls (5) kissed someone this year and she hasn’t – at school. She goes to random clubs and parties and gets off with people she doen’t know. 25 in total. Ive never kissed anyone (were 14 years old). She is just very self centered, and i always feel excluded when im around her and her other friends. She has this other best friend, and they’re so exclusive. I always feel left out around them, and my friend maikes it clear that she prefers this other girl to me. Now everyond in my year thinks im a ***** because they all spread rumors about me. Im just trying to make things better, but shes being so stubborn. She’s not a great friend to me. I just want this grudge to be over – theres no point in arguing about something so pointless, especially because its the summer holidays and im not going to see her until school starts in september. Im trying to be nice. I want to be the mature one in it. Does anyone have any ideas on what i should do? or just say something about it to help me?
Thanks 🙂

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Having something delivered from Argos in the morning but i cant find my receipt do i need it?

I have got an argos delivery tomorrow morning and for the life of me cannot find the receipt for what im having delivered, surely the fact that they are delivering is proof in itself that we have purchased them, will i need the receipt or will i have to wait until i have my receipt to receive the items?

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Was Having Sex With This Person The Wrong Thing To Do?

Hello, my name is Jane. I’m using my guy-friend’s computer to ask this question. Ok, so me and this gut have known each other for almost a decade. When we met he was 19 and I was 14. I met him when I dropped my phone in the grass and he just happen to be walking behind me and notice it. He gave me my phone back and told me, in a sarcastic manner, to be careful next time, anyone could just picked up the phone and ran off with it. I thought he was pretty amusing. I kind of developed a crush on him. I recalled he called me a little girl in order to get my attention when I dropped my phone. I told I am not a little girl. He asked me for my age I said 14. He then told me he was 19. He playfully poked fun at me for being in high school and being a minor. Being the confident and outgoing person I am, I kind of hope to see him again and bond with him. From there, we really did not speak to each other much. I would see him around the neighborhood and greet him. When school started for us, we would not see other for months. When we did we talked a little bit about our opposing lifestyles. After a while we kind of forged a big brother/little sister relationship. I told my mother about him, and she did not want me getting to involved with him due to our age difference. She evening met him one day while she and I were in a Walgreen together. She thought he was a nice man. Some where along the line I revealed to him that I am a sexually liberated female. He did not think much of it. By the time I was 17, my mother allowed me to hang out with him. He would take me to school from time to time. During the Christmas season, we would go christmas shopping together. When we started visiting each other, we would sit on a couch to watch TV together and she would rest her legs and feet in my lap. When I started going to college at the same university he attended, we even went to a few college parties together. He watched me grow from a feisty teenager to a beautiful and sexy young woman. He was the big brother I always wanted. As time went on he and I remained best friends. But as of lately, our friendship changed into something more. After a break up with my last boyfriend, I started hanging around him and showing a little bit of sexual interest. I would often give him hugs with no space between us. One day, about 2 summers ago, I wore a sexy black dress and sandals to his house. I found some extendz tabs sitting out in the open. I asked him why was he taking these. At first he tried to wrestle then from me but would prevent that by turning around and bending over with my booty brushing up against his dick. He told me he was just trying them out. I got a little curious. Figuring he was already on hard from my *** rubbing up against him, I asked him to let me see his dick. At first he did not feel ok with that, so I grabbed it. Yes, I grabbed my play-brother’s dick. I think that sexual act was the starting point of our sexual attraction. Ever since then we have been messing around sexually. We would make love, fondle with each other, take showers together and even have sex. Remember this was a man I considered to be like my big brother and now I just had sex with him a few time( once was after taking a shower with him). We still continued to be friends to this very day but I can help but feeling like that he is trifling with me since we never discussed having a steady relationship. Was sex with him a mistake?
3 months ago

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Sourcing A Single Dvd Disk From A Box Set?? (and Not Having To Buy The Whole Set Again!)?

Hi, hope you can help me!
I’ve today managed to pick up the Casualty box set (below) from a local charity shop. However it’s missing the third of four disks in the set and I was wondering if anyone knew any sites or shops that might be able to help us track one down? I’ve tried eBay tonight and unfortunatly the only copies are in complete sets atm (which are going for more than we paid for ours) guessing it will just be a case of watching eBay for now but would be really greatful for any other suggestions… thanks in advance 🙂

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How Can I Get Organized For Christmas??? (will Be Having 3rd Baby In December!)?

ok so I am due with number three on the 9th of December and I will have a 4 year old and almost 2 year old by then!
I am a bit worried as I think I will be too busy IN December to organize Christmas but I really want to make this one special for my two older girls as last Christmas we didn’t get to spend at home
how would be the best way to go about the food and decorations and making it special in advance????

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So I Am Having A Masquerade Ball And I Need Help!!!?

So over summer im having a masquerade ball and i dont know how to decorate, music, and what to have people wear! im thinking its going to be fancy but what music would i play?! typical “dance” music of the now generation. oh yea and i am 17 so yeah most people who are coming will be 16, 17, or 18. for food i was thinking elegant dinner party snacks (http://www.marthastewart.com/275105/eleg… but is there a theme like everyone has to wear black or something? and i have a basketball court in my backyard and was thiking of streaming white christmas lights from the these 2 poles we have on opposite sides of the court, would that be okay or does it have to be inside? thanks!

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Anyone Having Trouble Buying Quorn Family Roast?

I do a 2 weekly shop online with Tesco and noticed recently they have stopped stocking Quorn Family Roast. Have rung there office and they say there’s not enough demand. Yet a friend that shops in town says they used to get sold so quickly, when they were there.

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