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Ebay Shipping Method As A Canadian?

Hey guys,
I really need help with the shipping method for ebay as a canadian. I want to use ebay.com rather than eBay.ca but I am confused with the shipping methods offered on eBay.com. Majority of them are USPS or UPS or FedEx. Now I don’t know which one I am allowed to use as a Canadian who wants to ship out to US or even the internationals? Do I HAVE to use eBay.ca and use CanadaPost?
can someone please help me out?

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How do I get cheap computer components to sell computers on Ebay?

I’m looking at selling computers on Ebay as a business proposition. How is it that Ebay sellers are able to sell computers so cheaply? Do they strike up deals directly with the manufacturers and if so, how am I to do that when I want to do it on a trial basis and see how it goes? How can I order ANYTHING cheaply when I can’t order in bulk due to not having the funds? Would a manufacturer give me a trial and allow me to build up my business while ordering components cheaply as I need them?

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I Ordered A Small Package On Ebay 8 Business Days 12 Non Business Days From Uk To Usa Via Royal Airmail.?

I ordered a small package on ebay 8 business days 12 non business days from UK to USA via royal airmail. Will it be here before Christmas? (2 weeks)

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Can I Get My Money Back On Ebay?

I sold a laptop on ebay yesterday for £280.00 and the seller emailed that they would pay for it. The next day I received an email from ebay saying that the seller paid for it, but that they wanted me to ship the laptop to Nigeria to their son. I phoned up PayPal about this and they said it is a scam and the seller is trying to scam me. I checked my spam messages and they are from ebay confirming the payment has been sent when it hasn’t and I tried to call the seler, but their number is barred. I haven’t lost any money, but I can’t understand why the seller would go through all that trouble? Is there anyway I can be compensated for this?

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Buyer On Ebay Says Item Did Not Match Description?

A buyer opened a case saying that my item does not match the description on my listing page.
The listing clearly states;
What you will be getting;
3 set of cartridges.
Cyan, Yellow and Black.
but buyer says I only gave him/her three cartridge. ?????
Listing only says three. Not Four, Five or SIX!
Here is the link to the page; http://www.ebay.com/itm/160999210881?ssP…
The image was only for a sample.

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How do you become a proper business seller on ebay? Where do you get your good clothing stock from?

I’d like to try make some decent money from ebay but I am not too sure where to actually get decent stock from.
I see people selling genuine Coast and Karen Millen products, labels intact and in perfect condition and its about £50 cheaper than the actual stores, how do they do this?
If you could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

Thankyou in advance.

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What's the best way to deal with dishonest person selling on ebay ?

I need suggestions that go further than simply leaving feedback. How do you also get money back from seller of mis-described item ? Don’t simply quote ebay or paypal policies on this question as I think thier policies aint worth the paper they are written on.

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Ebay : Item Received Was Damaged. What Do I Do?

I ordered an item on ebay, It was described to be in good condition, However, it was completely damaged, I sent the seller pictures and a description asking for a refund.
What do i do next?
Will i have to reship the item back to the seller?
What if they refuse to work out something?

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On Ebay What Qualifies As A “large Package”?

I’m trying shipping options on something Im trying to sell and can not figure out if it would be a Large package or just a package. The thing Im selling is in a box like thishttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/_A9GusUZeeIA/TU…
Would it be a “Large Package” or just a “Package”?

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I Have To Refund People On Ebay Via Paypal But Have No Money?

I did a drop shipping thing with what I thought was a reputable company. I sold 100 items for about $20k. In the past the company has been great but they just vanished and now I’m holding the bag as I have sent them their take. I have 1500 in the bank. If I refund people and the money isn’t in my checking account will paypal refund my buyers any way? Or will the refunds be denied? I spoke to friends, they don’t know what I should do and suggested here. I guess my other question is if i issue a refund and cant cover it then payola will likely issue it and seek to gain those funds back from me via collections? I understand the buyers have buyer protection, I feel terrible, my account was in good standing for 9 years and now it’s finished. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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