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Did I Miss My Chance With This Woman?

in college at the cafeteria there was this woman who flirted with me before the christmas break i wanted to ask her out but she never came in like most people.
though when we returned she still did not come in. recently i left to do a 2 week job but today when i returned she was still not there. at first i thought she was out sick or something but that does not seem to be the case now that it has been around 2 months.
she was in the college last year i know this because i seen pictures of her on a few posters from the year before. did i really miss my chance at asking her out.

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Does It Sound Like I Have A Genuine Chance With Her?

Sorry, its long, but please read!
So about 2 months ago i started talking to a girl at my school on FB (she’s a year younger than me). We talked pretty much all the way through the christmas period, and then eventually i asked her out. She said yes, we went on a date, and it went fantastically. She held my hand and kissed me at the end. the next few days we texted each other practically constantly and we made plans to meet up again. She cancelled the plans however the day before, and then started to get really cold with me. a couple of days later she told me she wasn’t ready for anything and she just wanted to be friends. So that was the end of that.
However, about 2 weeks ago we started chatting again, and we decided that we would actually be friends for real. Then last week she invited me to go swimming with her and her friend, so i did, and it was fun. That night when we were talking though, i got her to admit that she still kind of likes me. She said that I just came off a little strong last time, which scared her off. So i asked her if she wanted to go out on a date again to see if she’s ready for anything more. She then suggested that we go on a double date with her friend and my friend (who kind of like each other). So thats what we’re doing in a couple of days. She also started to explain what about me she liked when we went out, and she even gave me tips on how to act next time.
Im pretty sure she still likes me, but i don’t know if i have a genuine chance with her or not. Do girls ever change their minds about guys? Does it sound like she just wasn’t ready back then, whereas now she is? Do i have a real shot? And if so, what should i do differently this time?
Thankyou 🙂

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What Is The Chance Of A Teenager Developing Cataracts?

Last september I was told that I had cataracts in both of my eyes and by christmas I was completly blind. I’ve regained my sight after two operations this year but I’ve never heard of a teenager getting cataracts before. Is this a rare occurance or is it common?
I’m 17years old 🙂

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Should I Give Him Another Chance?

I started dating a guy before christmas we lasted just under a month until I found out he cheated on me with his ex-fiance. I never thought i could forgive him. Just after christmas he told me he missed me and we started hanging out as friends. One thing led to another and we ended up dating again. 3 months in he tells me he he still loves me but isn’t ready for commitment, even though he was the one planning trips away together etc. He wants me to wait until he’s ready. I still love him, but don’t know what to do! Do I wait for him to make his mind up? Or do I say he has his chances and call it a day?

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Chance Of Reselling Fighter Jet Foamposites?

They come out February 9th, and I am getting a pair to resell. What are my chances that someone is going to buy these on eBay. I know they are limited shoes, but how many pairs are actually being released?

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Is There A Chance Im Pregnant?

So, on the 20th of december I had sex with no protection, he pulled out but i think he may have been a bit too late. I’m anemic so I don’t get regular periods but i havn’t had one since november now. I bought 2 tesco pregnancy tests and did one last night, it tested negative. I did another this morning and it showed positive for about 1 minute and then faded to negative. The test says to wait 3 minutes, but a positive results shows after one minute.
About a week after I had unprotected sex I started to get spotting which i read online was implantation which occurs within six to twelve days of having sex. Im also always tired but i am in college so it could be the fact ive a long day. My gums are bleeding and my stomach is constantly bloated, i usually wake to a very flat stomach but not now
So its only 6 weeks today. Am i pregnant?

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