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christmas tree!!!?

how many people have got there christmas tree up. my mum put ours up today and i think its still well early what about you!!

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28 Responses to “christmas tree!!!?”

  1. harwood_scott says:

    i think its just stupid to put up your christmas tree up before the 10th most people have themup in november all the massive decorations and its just using up room, a waste of space.

  2. valeri says:

    We have ours up

  3. Metstark says:

    Mines been up for a month. Seriously.

  4. stressed_eric says:

    its too early to be putting it up now…we normally do it around the 14th…

  5. vwcarman2001 says:

    she put it up what or where?

  6. braennvin2 says:

    No, we don’t get ours till around a week before Christmas. At least you will be able to enjoy it for a long time and perhaps get into the Christmas spirit.

  7. SANJIV S says:

    i will buy one when its half price

  8. mrs_empo says:

    I think it’s a bit early too, but our road is starting to look like Blackpool Illuminations so maybe I’m just being boring!

  9. melaniegirl says:

    I don’t think so. I am away from home right now, but she will probably put it up today. Glad yours is up though!! Merry Christmas.

  10. shanevarghese says:

    mine is large and it has to many decorations.

  11. gizmo-570 says:

    i put all our decorations up 3 weeks ago, all the presents are bought and wrapped. roll on christmas

  12. x_southernbelle says:

    My family’s tradition is to put up the tree and all other decorations exactly two weeks before Christmas and then take them all down January 2.

  13. going nuts says:

    If I could pull myself away from answering questions, I would put min up right now!!!! Acually In a 1/2 hour or so I am going to get it done. It’s never too early.

  14. Ally says:

    Ours is up – I usually wait a couple of weeks more but the kids nagged me.

  15. sizzle! says:

    i think it’s early cuz christmas got week or 2 left i m not sure the tree might dry i think u will need another 1 on chrismas i think that was very quick from ur mom

  16. msc says:

    mine has been up for a week now — my street is full of lights and trees in windows

  17. ShavenLlama says:

    when you put a tree up this early you run the risk of it drying out by the 14th and then it is a serious fire hazard. Also it takes up too much space!

  18. Curious kitten! says:

    well… we haven’t put ours up yet, but i’m just wondering when’s a good time..we’re all working and have exams till Dec 15th..so probably after that..

  19. grumpcookie says:

    way too early..6 days before christmas is the time to put it up.

  20. Mariposa says:

    I’ve putting mine up tomorrow when my nephew is spending the night. He enjoys that sort of thing, so I’m waiting. Some people put theirs up the day after Thanksgiving. It takes awhile to put up, so you should have time to enjoy it before the chore of taking it down comes.

  21. Fee G says:

    Ours is going up tomorrow!!

  22. flywho says:

    What would make you feel happiest? Having the tree up or not? It seems your Mum likes it ‘up’. There is no set rule about putting Christmas trees up and when. I, for instance, never put one up. a) I have cats, b) I don’t like to use a live tree for I think it’s better left alive and c) I don’t like artificial trees. But, every person is entitled to putting up their tree when THEY want it up.

  23. WavyD says:

    We put ours up today. After all we are 2 days into Advent!

  24. TanK says:

    Put mine up yesterday couldn’t wait any longer.

  25. tinytinkster says:

    yep mine went up last sunday and i love it but it is 4 my little boy really

  26. Darkgoth says:


  27. mole says:

    one week too early. unless it isn’t in the way of every day living. mine stops us closing the curtains but if it didn’t i think i might. December is Xmas countdown. you re mum obviously enjoys Xmas don’t dampen her mood.

  28. Sarah S says:

    I have mine up. The first day of advent it went up, and why not? thats the day the countdown to christmas begins!!!