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Is It Worth Getting An Iphone 3gs?

They are sitting around $230 NZD, whereas the iphone 4, and 4s are sitting around $400-$550 NZD on trademe. (like ebay). I need a smartphone, but want a half decent one thats cheap (ish) too. Is it worth getting a 3GS now that the 4, 4s AND 5 are all out? I don’t care about being ‘cool’ and having the latest one, just need to know if its any good!!! 😀

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What Are You Getting Me For Christmas?


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I’m Getting Bored With My Boyfriend?

He’s a Christian… and our relationship has been very very slow. we’re both 22 and 23
He’s a great guy, has always treated me with respect, been kind to me, etc. However there are little flaws in our relationship;
-He never pays for dates, never has.. usually i pay bigger half and if im lucky he will pay for his own meal/movie
-Last year didn’t even get me a christmas present when he got heaps from me and my family-not even a card!
-He broke up with me for going to a car show without him, for a day
-His step-dad (only living parent) hates me and my family.. because my sister dresses ‘skanky’
-So basically i can never go to his house
On top of all that there’s nothing to talk about, I can’t laugh with him about anything because he’s way to serious about everything.. he’s very boring to me to talk to and we just have completely different ‘outlooks’ on life.
I feel terrible, my mum has convinced me time and time again to hang onto him, as he’s the only ‘good guy’ i’ll ever find. But if theres no spark, no conversation.. and tbh just complete boredom.. isn’t that a sign to leave?
Everytime i think of breaking up, my mum gives me a guilt trip, and says ‘its just because you want to sleep around’ and it guilts me into staying with him 🙁
what do i do? is it better to hang onto him and wait till marriage hoping it will get better?
or are we just simply incompatible?
any opinions appreciated, thanks

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Getting started on Amazon.co.uk, (just my own books etc. from home!).?

Be really grateful for advice! I’m already on ebay, but i’ve never used Amazon, and not sure where to start or how much the fees will be!
I only want to sell personal items, or do I Auction them? HELP!

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How Can I Stop Getting Blisters?

Ok so I’ve got a job at tesco on trollys so pretty much for a full day am walking round collecting trollies. Thing thats bothering me is that after a few hours my feet start to ache and when I get home i find atleast 4 blisters on each foot. Just wondering how can I stop getting blisters as it’s very painful to walk on.

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Getting refunds at ASDA?

i was buying some drink for a friends birthday and was charged twice for one of the bottles. i went to get my money back a customer services and they give me most of the money and a £2 gift card. they said that with refunds they can’t give you the full amount back in cash and that they have to give you the remaining £2 on a gift card. is this right???
i could prove it, i took them my bag of shopping and receipt straight after walking from the till and realizing they had charged me twice

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Getting Food Delivered From Tesco?

How do you have to be to get food delivered to you from tesco?

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Keep Getting Rejected For Job!?

For the last two months, every single ****ing day I’ve been looking for jobs. I’m sick and tired of this ****. I don’t understand what the **** I’ve done to deserve this crap. There have been weeks where I have been applying to 10 jobs a day. I’ve been rejected from cleaning jobs, McDonalds, Tesco and ASDA any other major supermarket you can think of. The most annoying thing is the vast majority of these ****ers don’t have the decency to actually tell you you’ve been rejected. I have 3 years of volunteering and is considered a great worker.
If you’re an employer go **** yourself. ****ing *****.
/End rant.

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I Keep Getting Faint Positives That Disappear. Are These Tests Faulty?

I am 25 DPO and I am 10 days late. I got some cheap tests from eBay and I have been getting faint positives and snap a photo at the 3 minute mark (I can see them in the photos!) but then before the 5 minutes is up the lines disappear. The tests are to be read between 3 and 5 minutes. Does this mean that the tests are faulty? Thanks for your advice [:

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Why Do I Keep Getting Rejected?

I got good grades in school doing good at college and want work
I got rejected by asda and tesco on the aplication so I have gone to voulteer work and I handed in a applicato form 3 days ago and they havnt reasoned yet and they want people ASAP I just feel so bloody rejected in this workd how hard is it to get into voulteer work surely they Are not that slow responding
I just feel so down at the moment seems the voulteer one hasn’t responded I feel like I’m no good too this world if I don’t get a response I can’t am stand being at home waiting for the phone to ring and when it does ring it a family member i just feel like giving up
Any hell on what to do with the voulteer thing
I hate being at home having nothing to do
By the way I’m a 17 year old male
At the moment I feel like a waste of space I wanted to join the army but got rejected as well because I have asthma and have got to be 4 years clear

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