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It’s Workers Who Are The Mugs, Not ‘scroungers’!?

The way the economy in UK is right now, there are no jobs. I myself am 18 and have looked arduously for a job since I was 14, then a few months ago, I discovered I was pregnant.
I’m living with my parents, who both work and own our house outright – I couldn’t physically bear the patronising environment of school so I left as soon as I could – I had 47% attendance in my final year yet I still managed to pass every GCSE I sat, with flying colours. I tried out college but it was exactly the same environment as school – you’re treated like a child. So I left and was looking for work ever since.
By chance one day a few weeks ago, I stumbled across an online article of a mother with something like 14 children who had worked in her life, yet had been given by the council a £500,000 home and was getting something like £40,000 a year. All of the comments on the article were people saying how disgusting she is and she made them sick but if you think about it, she’s the one sitting there with all of that stuff for nothing! She can afford to take her children on expensive holidays, get them lots of lovely toys for christmas and birthdays, she can afford to have a social life herself, so in all honesty who looks like the fool?
I was quite fascinated by this, so I looked up more of the same thing, and found lots of stories about women with a number of children close to or into double digits, and they’re all living the highlife in huge houses that usually only doctors or people with years of training can afford.
There was even a woman with only two children and I can’t remember what she was getting a year but she had a house/flat payed for by the government and she’d managed to save up £2000 out of her benefits for presents for her girls who both got iPads, designer outfits and plenty of other things most families wouldn’t be able to afford.
I went about finding out how much I could claim when my baby is born and with child benefit, income support and child tax credits it came to something like £139.71 a week or something like that, then also I get free prescriptions from now until he turns one year old, and weekly vouchers for vegetables and milk.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. £140 a WEEK for sitting at home looking after my own child? And honestly, my first thought wasn’t even about myself and all the things I can buy. My first thought was ‘If I breastfeed for the first 6 months, use my milk and veg vouchers wisely, shop very carefully for only the barest essentials in terms of boring baby stuff that he won’t know the difference between, I can probably get the weekly shop to be WELL under £40, meaning I’d have £100 to save up each week, £400 each month, and £4,800 a year to buy him everything he could ever want, take him on holidays abroad every summer, treat my parents to nice things for letting me live here, and still have money over for the occasional treat for myself!’
You must all realise that to do that leaves you and your children better off! Apprenticeship wage works out at something like £3,600 a year tops, which is less than I’d be getting. The demeaning rule that minimum wage for under 25’s is lower than everyone else’s means that even if I got a fulltime job in a supermarket or somewhere, I’d probably be getting around the same as I’m getting for nothing.

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6 Responses to “It’s Workers Who Are The Mugs, Not ‘scroungers’!?”

  1. ▪UK▪ ▪Countess▪ ▪Bathory▪ says:

    I don’t understand the question. I’m a single parent aged 25 on £200 (including CSA) and I live in a 2 bedroom Housing Association property …I’m not in any debt but it’s still hard financially on your own; although my family help out with toys and clothes monthly…but good luck with your ideas.

  2. candy g says:

    I do see your point, the thing is maybe at some point your child will look at you and wonder wtf you have NEVER done anything worthwhile in your life…………any one can pop out a brood of kids, that is NOT such a great achievement, bringing them up to be decent members of society IS…….. As for the amounts what you need to look at is that living in your parents home THEY are the ones providing all the utilities, gas, water electric………..should you actually have your own place then it would be YOU doing this and that money would vanish fast……….. When I was a single parent [not out of choice] the last thing I wanted to do was remain beholden to the government…………and I had at LEAST actually paid into the system, the very system you plan on bleeding to the last enth.

  3. womanswo says:

    Believe me, those single mothers et al, who say they can afford cars, expensive holidays and designer clothes while living on benefits are not being entirely honest. They are getting money from somewhere else other than benefits – cash from drugs, family, illegal job, baby’s father etc.. but they are getting it. The reality for you and most other single mothers, is a daily grind, living in a grotty flat, struggling for money each week and living hand to mouth.

  4. Jackie m says:

    I agree with what you say but you are living with parents which would be a lot difference if you lived in a council flat with baby when you would have gas, electric and part of council tax and your housing benefit will be reduced due to bedroom tax etc and people who can save money while on benefits legally cannot go abroad for a holiday as they have to sign off benefits while they are away but I agree that not working is probably financially better than working on a low wage. I am over 50 years old and long time ago i did end up a single parent but was not financially better off as I had lots of bills to pay but last year when I was made redundant and getting £71 per week on benefits with no rent etc to pay I had money to spend but was told I would be better off working part time which i did, I work for £462 per month and from that I have to pay £140 to rent and £80 to council tax leaving me with £220 per month to live on, which is £55 per week yet I got £71 on benefits – who is the mug here?

  5. me again! says:

    You;ve finally worked it out! Answer 1, who doesn’t seem particularly impressed with her life, “earns” more than a newly qualified teacher when you add it all up, without any of the stress or a huge student loan like a ball and chain round her neck Where is she ever going to find a job that offers this kind of package (with the bonus of unlimited time off) ? £200 money £150 rent and council tax (bottom end estimate) Money saved by needing to learn to drive or buy and run a car £50 (again, very unlikely to be this cheap) All this TAX FREE!! And when she moved in she didn’t even pay a bond! You’re right. Jobs, mortgages, being a responsible member of society = mug’s game.

  6. trai says:

    Workers *earn* these things called “self respect” and “dignity.” Which, unfortunately, have two liabilities. First, they’re both abstract concepts that require a certain level of intelligence to comprehend, and, second, they are character traits which are at least half developed as a result of environment (as opposed to inherent). In other words, one is either raised to value them, or not. I personally bare no ill will toward people who are content to live their lives at the rock bottom, never doing, becoming, experiencing or contributing anything. It’s pathetic enough that the rest of us should at least feed them. Perhaps we should consider surgically sterilizing them, though.