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dilemma at christmas?

basically im worried my partner will be on his own at christmas and dont know what to do..
i am at my parents and he is at our old flat which we have to move out of like asap its not nice at all. He is with his dog who he is trying to re-home due us not having any place to live and changing circumstances but obviously its not that easy to do.

My mum says my partner can come for christmas or til we sort ourselves but she says not the dog. So my boyfriend cant come with his dog for christmas or to stay.
And as its almost christmas i dont know what to do..i feel bad for my partner because he is unwell and run down, he needs looked after, what should we do? i know its her and my dads house but is she been unfair in lot letting him come with his dog just for a while? the dog is such a nice nature (she’s very houseproud) but the dog is no trouble at all, she has a dog of her own. I will not have my boyriend spend xmas on his own i want him to come here, his own family is non existant as his mum died and his father dosent bother he’s in england.

I would much rather be with my partner, i hate being apart but our flat is really damp and mouldy thats partly why we want out of there and we have no money – i was visiting my parents for a week anyway but my boyriend told me to stay so i could be in nicer surroundings, and as the landlord wants us out of the flat asap he cant leave the flat as our stuff is there in case its thrown out its all a nitemare i dont even want christmas i just want a safe nice place for us to live.
my mum and dad have a 3 bedroom house with a big double bed in a spare room they have a massive garden as well, i know if it was me what i would do as i have been through some bad situations but i am a different person to my mother.
my mother also let my older brother stay for a year at there house when he split up with his girlf and he caused alot of problems by staying up late, thumping music but still she let him stay.

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8 Responses to “dilemma at christmas?”

  1. ... says:

    Your mum should let your boyfriend come with his dog, especially if she has one because that shows that she doesnt care about having a dog around. If i was you id spend the day with your boyfriend and the dog at your flat and maybe cook a nice meal and watch christmas movies or something.

  2. Julia says:

    personally i would stay home with my partner and the dog… if your mother is too snotty to let him stay then i wouldn’t bother going at all. i would tell her its ALL of you or none of you in my opinion your partner is your priority

  3. trish s says:

    Only one thing for it,go and stay with your partner. It’s where you belong………….

  4. Dru says:

    if you seriously can’t afford to keep your dog then take him to the rspca. otherwise can you put him in kennels over xmas? this will be 1 or 2 nights at the most, so about £30 tops. sorry you’re in this situation 🙁

  5. ficwriterpaul says:

    You are pointing at the wrong people. It is his choice to be with the dog. Your parents have every right to refuse a dog in their home and are being very nice to offer a place for you. If he chooses to stay with the dog let him.

  6. oggmeista says:

    Damn your certainly having some problems there sorry to hear that. Well after reading this the part which interest me the most was that you stated your mother already has a dog? If that’s the case I think yes she is being unfair to not allow the dog to stay especially if u know and reassured her the animal would be no trouble I can only see one solution which isn’t really ideal but at least, you are acting on your concerns, personally I say you stay with your bf, or if you want to make a point tell your mother that you’ve;e been left with no choice other than this course of action, then well the ball’s in her court isn’t it? Good luck to you both Peace

  7. Margaret A says:

    if your partner is unwell and needs looking after what are you doing at your parents home. if you love him then surely he has to come first in your christmas plans. i know, your parents won’t like it , but they have to understand on this one. then you can both have time to find a temporary home for your pet, until you find somewhere else to live. additional your partner sounds as though he is a lovely person who wants you safe, but i am afraid you may have to follow your heart. lets face it deep down he doesn’t really want you to be away from him, now does he.

  8. living star says:

    Your making more problems then you need. You want your partner with you.Your mom said yes to your partner but no to the dog.So put the dog up in dog hotel or kennel.The dog will be safe.You both need to respect her decision regardless if she has a dog or not.To remind you this is her house and she makes the rules.So either you respect them and give her credit or you and your partner have to go back to the loft.Not everyone wants another animal in their home.So since it’s the holidays and if things don’t sound right to you then you have to be adults and fend for yourself. I would be more upset if my partner wasn’t invited.