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Can Our Relationship Work Out?

So I have been going out with this person 10 months, he was still living with his wife when we first meet I knew about this and it did not bother me as he said he does not love her anymore we has a 6 week break up at christmas and got bach toghter again, but his wife obbessed! He moved out but she trys to catch us out and follows him everywhere were trying to keep it low so were being carefull but just now he acting as if he no longer wants to be with me, he just cold all of a sudden! I really want this to work out what can I say or do to find out if he really wants to be with me? There quite a big age gap aswel! No nasty comments please!!

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11 Responses to “Can Our Relationship Work Out?”

  1. wellington boot says:

    Did you really think that a man who you had an affair with would be a good partner? He is no doubt end up back with his wife. Move on nothing good will come from this.

  2. elpiri17 says:

    sweetie he is married, you are the other woman, in marriage people fight and need space, but if they love each other, they will always love each other, even if they sleep with someone else. Love will bring them back together. Also, a man will say many things about his wife while they are fighting, but that doesn’t mean it’s all true, it may be he is mad or hurt and speaking emotionally. it could even be he is telling you what you need to hear so you will stay. If you want to know if a man loves you, date him, no sleeping together, keep dating, if you are worth it, not only will he stay, he will admire your self control, he will know you are a lady, and he will trust you later on down the line. There is great power in holding out. Sweetie you can’t break the rules and expect it to work out. if you start on the wrong foot, you will end on the wrong foot. let this guage your actions going forward. I wish you the best

  3. Doug K says:

    The fact is that he is married. Of course his wife has reason to be suspicious because he is cheating. If you and this guy are in love, then he needs to get divorced before pursuing another relationship. I would stay away from him because it only takes one time for the wife to catch you two. Who knows what she would do when it happens?

  4. Tonic says:

    If he was really that unhappy he would have gotten a divorce by now. You are nothing but his fun on the side, she is the one he will always go home to. But that’s the price you pay for messing around with a married man. Either accept your place and stop complaining, or salvage what is left of your self respect and move on.

  5. Anne says:

    You poor thing, you are setting yourself up for a lot of pain. And you know it. Do you feel uplifted and enlightened by your last conversation with him? I bet not. That is your future for the time being, i predict you will hang on to him and torture yourself for a very long time. You know everything about this man is toxic. You know that. This is a phase in your life where you will allow yourself to be emotionally abused. I hope you do something about it. Look at alexandranouri.com

  6. Robert says:

    Your being a fool, sorry to be so blunt however, your seeing a married guy ” RED FLAG” your asking for the same thing and your sure to get it!!!

  7. Tin-God says:

    all you can do is talk to him and hope he tells you the truth

  8. Lincoln Lad says:

    I think I know this guy – is he the one who told you his wife doesn’t understand him anymore?

  9. late_sle says:

    He probably won’t leave his wife.

  10. Kurtis says:


  11. kazumi says:

    ask him, that’s the best thing to do..