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Why Hasn’t My Item Come In From Ebay Yet?

I ordered an iphone case off of ebay and it still hasnt come in. It is from Hong Kong China and i ordered it 2 months ago. Augest 16. I read on ebay and it said that the man recieved my payment on Augest 16. The day i purchused my order. SO yeah. I really need to know if i got scammed

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Important: How To Contact A Seller On Ebay?

Two days ago I accidentally ordered a product on eBay.
I didn’t pay for it because I didn’t even want it (my first days on eBay), so I wanna cancel the order.
Someone told me that only the seller can cancel… but how do I contact the seller?
I don’t know how to do it!
Anyone knows?

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Ebay Telephone Pin Help?

I have recently moved to Germany for a brief period of time to do my work placement with a company. I decided to create an Ebay account, since I don’t have one and thought it would be a good time to do so, since I will be working here long. It keeps asking me for my number so it can send me a pin, I’m from the UK originally, so I put in my number and nothing. Can somebody help me with this pin matter and go through the process for me? Thank you.

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What Cool Geeky Things Can I Get On Ebay For Under 60 Bucks (that Aren’t Gadgets)?

I am a 14 year old geek, but I have enough gadgets to play around with. I am now searching for cool things such as the element- Gallium, which is metal that melts in your hand, or frozen smoke.
Please help, because my parents say I should get something for myself that is not a gadget. THANKS!

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How Does The Ebay Buyer Protection Work?

I want to buy a pair of Studio Beats by Dre. I know some people will tell me to get other headphones instead, but I’ve made my decision. However, $300 is way to much for me to spend on headphones. There are good (looking) pairs on Ebay, but I know there are quite a few fake pairs going around. If I was to buy a pair for around $150 and find out it was fake, does the Ebay buyer protection mean Ebay would reimburse me if the product said they were Beats by Dre and they were counterfeit?

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What happens if you owe ebay money and you try and close the account?

I owe ebay 50 cents and i know thats not a big deal but i was just wondering what would happen if i closed my account and refused to pay

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All Of A Sudden My Messages From Ebay Are Going Into My Spam Folder, How Come?

Used to go into my regular inbox, now 97% goes into spam folder hOW DO i REVERT IT BACK? AND HOW DID IT GET THAT WAY? sORRY FOR THE CAPS

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Bought Something On Ebay, What Happened?

I bought 2 things on Ebay, And when i clicked ” Confirm and pay ” it said that something went wrong. I clicked on the items and it said i bought them, But when i click “View order details” it says they refunded me, I just got a message off of PayPal saying that i bought the items so i checked to see how much money i have and the money is gone and i don’t have a refund. Also in my purchase history it says its awaiting feedback. This is my first time using Ebay so i don’t know what’s happened or if this is normal.. Can anyone help? Will i get the money back?

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What are the charges I can make against an Ebay seller who does not reply nor post goods?

13 November Buy now item, relative paid by PayPal as my account is being verified. Vendor did not want to give me his phone number, got it from Ebay – called and asked him to post to arrive at week end. To date no word and no delivery.

Ebay UK is becoming the worst site to buy on

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This Dude Wants To Buy Me Ebay Account For His Business, How Do I Check The Dollar Amount?

I never have sold on Ebay I have just bought and he wants an account with a feedback score of 20 which I have he’s asking what is the dollar amount how do I check?

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