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Is Tesco Diet Lemonade Really Sugar Free?

On the thing on the front it says “sugars <1%" but under it says *contains naturally occuring sugars….. What is that ?!?! Is it really much better for u than normal lemonade? Thanks!!

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Diet Causing Sleeping Problems?

My mum and dad are starting to really **** me off and this is winding me up like crazy. Basically im 17 and everyday after school for about 2 hours I’ll sleep, I did this back in high school and nothing has changed after transitioning into 6th form. My diet consists of carbs, protein, fruit and a load of sugary **** due to tesco being down the road. Admitidetly the sugary **** isn’t helping anything and especially as I go to the gym religiously 3 times a week. Since August I’ve put on over a stone and I’m a fairly nice build now. Basically I come home from 6th form after the gym and I’ll sleep for a few hours, till about 8pm, have food, then im wide awake. This results in me sleeping at about 2am most nights and I get up at 7am. So I only actually get 5 hours sleep in the night, and 2-3 hours in the day. Its all down to my sleeping pattern and the fact most of the time doing 8 hours of school then 2 hours physical exercise really kicks it out of me.
My dad has forced me to go to the doctors and we went, they said its due to the long days and the amount of energy that gets depleted, my dad just blames it on my diet every ******* time when it’s better than most people’s, I’m fed up of this **** it’s really getting on my nerves. Most kids my age sleep till about 8pm at night when they come home, I’ve said this and they are like ‘yeah but they might be tired its your diet’. I make my own dinner most nights because they eat roast dinners and such boring stuff whereas I prefer Italian food so I’ll make whatever.
How can I tell my dad to stop persisting as there is clearly no problem with my diet? I have enough carbs, protein, vitamins etc. the sugary **** might make me crash but I know its down to my sleeping pattern and energy depletion levels.

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Does anyone have a recipe for a low calorie curry?

I’m addicted to curry but well aware of how high calorie it is, and I’m on a diet.
can you tell me how to make them?

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Ate A Whole Chicken But On A Diet?

well am on a diet and i know that chicken suppose to be good for you but i just ate a whole asda ready to go bbq chicken and wondering how many calories is that because yesterday i binge eating over 1000 calories than i should and i am hating myself right now, my stomach is sticking out and looks pregnant i feel as though with this diet am gaining weight instead of losing weight

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is asda smartprice cola alright to drink when your on a diet?

im on a diet and my mums bought some asda price cola and it only had 4-5 calories in,so would it be alright to drink it when your on a diet?

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If Your On A Diet Since Christmas&you Haven’t Had Any Junk Since,can You Have A Burger At Alton Towers?

yes, if you are on a diet you should insure to treat yourself to a nice little thing every now and then 🙂 it sort of helps.

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What Fruits Should I Eat For A Diet?

So i’ve been starting to exercise for 1 hour, but i eat so unhealthily, its not that. Its just i like to snack a lot on crisp and anything i see like biscuits. And theres hardly no fruit in my house besides apples and bananas. So i basically want to know what fruit is good for a diet, am planning to keep the diet like everyday..
In the morning i was thinking of just drinking lemon+hot water. because i have school, and i have no time for breakfast . And then when i come home dinner is usually ready, and then when am hungry ill just eat fruits. And do my workout at 7:00pm and not eat anything afterwards :). So basically am canceling the unhealthy food, and not eating after 7:00pm. Just eating fruits and water..
So what fruits should i put in? And is it alright to drink milk, at what time is it more effective? Its the blue milk from asda lol ._.

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Burgers And Chopss?on A Diet?

I’ve been on a diet since christmas and its been working cause I’ve lost a lot of weight,I was in size 16/18 clothes,now I can fit in size 12 ,my dads making me have burger;done under in the oven and chops,how bad are they for you?is it alright to have them?my dads saying it is and he knows all about diets

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How Is This Diet For A 20 Year Old Girl?

I’m a 20 year old female, 5’6, 9 stone(trying to lose some)
Aswell as working out Ive been trying to be healthier(I used to be able to eat ANYTHING literally ANYTHING and put zero on but things are changing i think, I began to see bits of fat crawling in my hips area) so now Im very specific on what I eat…at least I want to be.
Today I woke at 10(on break at the moment) and I had a half bowl of porridge and a small apple and a tangerine
For lunch I had a piece of toast
For dinner I had half a salad with carrots, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber and peppers and a mackrel and another piece of bread. Then I had some grapes. I also pinched a block of cheese
^^^because Im EXHAUSTED after an hours worth of cardio and walking(I have been out of routine for 2 weeks) Im not even noticing hunger… and yet these meals seem way too small for me haha, I havent had one “treat” (biscuit..cake..chocolate) all day although thinking about it, those cookies i bought from ASDA seem nice haha.
Also, had a sugary coffee..
what could I do to improve this?

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Diet Help?!?!?!?! Teenage Girl?

Im a 13 year old girl and weigh 170lb (yeah i know its a lot!) Im around 5ft 4″ ish im not really that sure. I wanted to loose as much weight as i can in two weeks for the easter holiday and then continue to loose weight at a slower pace after. I was thinking would this diet work:
Breakfast – Quaker Oats Porridge and Tropicana Orange Juice
Snack – Apple
Lunch – Chicken Tikka, Lettuce, Cucumber and Mint Yogurt Wrap and Baby Carrot Pack (ASDA great stuff pack)
Snack – Orange
Dinner – Chicken and Vegetables,
Turkey Stir Fry,
Turkey Meatballs and Wholewheat Pasta etc…..
Also do a morning workout consisting of:
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Crunches
5 Push-ups
10 Calf Raises
5 Push-ups
25 rep Russian Twists
10 Squats
20 High Knees
10 Reverse Crunches
5 Push-ups
10 Calf Raises
15 sec Plank
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Squats
10 sec (each) Side Plank
Repeat Everything
Then at around 4 ish
20 Minutes on Cross Trainer
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Lunges
10 Squats
10 Pile Squats
20 Side Lunges
20 Glute Kickbacks
15 Short Bridges
10 Side Leg Crunches
20 Glute Kickbacks
15 Squats
10 Pile Squats
20 Jumping Jacks
Would this help me burn around a stone in two weeks? I know its probably not healthy to burn that much in a short time but after that i will continue this but only workout every other day. So what do you thing? Is it a good/bad plan?
Thanks for any answers xoxo

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