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I Don’t Know How To Talk To My Dad!? (longish Story)?

I will be really grateful for any sort of advice but please don’t give any hate.
I’m seventeen,i haven’t had an easy up bringing with things, but i still get over it and try and live with the fact things have happened and can’t be changed (and no i don’t mean something like silly like “i broke up with my boyfriend when i was 15) its not just simple stuff. I realise alot more people have it worse of than me which is why i try to just get on with things. I come from Ireland and lived there my whole life with my mum since my dad left when i was 3. I’m now 17 and for the first time in so long, i am living with him and his family with another woman. My older brother moved to England at a young age to live with him also and he always got favoured, he got phone calls, texts and alot more anytime he came to visit… I always made the effort with my dad, texting him most days and on his birthday i rang him etc. But he never really gave any back?! I don’t know why either, and i doubt i will ever know why.. One christmas my brother was over with me, and he rang him and spoke to him and when i asked to speak to him my dad said “sorry i need to go have a cup off tea” No merry christmas, no goodbye i love you,anything- my brother got told it all. I know this is a jealous thing, because i just want something like that from him… I got ill not so long ago and spent a long time in hospital, my mum used to always ask him can he ring me because i want to talk to him and he never did and it didn’t help me much- again its just something i have to live with.
The thing is now that i live here with him, it is really hard, i’m hundreds of miles away from my friends and family and all i have over here is him and his family. I’ve been living with them for about 6 months now ( i previously lived on my own for 4 months but money was tight) I’m generally not very happy, but i still show a smile and ask everyone how they are, how there day was etc because i feel it is a nice thing to do. But i’m fed up with how i’m treated in the house… I share a room with two sisters and i can’t have much of my stuff out without it being put on my bed, it is normally me who cleans the floor and bin etc and any time they’re not in a good mood, it all gets taking out on me. They do things like make fun of my accent, which i find rude because i can’t help it really… Anyway, i understand they were here first but they are just like that and bitchy about me behind my back when i go out to work. My two brothers always try to annoy me and stuff, i don’t want to get into detail about it because it is a bit personal but i just feel trapped. They go through my personal stuff, they steal from me and anytime i tell my dad he tells me to “hide it in a better place” This is where i live, they wanted me to stay here instead of going back to Ireland… I shouldn’t have to hide my own personal belongings. Anything in my room was bought,by me because i work for it. 3 kids get their phone bill paid for them, i pay for my own. They get endless amounts of new stuff bought that isn’t cheap either. One sister, she got three pairs of shoes that cost £50 each in the space of a month and has a pair of £100 ones coming in Feb, another gets all her toys bought every week,my brothers get expensive brand stuff also and the only shoes i have are my work ones really and they ripped and i was told to use my christmas money to buy my own new ones, my christmas money that i was saving to pay for things… I know, i sound like a jealous girl and i am… i think its unfair, they all have pets and im not even allowed one i can keep in the garden, baring in mind i asked and got told no and 3 days later a cat, hamster and rabbit comes home…
I don’t know what to do anymore. I go to college and work, i have no time to really eat or anything and i find myself losing weight fast,i can’t talk to my dad about anything because he shows nothing and just continues watching t.v… My sister misses alot of days of college and goes to a friends (which my family don’t know about) and when i miss a day off, they shout at me, tell me i’m ******* things up…. I don’t miss many days either.
I’m not a normal girl, i’m very unhappy and i don’t want to be here anymore. I don’t know how to talk to my dad or anyone and i just want some help or something, can anyone please give me any?!
I’m always doing things for them, and never myself because i’m fighting to make them proud of me, but i’m suffering whilst doing it all.
Please help.

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One Response to “I Don’t Know How To Talk To My Dad!? (longish Story)?”

  1. hank says:

    I’m very very sorry to hear all this. but know that that is unfair. it’s not right and you need out of that situation. asap