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Should I Have Taken My Girlfriend Back? Did I Make The Right Choice? Am I Lucky To Have Her?

Hey everyone, so me and my girlfriend Sascha have been together for almost 3 years ( we started dating when I was 17 and she was 16) and just this year we moved into together (I’m now 19 almost 20 and she just turned 19 back in March) into a small wartime house that we fixed up and called home, we even adopted a dog. Yes everything was perfect. I really love her, she’s the reason why I get up every morning and try in life adn she’s the reason why I work hard at my job to put her through college (I’m going through to be police officer and she’s going through to be a PSW) and also to save for our future.
We were an unbeatable team her and I, just us against the world but, like every relationship we had our problems which caused us to get sidetracked. #1 Because the death of my grandfather I became depressed and began to drink instead of talking to someone, which was a mistake and it really disturbed her. #2 She cheated on me with one of my friends and she told me about it because she thought I had a right to know and because she broke it off before anything serious happened because she still loved me. I was upset and very angry that I cast her out of our house. I said some horrible things to her and called her some names while I threw her clothes and even a teddy bear I got her for Valentines day at her from on top of the stairs while she was at the bottom crying and very hurt. I never hit her or anything because I know a real man would never hit a girl and I would never forgive myself if I did.
A few weeks later, I felt awful with what I did, that I foolishly broke the heart of the girl I loved. I had to apologize to her, I had a recording sent her and here are my exact words, “Hey Sash, umm I know this won’t sound very great as I’ve been recording as I’ve been crying and such so here you go. I still love you and I know I treated you like such ( I began crying at this point) s**t and I’m so sorry I wish I made love to you one last time. I know I need help and I’ll get it just to get you back. I still love you baby. If you come back to me I’ll love you with all my heart and more everyday. I wanna marry, I wanna have a kid with you. I hope I see your beautiful face again.” That’s what I said to her.
She came back the day after I sent that recording to her, and she took my hand and believed in me when everyone else turned thier back and I’m a know a better man than before and I know I did my share of mistakes and I wish I could take it all back,even though what she did hurt me we decided to put the past behind us. I only wish now I could be the handsome guy she really deserves.
Because of her I have now been 4 months sober and we are both doing really well in our courses at college. And I have decided to propose to her on Christmas Eve.
My question is should I have taken her back and I’m a lucky guy to have her ?
Here’s the link to our photo’s if you guys want to have a look to see what we looked like (It’s Sascha’s Flickr page she’s making page that has our pics and alot of mine, she’s trying to create a love story through picture’s or something like that lol)
I thank all of you in advance 🙂

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