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7 questions about christmas! (not funny)!?

1. What do you think you’re going to get for christmas?
2. Have you already get some presents for others?…If so what! I want to know everything!!!!
3. How was your chrsitmas last year?
4. At what age did you stop believing in Santa Claus?
5. What do you usually do on Christmas Eve?
6. Do you have a christmas tree at yours?
7. Do you own an advent calendar? How much time does it take to you until everything is eaten up? Less than 24 days????

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10 Responses to “7 questions about christmas! (not funny)!?”

  1. Quod me nutrit me destruit says:

    1. What do you think you’re going to get for christmas? errrrrm nothing x 2. Have you already get some presents for others?…If so what! I want to know everything!!!! naah, I get some next week xD 3. How was your chrsitmas last year? Ate chocolate all day I think. xD 4. At what age did you stop believing in Santa Claus? Never believed in that fat guy with the suit. 5. What do you usually do on Christmas Eve? I think.. ohh it’s Xmas tomorrow. 6. Do you have a christmas tree at yours? Nahh, I have a Eid tree πŸ˜‰ 7. Do you own an advent calendar? How much time does it take to you until everything is eaten up? Less than 24 days???? Of course. I can’t resist chocolate xD I finished my Ramadan caladener (last year) in like a few days!

  2. A Bird A Sparrow says:

    1. New Mp3 Player, Skateboarding stuff 2. Not Yet Will this weekend 3. Alrite not the Best 4. Still Believe in Santa 5. Go to Grandmas house 6. Yes 7. Nope

  3. Ben says:

    Cleveland Cavaliers tickets No Amazing Like 7 Go to my Grandma’s house Yes No

  4. Anna says:

    1) I don’t know. I don’t want anything. 2) So far I’ve bought a joint present for my parents – a new kettle to replace their dodgy old one. 3) It was just like any other day, only with more food. 4) 10 years old. 5) Wrap presents. 6) Not yet. 7) Nope.

  5. ΠΊΞ±Ρ‚Ρ”β„“ΡƒΞ· says:

    1.nothing cause I didn’t ask for anything. 2.I’m getting my best friend a hoodie and some body spray 3.It was good πŸ™‚ 4.Ummm,4th grade at school. 5.Go see my family and eat. 6.Yeah,we put our tree up lastnight! 7.It’s pretty packed but I love it!

  6. Roar says:

    1. Well I already have my present. Other than that – I don’t know, I’d like a bike though. 2. Yes, I have a diamond necklace, coat, a rainbow coloured scarf I’ve knitted for my girlfriend. I need to finish getting stuff soon before it’s too late 3. It was pretty cool, thanks. How was yours? 4. I worked it out when I asked my parents how Santa got in the house. They said magic. At another point in time when I was watching a magic show they said that magic wasn’t real. I was about 8 or something. 5. I’ll have some rum and watch some TV. 6. No, my dad’s grumpy. My mom’ll probably make him get it out 12 days before the 25th. 7. No, I hope to get one soon though. I do it properly πŸ™‚

  7. J L says:

    1.) I have not bought it yet X BOX 2.) yes Β£100 in envelope designed by yours truly you wanna know everything you wanna see the envelope 3.) could have been better ( the pub again ) 4.) 14 years 5.) celebrate me birthday ( what the pub again ) 6.) not yet gonna get a real live conifer and lots & lots of candles 7.)not yet

  8. grannysan says:

    1. I don’t know; I’ve written a list, and expect I will get some of what I’ve asked for. 2. I’ve got most of my presents for others – most from the internet (at my age, I don’t do last-minute shopping). I couldn’t possibly tell you – they are all secret. 3. My Christmas last year was magical, thanks. 4. I stopped believing in Santa when someone at school told me I was silly to believe in it. I was 10 years old (can you believe that?). I asked my mother, while we were Christmas shopping, and she confirmed it. I can still remember crying – bet most people can remember when they learned there was no Santa; it’s one of those memorable moments…. 5. We all get together, our family drives hundreds of miles to be here, then we drink a lot, the women prepare the veg and make stuff for the next day, then every child is allowed to open 1 present. Then we put out a mince pie and a carrot for Father Christmas and his reindeer. (And Mum is the one who has to make sure these are eaten before small children get up on Xmas morning). 6. Of course we have a Christmas tree! It has to be real, covered in lights, tinsel, and with chocolates. It also has an angel on the top which is 50 years old; she’s had lots of new clothes. I keep threatening to replace her with a star every year – but no-one will let me. 7. No advent calendar here; my grandchildren have their own at home. 8. We have to go shopping on the 27th, ‘cos hubby’s birthday is on the 28th – so we have to go out to buy whatever he wants to eat for his celebration (and because by then, we’ve eaten mostly everything…)

  9. PaMacJa says:

    I don’t do christmas I am an atheist

  10. Maddison says:

    a leather jacket, the complete box set of the oc.. books and dvds ive got all of mine and it would take to long to list so here are a few.. made my friends photo albums with all different memories ETC, my mum heated rollers, my aunt a day at the spa, mum grandad a box filled with things that we did when i was little sweets we use to eat ETC. really good- love spending time with the family 11 i have to work till 8 then bath PJ’s and movie yes and one in my bedroom yes, i eat mine exactly and each day.