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My Dog Keep Going To The Bathroom In The House.?

I have two dogs I have a Bloxer (Bull dog/Boxer mix) and an american Pit bull. We adopted the pit just about two weeks ago and our Bloxer we adopted for my kids on christmas day from my best friend. Abby(the bloxer) will poop in the house if we don’t take her out before we go to bed or if she is made at us, and about one week ago one or maybe both of them started pooping AND peeing in the house. I don’t know what to do. I have tried kennel time out I have tried spanking I have even tried chaining them up outside my apartment till I clean it up. I have two small children I can’t have dogs pooping and peeing in my house. Does anyone have advice on what I can do, or how to clean it up?

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Where Is My Ex Boyfriend Going With This? Sorry It’s A Bit Lengthy.?

Here’s a background story on our break up; him and I were together for almost two years and we had gotten together middle school, I was his first girlfriend, his first everything. Just a month before our 1 year anniversary I dropped a bomb on him, I had been raped and sexually abused since I was 9. To my surprise he stayed. He stayed through everything. Around the time I told him is also when I told my mother and that side of the family, she wanted me to tell my father right away but I refused because I didn’t want to leave my mother nor my boyfriend at the time. My father found out this past Christmas Break and didn’t let me come back home (he lives in VA and I lived in NC which is about 7 hours away). I told Dakota (my ex) and he was understanding and said “Well there’s nothing I can say to convince your father to let you come back home). We stayed together and tried to make it work. I came back in mid January to see him and everything was good. I started to become frustrated because he didn’t make the same effort to see me on skype although he still called me every night. Of course I took that as him not being happy with me and him wanting to leave so I left him two days after Valentine’s Day. When in reality our problem was mis-communication. Him and I tried to be friends but it’s always ended in us arguing and trying to hurt each other. But since a few month’s have passed within that time he then started to bring up that he didn’t want us to end and that he was happy with me so, now I’m left confused. Him and I’s last falling out resulted in him deleting me off of Facebook and Steam (we play games). About a week ago he messaged me on Facebook asking me how I was doing and asking me something that really wasn’t important. He then told me he used his sister’s facebook to check up on me (We’re friends). I also checked his facebook with my father’s account. Whenever him and I talk he brings up how well he knows me, he puts it as this “After 2 years blah blah blah..”. He also brought up how he hasn’t thrown any of the things I gave him except the box his christmas gift came in because he destroyed it after I ended us. He knows I still have feelings for him. I asked him if he could mail me this game I had let him borrow so I could give it to a friend of mine and he said “well why don’t you come get it since you’ll be here?”. I don’t know if he’s using that as an excuse to see me or what but I found it kind of flattering. The other night he asked me why I was hesitant in seeing him and I told him that I was scared, because I know I’m going to want to hug and kiss him because I do still love him and regret leaving him and he said he wouldn’t stop me to a certain extent. He tells me all these things and how he’s forever alone and I can’t help but think if he wants me to fix that. He has an ego and I like to think that he’s scared to admit he may still have feelings for me. Then again that could be me bing hopeful. But despite him being like this he always gets into some nasty moods especially after he brings up something from our relationship. When he’s in a bad mood he doesn’t like talking to me and tends to shut himself out of everything and then the next day he’s fine. Could that be something about me? He sends me all these mixed signals and I was wondering if any of you guys (who actually took the time to read this) could help me decipher this. Thanks a bunch c:

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All Of A Sudden My Messages From Ebay Are Going Into My Spam Folder, How Come?

Used to go into my regular inbox, now 97% goes into spam folder hOW DO i REVERT IT BACK? AND HOW DID IT GET THAT WAY? sORRY FOR THE CAPS

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Is It Going To Snow At Christmas In Scotland This Year?

going to scotland this year for christmas and was wondering if it was going to snow

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What Is Going On? Are We Friends, Something More? And Does He Like The New Girl?

It started in November 2012. I (14 years old) joined a martial arts class. Most of the People there were Boys (14-30 years old) Most of them were very advanced in the martial arts, I was one of the few beginners along with a Boy named William (15 years old). I thought William was cute, but I didn’t feel emotionally attracted to him or anybody else there because I had a crush on a boy from School at the time. There was also another Boy named Samuel (18 years old) who was one of the more advanced students. Sometimes when I got to class, he was the first Person who crossed my path so he would be the first Person I said hi to. And he wouldn’t even say hi back properly. It Kind of really pissed me off because I was trying really hard not to be shy and quiet (like I usually am around new People) and say hi and speak up instead. And this stupid guy wouldn’t even say hi back. I also got the Impression that he was a Little arrogant since he is good-looking and good at martial arts. I never even talked to him so I didn’t pay much Attention to him even when I started talking more to the other people there.
Then in december, the School of martial arts organized a Christmas meeting for all the students in a chinese Restaurant. We all went to the Christmas market after that and that’s when another guy from the martial arts unofficially introduced Samuel to me (since we already knew each other). After that we started talking more and more(even in class after the christmas Event). I realized he wasn’t really arrogant, but shy just like me. He started teasing me a lot, complimenting me when I succeeded at some kungfu-kick and he would encourage me to Keep trying when I was failing at something. He never did that with the other Girls there. At some Point, I didn’t realize when, I started liking him a bit too much.
And then something really weird happened. William asked me on a date. William and Samuel are pretty good friends. In fact, they sometimes act almost like Brothers. I have no experience with Dates and stuff so i didn’t realize William was asking me on a date and I went on it with him. And after our date, Samuel basically stopped talking to me. He didn’t ignore me either, but he wouldn’t come up to me and start conversations anymore.
At some Point William stopped liking me because he fell for another Girl and they started going out. Only then did Samuel start talking me a lot again. That’s when I found out how much William had liked me and that he had even asked Samuel for advice. Samuel had told him to ask me out if he liked me that much and that’s how we ended up having a date. It really surprised me. I’m usually a wallflower who no one notices and even less falls for. Samuel asked me whether I had ever even had a boyfriend and I said no because it was the truth. We walked to the bus stop together and talked and talked( William Samuel and me) Really great times. One day I was depressed coz I had had a terrible math exam i felt i was going to fail. So I told them about it and Samuel offered to help me with maths because he is pretty good at them. He even asked when I had time so we could meet.Unfortunately we didn’t have time on the same days so we decided he would help me after martial arts class. Then we went into this shop together because William was hungry and Samuel insisted on buying me something to drink which I found really sweet. Everything was perfect until one day a new Girl came toour martial arts classes
I realized from the very start that she liked Samuel. She is 16 so that already gives her an Advantage with the Age bit. And she is everything except a wallflower. She is really pretty and outgoing if maybe not 100% of the time in a good way. William liked her from the start, I could tell. She smiled too much at Samue. During our last Holidays she and William met a couple of times. And after that she wasn’t as Smiley at Samuel but he Looks at her too much now even if he still talks to me as much as he did before. Which leads me to think that I was only a friend to him al along after all. Which wouldn’t be that surprising….I’m still a kid compared to him. The only Thing that keeps me going is that I feel we have some sort of deeper Connection.He understands me like few People do and I understand him like few People do.

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What Is Going On Here I’m Really Worried About Her….please Help Fast This Is Serious!!!!!!?

I randomly added this girl on facebook about a month or so ago and started to talk to her because I thought she was pretty. We have never met and she lives in the state next to me. I’m a 16 year old guy and she’s 15. I know she’s NOT some creepy old guy either.
We’ve talked quite a bit here and there so I know her a little bit.
Here’s what happened on Saturday form about 2 AM- 5 AM (off and on)
At 1:40 am she messaged me Heyy, I answered her & she said she couldn’t sleep cause she can’t stop thinking. I asked her if she had a good christmas & told her she didn’t seem very happy & asked her if everythings alright. She said she’s insanely depressed but it’s no big deal. We talked about all of that for a while & she would say stuff like She’s sad because i’m not happy (I’m always depressed) & she would give me all her happiness because I deserve it much more than her & that my happiness is more important & that my life seems tougher than hers & that I mean a lot to her. After we talked for a while she got tired and went to sleep & said she’ll talk to me soon & thanked me for listening to her. I told her goodnight & that it was no problem at all and I put 2 xx’s.
There were some other details in between here & there but that’s just way to much to write on here. All of this is the basics of it.
1. How can I get her to like me? I DON’T want to get friendzoned.
2. I’m really worried about her, is there anything I’m doing wrong? What should I do?
3. Why was she saying stuff like she’d give me all her happiness because I deserve it more than her & that my happiness is more important early saturday morning? And what was that about when she said I mean a lot to her too?
4. When we quit talking early saturday morning should I have put 2 xx’s at the end?
5. She has talked about her being depressed (which she said she is afraid to be judged so she doesn’t want to speak up about it), She told me something only 1 other person knows (this was about a month ago) and said she likes how i’m easy to talk to. Why will she talk about this with me & not with most other people?
6. She’ll message me quite often uaually around 1:30 AM but she has been saying “hey” to me pretty much every night lately. What’s up with this? It doesn’t bother me though, I like talking to her.
Please be serious & Thanks so much!

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Boyfriend Going Out? Am I Being Soft ?

Ok this may sound silly so if you think it is please just say !
My boyfriend and I were going to sit in tonight went to asda got some sweets and wine , and then we go home and my uncle text me and asked him if he wanted to come to the pub. So my boyfriend pondered over it for about 30 minutes then was like think ill go out .
I didn’t kick up a fuss coz he’s allowed his boytime , but I feel a bit annoyed coz now I’m sat in and it was to late to plan anything ?!
And also I felt if I would have said don’t go out then I’m forcing him to sit in when he wants to be out ??
We’ve been together for 8 years and live together . I’m 25 and he’s 27.
Thoughts people 🙂

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Whats Going On With My Online Shopping Order?

i made a order on asda groceries yesterday morning at 10am and paid online by card.. the money still hasnt been taken out and just says its processing? when the lastnorder got rejected for some reason

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christmas shopping which method do you prefer?

Internet shopping
pros: quick and easy
cons: waiting in for parcels and no christmas spirit!

Going to the shops
pros: seeing all the christmas lights and music
cons: standing in queue’s

I’m 50/50
lol claire – I used to do that

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Why Isn’t My Money On Paypal Going Onto My Credit Card?

So, I have been selling some stuff on ebay, and It said to link my bank account to Paypal. So I did and my card says I have 0.00 available to buy. But at Paypal I have about 200 dollars to spend. Is there a way to put the money into the card, so I can spend it at other places?

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