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How much pain are Our Masters feeling?

What economies do you think their respective households are having to make? Is Sam Cam having to shop at Lidl and Matalan? Is Chateau Clegg up for sale as part of a downsizing exercise to – horror on horror – a farmhouse in the Dordogne? Are their respective broods going to have to go to State schools? Will they be able to afford university? Don’t you feel so terribly sorry for them?

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10 Responses to “How much pain are Our Masters feeling?”

  1. Pilgrim says:

    I do poor souls. I just hope they don’t have to cut down too much on their expenses as MPs. We all know they need every penny they can get. Some MPs are even turning the heating down a degree or two this winter i hear, drastic for them. We just need to remember the sacrifice is for the ‘Big Soc.’ and if some have to suffer then that’s tough. The rich and ‘powerful’ weep (why did a crocodile leap into my mind then?) for the poor i am sure. As they will tell us it’s all relative and depends on the economic system we the rich have/will set up. Sic: Them that have riches can afford luxury and will survive, them that we pay to work can aspire to be rich like us and be our servants, them we don’t pay (because they are not agreeable to us, upset the status quo we want, are not willing to be slaves) can scratch a living working as many hours as possible to feed and clothe themselves. If they can’t find a job we’ll cut the little they have to survive as much as possible and sweep them under the side of the road with the rest of the road kill. If they stay alive too long, or create too much credible opposition, we have the lesson from Hilter how to hoodwink the majority of our slaves into killing them, and from Stalain how to continue to suppress any opposition when we have complete and overt control over any opposition. Just like the rest of the ANIMAL kingdom a pecking order must be set up and maintained. The meek (weak) and the just (stupid) must be put in their proper place at the bottom and ignored by all above them. There is no place in our ‘world order’ for dissidents – All heil the Ideology of ‘Subversive Fascism’!

  2. Law Man says let the FACTS rule says:

    I don’t know. I’m glad that I was able to go to college before it becomes unaffordable.

  3. Much Too Late says:

    What are you babbling about??

  4. nirv says:

    Well , if your "master" is brain-dead Rush or Glenn – then obviously none- by definition they can’t think or feel anything…LOL

  5. Charlie says:

    How very racist.

  6. alamolicious says:

    None. Oh I do admit they sometimes have a headache after a night of drinking champagne till all hours but that is about the extent of their pain. After all, they console themselves with the thought that we the taxpayer paid for it. They also know that after they put the rest of us in the workhouse they will have more to spend on themselves. That seeing as they have completely enslaved us they will then be able to sell us to the highest bidder and thus make more money that way as well. Pretty sad day for us as we realise that now they have replaced us their usual servants with eastern europeans and even illegal immigrants of all sorts that they can make even more money by selling us. Glad I won’t be in "fair for all" land and pay our fair price anymore.

  7. L says:

    I don’t feel in the least bit sorry for them, nor ever will. Even if they did have to make some economies, which is unlikely, they would still be vastly more wealthy than you or I will ever be. That is the difference between having to work for a living, and inheriting wealth.

  8. Mac the Knife says:

    Well, evidently Osborn said he would be £5 a week worse off so he was looking at where he could economise. He then realised it was his wife who would be £5 a week worse off and breathed a sigh of relief. His favourite game with his children is spot the homeless person, but, because of their ages they found it rather difficult, so George has decided to make it easier for them.

  9. Terrier (UK) says:

    The salary for an MP is £65,738. That’s just your bog-standard MP, front benchers are paid a whole lot more. http://www.parliament.uk/about/faqs/house-of-commons-faqs/members-faq-page2/ Any pain they may be feeling won’t come from financial worries.

  10. L CALABAN says:

    If we reduced there numbers by fifty percent they would be genuinly very sorry