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For christmas dinner….?

what is a good christmas day starter??


What is a good christmas day dessert??

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12 Responses to “For christmas dinner….?”

  1. ChristmasAddict says:

    always have: starter: prawn cocktail salad in a glass main: traditional dinner dessert: mince pies and evaporated milk ( well i do anyway i hate custard lol ) ( and also for this year me, my nanny and my cousin are going to bake a homemade christmas pudding starting from October lol )

  2. Hey Jude says:

    Our family never has the Traditional dinner since we just had Thanksgiving dinner. We have something different every year. We make our dinner menu at Thanksgiving. We do the same for desert also,depends on what you plan for dinner.And the cooking shouldn’t be put on just one person. Give it a try this year.

  3. blanca says:

    fruit or veggies platters, get a few different kind of desserts(cookies,pastries,etc)

  4. Kat says:

    Get enough little gift boxes to put each persons desert in….A good Christmas dinner desert is pudding or chocolate moose. The gift boxes to use are the ones that have a little lid that lifts off and are colorful. Just put you little desert bowl in it , put the lid on, and put a bowl on top. Serve these on a tray at the end of dinner….Make sure as you come in with the tray to say " Desert time" and smile…..This way they don’t try shaking the box to see whats in it…..lol…Set one down in front of each person and say," Just lift the little lid off". For starters though : FONDUE tray….complete with wooden sticks….with a colorful little hand tied x-mas bow on each one…..Add red food coloring to the melted cheese or what ever color you prefer that’s festive for the occasion, but I think reds the best….. lightly butter the bread squares after toasting and sprinkle them with the colorful candy sprinkles you use on cookies……YUM YUM….for the eyes and the tummy…

  5. FutureDisneyStar♥ says:

    Well we used to have Dinner with my Granny(who died :'( ) but now we have it at my aunties house so here’s what we have – Starter – Soup. Its very warm&Christmas-y & it doesn’t fill you up too much :). Main course- Turkey for the non-veggies & Salmon for the vegetarians. Potato’s,Veg;Roasted wall nuts. Dessert- None of us really like dessert but maybe a nice pie like apple or rhubarb with cream or custard. Hope that helped hope you have an ah-mazing Christmas 2009 :).

  6. Ciera says:


  7. Jakeee - (Suspended) :D says:

    Christmas Dinner: Ham, Stuffing, Turkey, Brunswick Stew (Our family tradition). Mashed Potato’s, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Sweet Potato Casserole. (Family Favorite). Christmas Day Dessert: Coconut Cream Cake, Red Velvet [mini] Cakes, Gingerbread Cookies, Peppermint Bark, Peanut Brittle, Traditional Fruit Cake! – – Hope I Helped!

  8. fificremefarben says:

    Well, I suppose it depends what kind of climate you live in. Where I live, it’s always freezing in winter. My family usually likes to have a small bowl of home made broth as a starter (but I’m not sure if you’re from the UK or the US, and that’s more common in the UK) and/or some paté with nice bread. For dessert, there’s always the classic Christmas fruit pudding. No one in my family likes this, though, so we tend to avoid it. We usually go to Marks and Spencers to get our breakfast, so usually something like chocolate profiteroles, fruit tart or a chocolate mousse for dessert. You don’t want anything too heavy after a big dinner. Personally, though, my favourite dessert on Christmas day is simply a slice of chocolate yule log dusted with icing sugar.

  9. Dylan B says:

    Depends on what country you come from, but here in the UK, we generally start with nibbles, like mini sausages wrapped in bacon dipped in cranberry chutney, and some christmas crackers and cheese, but usually these accompaniment the main meal, dessert is most always, mince pies and brandy custard or cream, and a lot of Brits love the old mulled wine and christmas pudding if you can stomach it, nice question.

  10. angeldust_599 says:

    Well my family doesnt do the traditional hot Christmas dinner…we prefer to do lots of different things. We have turkey already cut up, buns, veggie trays, pickle and olive tray, kielbasa and cheese tray, cracker tray, shrimp and cocktail sauce, shrimp dip, pumpernickle bread and spinach dip, cheese ball, crab stuffed mushrooms, meat pie, ham rolls, mozzarella sticks, mini meat and veggie stuffed pastries, scallops wrapped in bacon…stuff like that. Then dessert is christmas cookies, puff pastries and I usually make a cheese cake or something like that.

  11. pam v says:

    To start tin pears ,avacodo, prawns on a bed of some thing green fan out the pears and avacados in thin slices pile up the prawns and dress with a sauce made from mayo tom sauce and papriker. Very nice.

  12. Anonymous says:

    starter- soup dessert- chocolate cake, xmas pudding, custard, jelly, ice cream, apple pie, cream etc lol that’s what my family has anyway :p