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My Boyfriend Is An *** Holee But I Cant Live Without Him What Do I Do?

Ok I am 18 years old and have been with my boyfriend on and off for the past 3 years, at one point he dated another girl for about a year, but was still seeing me behind her back, I don’t know why I did that but I was 16 at the time and didn’t know what I was doing, now I am 18 and have a lot more common sense and am mature so I understand the way I behaved was stupid.
The thing is I fully understand that my bf is an *** hole and a lire but for some reason I can’t let him go.
After a lot of lies I put up with I have decided to forgive my boyfriend and start over. The thing is I still can’t get over the past and don’t fully trust him.
He is very full of himself and because he is a hot guy who dances, sings, raps kinda like a younger Vision of Chris Brown he feels like its ok to behave the way he does.
In the past he has:
1. Talked **** behind my back
2. Allow girls who have bullied me at school into his house (the girl then said they slept together)
3. Cheated on his girl with me and denied it to me and said I was crazy and imagined things
4. Block me on social sites (and still deny it after I caught him)
5.post pics/vids of a girl he just met
6. has no pics of me on anything and when I tell him to put some up he says he doesn’t go on social networking sites
7.asked me to move in with him when he went to uni and now that he is at uni he told me we shouldn’t move in I should wait to finish college (which is understandable) however he changed his mind as soon as he started uni
8.lies to me about where he is going
9.doesn’t invite me to his shows, when I invite him to every catwalk I have
10. doesn’t call or text me
11.ignores my calls and then texts “whats up?”
I checked his twitter today I found out he said he cant wait to go to amsterdam, the thing is how is he going and hasn’t told me, to make it worst my mum has been lending him money because he said he is broke, for my birthday in october I paid for the hotel, the food, his ticket, everything, and didn’t even get a card from him because he said he has no money whatsoever, so how is he going to Amsterdam?
It’s soo confusing he is spending money on clothes and stuff, but he has noo money?? WTF is going on..
He is 19 and I know we been together for a long time, and maybe he just needs to go out and be with other girls, thats understandable then why not just talk to me about moving on.. he says he doesn’t want to sleep or be without anyone else apart from me, I have broken up with him a hundred times, but he still tries to get me back he says if we cant be together we cant be friends, because he just wants me to be his girl.
he met a girl like 3 months a goo at his church, and he told me he was going to uni in luton, then he started uni in bedford and all of a sudden that girl he met goes there tooo…
ermm then he posted a vid of her on his twitter. But I thought he didn’t use social networking sites, he doesn’t post any pics of me write anything about me, its like we are not even together?
when we go out in public he doesn’t hold my hand, he walks ahead of me, its like we not even together?? I am a model so im not unattractive, soo why is he soo embarrassed of me?
I ask him all the time to post pics of me and stuff but he never does…
he doesn’t take me out, doesn’t come visit me and my fam, when Im round his all the time, we are like family now, me and his fam are soo close we go church together, spend christmas, new years everything together… I always plan stuff for him spend soo much money but its like he doesn’t care about me…
The worst thing now is that I met someone, he is soo unattractive but such a sweetheart, he is nice caring loving he is completely in love with me such a wonderful guy, and to top it off when me and my bf broke up last month for 2 weeks I started dating this guy and he is just the most perfect boyfriend. but then when my bf begged me to take him back I broke up with this guy and got back with my bf my bf has no idea about the other guy though, its soo uncomfortable.
I love my bf I have for the past 3 yrs, but this new guy is just zoo wonderful, exactly what I wish my bf was..
what do I do?? help me pleaseee…

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5 Responses to “My Boyfriend Is An *** Holee But I Cant Live Without Him What Do I Do?”

  1. Haylie New says:

    New Guy. You’re better than to let some asshole push you around, & treat you like a side *****. The old dude thinks he’s better than you, & thinks that no matter what he does, you won’t leave him. That’s why he continues. & so far it’s been true, if i’m correct. So give him a taste? Leave the douche. Be with the guy who makes you happy. Guaranteed, you’ll be a lot happier.

  2. N says:

    *liar How the **** do you not know how to spell that? And about your boyfriend? Break up with him, and run.

  3. Silver Saleen says:

    you just laid out all the reasons not to be with him. Loving relationships are built on honesty and trust. Quite frankly you two don’t have a relationship. I’m sorry but quite frankly this isn’t going to work out for you two. The reason you can’t live without him is because you are infatuated with him and you have low self esteem. You feel that because you are unattractive and you happen to be dating a good looking guy you will take whatever punishment to stay with a good looking guy for the status of it. My advice is, leave him, build up some self respect and wait for a man who will love you and cherish you above anything else.

  4. Shadou84 says:

    you can date who ever you want, but you would be stupid to continue to date this guy, i mean really woman have some self respect. I would say go to this new guy because anyone sounds better then this other douche you are dating. you would be a fool to stay with him.