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Lidl or Tesco?

Which would you say is the cheapest out of them both???

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34 Responses to “Lidl or Tesco?”

  1. scyther_maverick says:

    Tesco’s is the cheapest overall on general products but I would say that Lidl has better deals and while Tescos has more versions of the same thing, Lidl has lots of variety. I live in Reading and we have both and even though the Lidl is like a third the size, when I shop there I see lots of things that Tesco’s doesn’t have. Most of these are imports…my girlfriend loves the German Ginger snacks.

  2. YoungMum2Be says:


  3. Mrs Stig!! says:

    lidl is the cheapest but i prefer tesco!

  4. sayitasitis says:

    Tesco is the antichrist

  5. hortense h says:

    Lidl is cheapest but I wouldn’t shop there.

  6. Tasha says:

    lidl is cheaper but tesco has better quality products

  7. kirsty_insley says:

    Definately Lidl.. But one bad thing is that its like a car boot..They tend to have in what they can bulk buy at the time, so you can never guarantee on seeing the same product there twice..Wheras Tesco will sell the same thing week in week out.. But if this factor doesnt bother you..Go for Lidl.

  8. beanco says:

    Lidl is by far cheaper, but I get most of my shopping from Tesco – somethings i’d go to Lidl for, but not alot –

  9. Fiona F says:

    Tesco is becoming Lidl with all the Polish food they are taking in… Im in the North East of Scotland, does everyone else’s Tesco have a polish aisle as well? Lidl’s fruit is cheaper but false economy because they only last for about 2 days. I haven’t shopped in Lidl alot, the customers and staff are always VERY rude in my store.

  10. Calyssa says:

    Well I go for quality so it’d probably be Tesco

  11. T C says:

    I would say Lidil but i find that i can’t get everything that i want from there.

  12. Jade P says:

    lidl scares me.. the people..

  13. josephrob2003 says:

    Lidl,but do check for out of date items,their bread, bacon, ham, and vegetables are a good buy,can even pick up a good bottle of wine or port. My only dislike of Lidl is the queueing up,as there’s no hand baskets or quick service counters for people with a few items

  14. Paddy B says:

    Lidl is useful in that it keeps the riff-raff out of Tesco.

  15. gordon3392 says:

    Tesco,,,Lidl dont do club card points,,,every little helps,,,,,

  16. here to help says:

    Lidl is the cheapest, but i prefer Tesco.

  17. Baz says:

    LIDL! Tesco is getting very dear, around here they are.

  18. Gary K says:

    Lidl by far. However, most of their products are poor versions of what’s available in most other supermarkets.

  19. kandy says:

    tesco a bit more expensive but more to choice from and better quality and taste " you get wat you pay for"

  20. Fable says:

    Lidl, Tesco is more expensive out of all of them, Asda & Sainsbury;s are much cheaper.

  21. tank Happy New Year. says:

    Lidl and I do love most of the products, I know my brother in law perfers the Tesco rice but I find it awful.

  22. shrndcksn says:

    Lidl for chocolate,cereals and some fruit and veg,definately,especially the chocolate,its wonderful.My dog also loves their premium dog food which is half the price of anywhere else. I also use Tesco’s though for varies things as the deli counter for frsh sliced meat,but saying that Lidl does a good selection,I just prefer to pick my own. Its a hard choice really,I really can’t decide.If its price you are going on I would have to say Lidl,and Tescos has too much of a monopoly in the market I think.

  23. Alex says:

    For me it has to be Lidl. Tesco and several other major UK Supermarkets have united in an agreement to sell only low salt content food. Not as an optional choice but as an ONLY. If you want choice and taste in your food, Lidl has to be the choice. And they still have digestive biscuits that actually taste like they used to!

  24. greenfingers says:

    Lidl is the cheapest but Tesco for a bit more quality.

  25. Felicity O says:

    No contest. Has to be Lidl. Why? Because Tesco hasn’t invaded Switzerland – YET!

  26. bumpbump says:

    I dislike Tesco big style. The quality of fruit and veg is "Rubbish" next to Lidl. From Tesco their fruit and veg has died a complete death after just one day. Lidl is cheaper and stays fresher for longer. Remember also – the "points" on your club card have to be paid for.You are not getting something for nothing. With using your club card,- they get to know all of your business aswell.

  27. Gemma M says:

    I love tesco, never shoppped at Lidl though. Apparantely its all foreign food but my mate said they sell a lovely cheap version of Baileys x

  28. lornaella says:

    Lidl is the cheapest it has fantastic prices and tesco is fantastic too but it is more money wifh all tesco finest range but there is a great deal’s in tesco like th salmon tesco value smoked salmon about £2.00 something which is a bargain for salmon.But Tesco for quality and lidl for it’s prices but i perfer tesco. lidl doess horrid tomatoe sauc

  29. Shanny says:


  30. plunderbird says:


  31. glasg9w says:

    Lidl (or Aldi if you have one close by) is the cheapest! I am german, so I like these both shops, I am more familiar with the stuff they sell. :o) However, I usually do not get my fruits/vegetables or bread there, because I think in other shops these products are fresher, or even fresh baked in store! Lidl and Aldi have mostly their own brands, but they usually have a good quality. Especially Aldi is known in germany to have good quality. They both sell nice sweets and chocolate too.

  32. ChocLover says:

    Lidl is cheaper for some things, Tesco is so overpriced these days, I say Morrisons are the best value for money

  33. ummsulaima says:

    Lidl is a rip off, tesco has more buy one get one frees. the milk is more expensive in lidl

  34. Karren O says: