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Where Can I Watch Canal+ Les Revenants With English Subtitles?

I’m from Australia and have watched the first 3 episodes with subtitles online, but can’t find any of the other episodes with subtitles. can someone please post me a website with links or even a better a website to buy season 1 from….I’ve already checked ebay, amazon and gumtree with no luck 🙁

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Gta 5 off Amazon.co.uk?

I’m Thinking of buying gta 5 off amazon and I was wondering because I live in Ireland and Amazon is the English one would the game run on my xbox or does the game have region restrictions or anything like that?

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How Do I Play Tokimeki Memorial (girl’s Side) In English On My Ds? Can I?

Other than emulators, How would I go about being able to play the game on my actual DS? I looked up the game on eBay but there’s only Japanese ones (Rather expensive too). I’ve been hearing about these English patches too so is it even possible to put a patch on my DS?

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Why Do So Many English People Curry These Days?

back in the day they used. To make fun of indians for eating curry and make racist jokes now the british. Themselves fallen in love with indian food. These days like i see more english people in indian restaurant then indians themselves.
it’s funny so many supermarket like Lidl Tesco Asda has so many indian foods like chicken tikka masala and so many indianj foods .Why is british people are now accepting currys and eating it?

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Can you sign into an american version of amazon (amazon.com) with an English account (amazon.co.uk)?

will you be able to with an english account of amazon be able to log in and buy stuff from amazon.com
also could you redeem an american gift card how would you go about that? Thanks

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What is your opinion on ASDA?

I went to shop at my local Asda today and was Absolutely gobsmacked to find that their deli counter has been refurbished to a Polish deli counter offering polish only meats, they also have a fresh raw meat counter but no its not English its halal, I do my weekly shop in Asda because I think its good value for money, but now I cannot buy fresh English cooked meats over the counter is this supermarket aiming towards foreign shoppers, are we actually living in England at the moment, what do you think about this?

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Native Speakers Who Are Good At English, Could You Help Me, Please?

Do I need ‘the’ in this sentence?
Where should I go to meet you?
Can you meet me at *the Tesco?
Where should I go to meet you?
Can you meet me at Tesco?
Please respond

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English Coursework : Any Ideas?

Hi 🙂 , Its for A2 English , basically the coursework has to consist of five hundred words and can be on any given topic any genre e.t.c . I have to prouduce two with different purposes , E.g one could be for a radio about politics and one a stand up comedy speech. Any specific ideas ? I was thinking of a Queens christmas speech comedy version , a alternative scene to be performed for Wuthering heights , and a BBC news type thing. What are your ideas on that ? and any others please help.

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Why Are American Girls So Much Hotter Than English Birds?

im english myself, but nothing gets me more turned on than an american bird. english birds seem frigid to me and quite dull. when i was in college i dated this fit girl who was an exchange student from atlanta. she was so full of life and radiated beauty like a dieing star. my mates even tried to get a slice, but she was cunning, seductive and shrewd.i loved her accent. her body was trully a wonderland and her face was christmas in heaven. even in movies american girls are just so bloody sexy. i cant say the same for english birds, at least here in london. why is this? merel aesthetics or something? sex.with an english girl is qute dull too..

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Gcse English Literature Wjec Exam?

I honestly think i failed the unseen poetry and OMAM exam so bad :'(
i had such a huge blank out the question was about Curley for goodness sake and i forgot everything!
okay so im still honestly hoping a get an A, on my controlled assesment i got 38/40 and if i really do well in AVFTB and christmas carol do you think il be ok?

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